How To Defeat Damarose The Marked In Lords Of The Fallen

You might have encountered Damarose The Marked at Pilgrim’s Perch while exploring. She serves as an NPC in Lords Of The Fallen and is a follower of Adyr. Damarose cautions you against approaching the beacons, as it contradicts her quest. However, if you decide to cleanse any beacon, it means you’re going against her wishes, and she turns into a secondary boss.



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Upon reaching Bramis Castle, just before you reach the castle itself, she will block your path and engage you in a fight. The only way to proceed is by defeating her, but this will also result in the loss of her quest.

Damarose The Marked Attacks

Player standing near Damarose The Marked and about to fight Lords of the Fallen

Damarose The Marked employs a cleaver and a couple of fire attacks that you should be aware of. Her attacks are fairly straightforward, so let’s break them down.

Damarose is about to attack the player Lords of the Fallen

Damarose uses a series of swing and strike attacks with her cleaver, typically in three-hit combos. These attacks can be parried or dodged quite easily. After each combo, you’ll have a good opportunity to land two hits on her.

Once you’ve depleted one-third of her health, a mark will appear above her head, and she’ll enhance her cleaver with fire.

Damarose The Marked has summoned the first mark and enhanced her weapon with fire Lords of the Fallen

At this stage, her attacks will gradually increase your character’s Burn meter. She’ll continue using her standard three-hit cleaver combos, but after each hit, the mark above her will launch a fire projectile at you.

You’ll notice the mark glowing before it releases the fire projectile.

Damarose The Marked unleashing a stream of fire from her hand Lords of the Fallen

An additional attack she’ll add at this point is unleashing a stream of fire from her hand, which inflicts fire damage and can potentially cause the Burn status effect.

Once you’ve reduced her health by half, she’ll summon a second mark, effectively doubling the fire projectiles being thrown at you. She’ll continue with her three-hit combo attacks.

Damarose The Marked has summoned three marks that are hovering over her head Lords of the Fallen

As you approach the final third of her health, she’ll summon a third mark, and all three will hover over her head.

Nothing significantly changes here except for the increased number of projectiles thrown at you by the marks, which now cover a larger area.

Damarose The Marked Strategy

Player is running away from Damarose as she is about to attack Lords of the Fallen

This battle is not particularly difficult and follows a straightforward pattern. When you first enter the fight with her, start by rushing in and delivering a full combo, then quickly step back. Wait for her to complete her combo, and then seize the opportunity to strike again.

If you’re skilled at parrying her attacks, you can significantly reduce her posture and potentially stagger her. However, simply dodging to the side or front is often sufficient to evade her attacks.

Once she summons the first mark, the challenge increases slightly, but it’s manageable. Your main concern is preventing your Burn meter from filling up, as this results in ongoing damage.

If you have a Burn Resistance Balm, you can use it not only to cure Burn but also to temporarily boost your resistance against burn attacks.

Player just attacked Damarose The Marked Lords of the Fallen

During this phase, it’s not advisable to attempt parries because the mark will launch a projectile at you, causing damage even if you successfully parry. Stick to dodging instead.

The same principle applies here: let her finish her combo, close in for two hits, and then retreat.

Occasionally, she will use her Flamethrower attack, which presents an excellent opportunity to circle around her. If you can land a charged heavy attack during this move, it will deal significant damage and potentially stagger her.

The fight proceeds as usual when the second mark appears, with the only difference being more projectiles to avoid.

Player just used a radiant spell which unleash a lightning strike on Damarose The Marked Lords of the Fallen

When all three marks are summoned, exercise caution. All three marks will release a barrage of fire projectiles that cover a large area. This is the moment to maintain distance and only rush in to attack when she finishes her combo.

If you have any Radiant spells, use them against her as they seem to deal significant damage.

That’s essentially the entire fight: wait for her combo to finish, rush in for two or three attacks, then retreat. Repeat this process, and you will eventually defeat her.

Damarose The Marked Rewards

A prompt saying Sinner Judged indicating victory over Damarose the Marked in Lords of the Fallen

Once you’ve successfully defeated Damarose The Marked, you will obtain the following items:

  • Damarose’s Cleaver
  • Two Animated Vigor Skulls

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