How To Find And Defeat Mysterio In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

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Insomniac wasn’t kidding when they told us they’d up the ante on side quests in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Taking your time to collect various stuff might seem like a chore in some games, but it’s worth the payoff here, especially with regard to the Mysterio quest.



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We’ll tell you what’s up with the ‘Grand Finale’ quest itself, which leads to this manic, dramatic confrontation. And then, of course, we’ll tell you how to win.

How To Fight Mysterio In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Quentin Beck transforming into Mysterio with the helmet on and green fumes surrounding him.

Before you can battle Mysterio – and perhaps more importantly, experience an excellent rollercoaster of emotions during the side quest’s climactic cutscenes – you’ll need to unlock the ‘Grand Finale’ mission. To do so, you must locate every Mysterium collectible across New York City. Note that this is a Miles Morales side quest; dare we say, Miles seems to get the cooler end of the side quest stick in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Each Mysterium’s acquisition involves defeating a group of enemies within certain parameters, with possible rankings of Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Finish these up, and ‘Grand Finale’ is unlocked.

How To Beat Mysterio (At His Own Game)

Mysterio Boss Fight Spider-Man 2

Mysterio’s got two things going on in this fight: waves of enemies and the power of illusion. Sounds about right, then, given the gauntlet he’s made Miles go through just to get here.

Phase One: Miles Versus Mysterio

The first phase of this fight, though, pits Miles directly against Mysterio. Tap into whichever skills suit your fancy – by the time you reach this point in the game, you’ve likely got some favorites figured out. Mysterio tends to keep to the sidelines, fighting long-ranged, so you’ll want to close the gap and get some good combos in. It’s not hard to reach him – but you’ll need to make good use of scaling the buildings a few times.

Phase Two: Miles Versus Thugs

As soon as Beck tells Miles ‘you’re mine for eternity’, you’re a handful of seconds away from thugs spawning all over the stage. These guys can hit somewhat hard. Use the vehicles as objects to toss at them – nobody’s inside them, so hey – and try to get rid of them in pairs with your combos whenever possible. We’ve found when there are two or three of them in proximity, they’ll often attack in tandem, making it harder to dodge or parry everything that comes your way.

Phase Three: Player Versus Platformer

Now, zigzag through the platformer-like back-and-forth towers with your webs as Miles chases Mysterio. If you reach him too quickly, you’ll cut off a bit of his dialogue; it’s nothing extraordinary, but we figured we’d mention it.

Phase Four: Miles Versus Mysterio, But For Real This Time

Mysterio will spread green smoke at the start of the match here. Don’t jump into it – either wait for it to fade, or dispel it with another thrown automobile. He’ll also shoot the occasional green beam; needless to say, it’ll hurt. Stick close to him when possible, getting strikes in, but keep your distance whenever the smoke begins to reform.

After his health has depleted, Beck sends Miles through an infinite corridor. It’s a loop; don’t bother running ahead much. Once he’s done talking again, turn around, and exit back out into Mysterio’s freaky stage. Although there are several copies of him now, they all take damage equally, meaning you’re probably going to polish off his health bar even faster. Just play a bit more defensively in light of the bulk of them. Pick one and pile on the damage.

When he’s out of HP again, Mysterio launches one last attack, by turning the ferris wheel into a launchpad for several green beams. Evade them en route to the wheel, at which point the fight will automatically conclude. Well done!

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