How To Defeat The Chimera In Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

During the early hours of Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, you’re trying to keep President Myers safe. One major roadblock in that escapade is the big bad robot called the Chimera. It serves as the first boss of the DLC.



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When this large mech appears, it is an ally due to Songbird’s fiddling. Yet, not long later, things take a turn, and it becomes your enemy. As a result, you and the President have to take on the large and heavily armored robot. As you’d expect, this provides a bit of a challenge. However, the following information will help you survive against the beast.

Phase One

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Screenshot Of Chimera Weak Points

When the battle starts, the game immediately instructs you to destroy the Chimera’s weak points. They even light these weak areas up for a short time. The problem is they don’t stay lit up.

So, if you can’t burn their locations in your mind in the short amount of time given, then just know most of the weak points are small panels on the mech’s body. And you will know when you’re shooting one because sparks start to fly.

Grenades are effective in this part because you can hit multiple weak points at once, and you don’t need to be precise with your aim.

Naturally, the Chimera isn’t just taking hits during this section. It is fighting back with the following attacks:



How To Avoid

Machine Gun

Rapid-fire bullets coming from its head.

These bullets are too quick to move out of their path. So, you need to find a pillar or wall to hide behind until the gunfire stops.


Fires a giant laser in a sweeping motion.

Getting behind something can stop the laser from hitting you. Alternatively, if you see the laser coming, you can try to jump over it – you can certainly accomplish it with a double jump.

Disc Explosive

There’s a shiny port at the front of the Chimera that fires a disc-like explosive.

A red circle appears on the ground, showing where the explosive will hit. Once you see it, get out of the way.

Ground Pound

The large bot jumps up in the air and crashes into the floor.

The Chimera only does this when you’re close, so fire at it from a distance to stop this attack from happening.

If you can survive these attacks and damage the Chimera’s weak points enough – removing 30 percent of its health – it will temporarily go down.

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Screenshot Of V Shooting Drones During Chimera Fight

At this point, a few drones fly out, and a couple of them try to repair the mech. Target those two – the game gives them objective markers – as they will start restoring some of the bot’s HP if left alive. Then, take out the others.

Phase Two

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Screenshot Of Chimera Unleashing Toxic Gas

The second phase of the battle isn’t too dissimilar to the first, except the game doesn’t encourage you to go after weak points anymore. You just need to damage the mechanical beast.

The said beast does have a few new tricks up its sleeve, though.



How To Avoid

Toxic Gas

Green gas is unleashed all over the battlefield.

Find higher ground to get above the gas.

Missile Barrage

Fires a collection of missiles in all different directions.

This is hard to intentionally avoid since it’s difficult to know what direction each explosive is going. Trying to hide behind a wall or run away is your best bet.

Along with these new attacks, the mech will also bring out its moves from phase one. Make sure you avoid them like you did before, and find time to damage the robot.

If you go to the upper area and check a few of the corners, you can find powerful weapons to use. They’re attached to stands, so you have to rip them off, which is only possible if you’re strong enough. They’re worth the hassle.

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Screenshot Of Chimera Down

Once you’ve damaged the Chimera enough, it will drop. You must then jump on it’s head and hit the prompt to damage it’s core.

Cyberpunk 2077 Screenshot Of Phantom Liberty Chimera Core On The Floor

This finishes it off and serves as the end of the battle. Afterward, you can pick up the mech’s core by Myers’ feet.

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