How To Find And Catch Enchanted Pupfish In Palia

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Fishing is one of the skills you can learn in Palia, a cozy farming and life simulator game. You can work on fishing achievements, level your skill, and even eventually procure unique items from Einar using special medals. Work on weekly gifts for villagers or your personal collection of fish for an aquarium.



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Palia allows a lot of decorating freedom on your housing plot, so you’ll be able to display some of the fish you’ve reeled in. It’s no easy task to catch all the fish, but with an Enchanted Pupfish you’ll be one step closer to completing your collection.

Where To Find The Enchanted Pupfish

Palia Kilima Lake circled on the map with arrows to indicated additional Kilima Lake area.

When you’re fishing in Palia, there are a few categories for bodies of water: ocean, lake, pond, cave water, and river. Some fish can only be found in the Kilima region, while others may only be found in the Bahari Bay region.

Some fish can be found in both regions. The Enchanted Pupfish, however, is only found in the Kilima Lake.

The term ‘lake’ can be a little confusing since the Fisherman’s Lagoon opens into a body of water that surrounds the shore of Kilima. It looks like an ocean, but it’s actually part of Kilima Lake.

Even though you can only find the Enchanted Pupfish in Kilima Lake, you will have plenty of space to find a good fishing spot. If you fish along the shoreline, you’ll also be able to bug hunt, collect clay, and Crystal Lake Lotus.

How To Catch An Enchanted Pupfish

Palia avatar holding up the Enchanted Pupfish they just caught in Kilima Lake.

Enchanted Pupfish can be a little tricky to obtain. They are energetic fish, so you may want to use some minor or major rod health boosters, and the Fisherman’s brew or other items to reduce the difficulty.

For bait, you will need to use glow worms. You can use a glow worm farm to get the worms, or if your fishing skill level is at least ten you can use medals to purchase some from Einar.

Enchanted Pupfish are available all day and night.

For higher-quality Enchanted Pupfish, look for the circles of ripples and use glow worms as bait. Even if a fish jumping out of the ripples doesn’t look like an Enchanted Pupfish, you still have the chance to obtain it.

If you happen to catch a gold-star quality fish, you can display it on your housing plot.

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