How To Defeat The Skeleton Wolves In Lego Fortnite

You can build up the Lego-brick village of your dreams in Lego Fortnite, a sandbox survival game mode within Fortnite. Run around snowy mountains, dry deserts, and rolling grasslands as you do what you can to survive. Different items and materials will help you on your adventures.




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Once you get to the later parts of the game, you’ll be able to find an item called a Cursed Bone. This Epic quality item will help you put together some of the strongest gear in Lego Fortnite. Here’s how to get Cursed Bones, and what gear they are used to craft.

Where To Find Cursed Bones

A Lego player looks at a cursed bone on the ground of the Frostlands.

You’ll only find Cursed Bones once you begin to explore the Frostlands. You can occasionally find Cursed Bones by searching through chests, so make sure to check all the ones you see in the Frostlands.

When you start delving into the caves of the Frostlands, you’ll encounter skeleton versions of the wolves that have often harassed you throughout the game. Cursed Bones are dropped after defeating these Cursed Wolves that you find in the Frostland caves.

Make sure to have plenty of gear with cold resistance effects as you head to fight Cursed Wolves. You’ll find yourself Freezing as you explore the caves, and you don’t want that to put you at a disadvantage.

How To Defeat Cursed Wolves

A Lego player fights against a skeletal Cursed Wolf.

If you enter the cold caves of the Frostlands a bit too early, you’ll have a tough time defeating the skeleton enemies within. One bite from them can easily shred through the majority of your health if you don’t have strong gear.

Craft the strongest weapons you can, such as an Epic Longsword. Make sure to have strong charms to boost your armor and give you additional hearts.

A Lego player shoots a crossbow at a Cursed Wolf.

You can also get to a hard-to-reach place, such as a ledge, and use a Crossbow to pick off the Cursed Wolves at a distance. It might take a few dozen arrows to finally defeat them, but it is an option if you don’t want to go toe-to-toe.

Just take your time, get in a few hits at a time, and dodge when the Cursed Wolves wind up for an attack. Even with strong weapons, the Cursed Wolves have a lot of health that you have to cut through.

What Are Cursed Bones Used For?

The crafting screen to make a Charm of Resilience shows its ingredients.

Once you’ve collected Cursed Bones, and the other items in the recipe, two charm recipes will unlock for you.

Since Cursed Bones are one of the late-game items, the charms you’ll be able to craft are the strongest you can equip. These will grant you a large amount of extra health and armor, plus some useful effects.

Charm of Resilience Crafting Recipe

Provides bonus armor after taking damage, additional hearts, and armor.

Heavy Wool Thread x3

Iron Bar x5

Malachite Slab x5

Cursed Bone x5

Regeneration Charm Crafting Recipe

Provides a health regeneration effect over time, additional hearts, and armor.

Heavy Wool Thread x3

Cut Sapphire x5

Cursed Bone x5

Frost Brute Scale x1


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