How To Defeat The Lord Of Regret In Halls Of Torment

Screen-filling mobs are a theme in Halls Of Torment—and, in the Ember Grounds, things get even spicier. It is the second level or “hall” in the game. As such, you should have farmed a few blessings or stat boosts and gear. However, these alone won’t save you from the hordes of hellhounds, imps, poison slimes, and “scorched” zombies in the Ember Grounds.



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In addition to a high density of mobs, the level is swarming with enemies that shoot projectiles and leave on-death effects. To beat the Ember Grounds, you need to understand every enemy you face and plan every move you make within the 30-minute timer.

Halls Of Torment player starting the Ember Grounds level.

Upon entering the Ember Grounds, head directly to the west ability scroll, which is in the opposite direction of the Hand Of Greed (magnet).

Kill the scorched mobs you face along the way, but remember that you don’t have to farm experience crystals at this point.

You have plenty of time to level up later. For now, take advantage of the low mob density to get objectives.

From levels 1-30, focus on offensive traits like Strength, Ruthlessness, Collateral Damage, and ability upgrades to clear mobs and level up faster.

It’s also important to put points in Swift Feet to easily deal with early mobs that shoot projectiles.

Due to the randomized nature of ability upgrades in Halls Of Torment, it’s impossible to say which ability you should get first.

As a rule of thumb, you need to prioritize abilities with AOE damage and abilities that complement your equipment.

take for example, the following abilities: Astronomer’s Orb, Dragon’s Breath, and Transfixion.

Halls Of Torment ability upgrades menu

All the abilities deal AOE damage, making them ideal for late-game leveling.

Getting Astronomer’s Orbs is slightly better than Dragon’s Breath in terms of dealing consistent AOE damage.

But if you wear equipment that synergize well with the “Burn” status, like Sparking Tips and Ruby Circlet, then Dragon’s Breath is a better choice for maximizing your damage output.

Here’s a quick list of the recommended abilities for the Ember Grounds:

  • Ring Blades
  • Astronomer’s Orbs
  • Radiant Aura
  • Kugelblitz
  • Dragon’s Breath

Focus on acquiring and upgrading only 3-4 abilities by the end of the level. This allows you to unlock more ability upgrades, deal more AOE damage, and apply more on-hit effects during your run.

Try to get your first ability before the 2-minute mark—around the time when the first elite enemy will spawn.

Halls Of Torment player fighting the first elite enemy in Ember Grounds.

This elite has a lot of health, moves fast, and shoots projectiles. But its predictable attack patterns make it easy to kill, especially with an AOE damage ability. Just keep your distance, attack in its direction, and avoid the imps that spawn around you.

Beating the elite drops the second ability scroll. Again, focus on AOE abilities unless you wear equipment that synergize with specific skill effects.

Defeating The Flame Dancer And Elite Magma Slime

Halls Of Torment player evading the Flamedancer's dash attack in the Ember Grounds.

The Flamedancer is a boss in the Ember Grounds that appears with around 23 minutes and 50 seconds left in the timer.

This boss throws projectiles, performs a dash attack, and traps you in a ring of purple flame.

On the bright side, normal mobs spawn in clusters during this fight. This is your chance to head straight to the next ability scroll on the opposite side of the map near the Hand Of Greed.

Keep your line of attack aimed at the Flamedancer and it should go down quickly.

The next elite enemy spawns with around 21:50 left in the timer. It is a giant Magma Slime that continuously erupts low-damage projectiles in all directions.

Halls Of Torment player fighting the Magma Slime elite enemy in the Ember Grounds.

This particular elite is problematic because of its high health and unpredictable ranged attack. It also spawns with waves of scorched enemies that limit your movement.

To defeat the Magma Slime elite, the key is to be patient.

The next elite enemy won’t spawn until the timer has around 15 minutes and 50 seconds left. That gives you six solid minutes to whittle down its health and pick up another ability scroll.

After defeating the elite Magma Slime, you can focus on generating upgraded experience crystals by standing your ground and pressing ‘R’ to enable auto-aim.

However, keep your fingers on your movement keys to avoid ranged attacks, particularly from wyrms that spawn around the 14-minute mark (16 minutes left on the timer).

Halls Of Torment player in the Ember Grounds generating upgraded experience crystals.

Be sure to pick up all crystals just as the timer approaches 15:50 remaining. If you’re over level 30, it’s time to invest points into defensive traits, like:

  • Vitality
  • Metabolism
  • Thick Hide

Around this time, you’ll face two elites—one similar to the first scorched elite and another elite Magma Slime.

Since both elites shoot projectiles, trying to avoid hits is next to impossible. But since they don’t have mobility nor burst damage, a few points into defensive traits, particularly Metabolism, should help you survive.

Halls Of Torment player fights another Magma Slime elite in the Ember Grounds.

Metabolism also keeps your health topped up for the next boss, which spawns with around 13 minutes and 50 seconds left.

Defeating The Wraith Warlord

Halls Of Torment mini boss

The Wraith Warlord is a boss that creates damaging clones, which also perform a dash after a short delay. This boss also has an AOE attack that rains spectral arrows over three marked areas.

Remember, the Wraith Warlord always takes the place of the last clone it creates when performing a dash. Keep running parallel to the direction of the clones to avoid hits while maintaining consistent damage to the boss.

Upon death, the Wraith Warlord drops a treasure chest with random items inside.

You will have until the 34-minute mark (six minutes remaining) to hold your ground, use auto-aim, and generate heaps of upgraded experience crystals. By now, you should deal enough damage to defeat enemies before they get too close.

Pay attention to the ranged attacks of scorched enemies, wyrms, and crossbow mobs. Their projectiles don’t do a lot of damage and are easy to avoid, but taking too much of them will be detrimental for you in the endgame.

Defeating The Wyrm Queen

Halls Of Torment player farming upgraded experience crystals by standing still in the Ember Grounds.

With just around 5 minutes and 50 seconds remaining, the Wyrm Queen will spawn and charge towards the player. It is a fast-moving boss that burrows underground and shoots projectiles, making it nigh impossible to stay in one place.

The good news is, the Wyrm Queen’s will always get within your area of attack—thanks to its speed. Use this to your advantage and rush towards the Hand Of Greed marked on the map.

The Hand Of Greed pulls in all the experience crystals you didn’t or forgot to pick up during your run. Once you reach it, don’t pick it up yet and focus on generating upgraded experience crystals after defeating the Wyrm Queen.

Defeating The Lord Of Regret

The Lord Of Regret appears in the Ember Grounds in Halls Of Torment.

The Lord Of Regret is the main boss of the Ember Grounds. It has a variety of ranged attacks, including spinning swords, fire projectiles, and a firestorm that moves in a line.

This boss also has a ton of health and summons “brain” mines that will eventually trapyou without a proper strategy.

But, just like every boss, the Lord Of Regret has a weakness—its speed.

The Lord Of Regret moves slowly and will stop momentarily when launching ranged attacks. In other words, it will never catch up to you as long as you constantly move away, especially with higher levels of the Swift Feet trait.

Just focus on finding openings through the brain mines while maintaining a safe distance between you and the boss. If you’re struggling to find openings, kite them and circle around to group them up.

Halls Of Torment

Upon killing the Lord Of Regret, take your time and corral the brain mines into one group before picking up the purple crystal. You don’t want to die and waste all your efforts at this point.

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