How To Feed Monkeys In Disney Dreamlight Valley

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The world of Disney Dreamlight Valley is full of charming characters and sinister villains that all live in harmony. You can build friendships with them and earn unique rewards. All characters need a bit of help sometimes, and befriending them is the fastest way to unlock these quests.



EVE is part of A Rift In Time, and her friendship quests are only unlocked after you relieve her of duty from watching the Royal Hourglass. Doing so gives her more freedom, but she’s not sure what to do with it. In EVE’s friendship quests, you’ll help her find a new directive.

How To Unlock A New Directive Friendship Quest

EVE Beeps frantically Disney Dreamlight Valley

To unlock EVE’s quest, you’ll need to reach level two friendship with her. You can do this by giving her gifts, having daily discussions, and playing Scramblecoin.

Once you reach this level, EVE will talk to you about needing a new directive. Without the Hourglass to watch over, she has nothing to do. You’ll have to try a few things to find the right fit.

How To Feed The Monkeys

The first thing you’ll need to try is feeding the monkeys. You’ll need to feed two of them around Ancient’s Landing to help EVE. However, the monkeys are picky eaters.

There are a few things that the monkeys will enjoy, and yes, they do involve bananas.

When talking to EVE, you learn that they prefer desserts that are banana flavored, specifically when in recipes that are at least three stars.

The easiest recipe you can make with this information is the Banana Pie. You’ll only need the following:

Put it all together at a stove, then head out to Ancient’s Landing to find a friendly monkey. To approach them, you’ll have to play tag. Chase after them a few times until you’re prompted to approach, then give them the food you’ve prepared to win their favor.

Return to EVE and see how she’s doing. She really wants to spend time with WALL-E, so follow her.

How To Restore EVE’s Garden

As you follow EVE, you’ll find that she needs you to open the door to the Overlook. You’ll need to obtain 6,000 Mist to clear the sands and open the door. Once you’re through, follow EVE to the other side of the gate and down to the secret garden she once shared with WALL-E.

She needs help fixing up the garden and making it a special place for her and WALL-E again. You’ll need to use the Hourglass to clear the Swirling Sands and find the BnL Blanket and BnL Trashcan.

You can find both in the small Swirling Sands, but you might need to wait for more to reappear after clearing them.

After you find the BnL items, you’ll need to gather flowers and gems for EVE. Here’s what you want to look for:

  • Orange Birds of Paradise (3)
  • Yellow Birds of Paradise (3)
  • White Birds of Paradise (3)
  • Red Luminescent Flowers (3)
  • Jade (2)

All of these flowers and gems can be found in Ancient’s Landing.

Once you have everything, return to EVE. She’ll rush off to find WALL-E and tell him the good news, so follow along and listen to their discussion.

Afterward, take three pictures of WALL-E and EVE in their new garden. Talk to EVE one final time to see how excited she is and wrap up the quest.

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