How To Complete Totalimmortal Quest In Cyberpunk 2077

So, you have reached the end of Cyberpunk 2077 and have chosen to accept Hanako’s offer. A lot of people in the game are disappointed with your choice here, but chances are you are either opting for your last hope at surviving the relic takeover or you simply had no other options available.



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The entirety of Night City is being watched and controlled by corporate officials, including the Arasaka family. What happens during Totalimmortal will go down in history for the folks living in this godforsaken city. This guide will walk you through the quest line, how to complete it, and how to get all the rewards.

Takemura And Oda

Cyberpunk 2077 Goro Takemura At Burger Shop

There are side-quest-dependant parts to this mission. It is worth noting that if you save Takemura in the quest Search and Destroy, he will accompany you throughout Totalimmortal, including helping you fight all the enemies you may come across.

If you spare Oda during your boss-fight confrontation with him at the festival for the quest Play It Safe, he will also accompany you during Totalimmortal and fight with you.

Both these characters can join you and share some wisdom during dialogue.

Giving Your Testimony

Cyberpunk 2077 Hanako At Arasaka Meeting

Before interrupting the meeting, Hanako will show you the engram of Saburo’s soul and take it with her to the meeting.

There is not much choice during this meeting other than choosing to be well-mannered or to curse out the fellow Arasaka employees.

After the meeting, you will have to fight through some of Yorinobu’s forces.

There will only be a few guards and one mech to take down. After defeating them, Hanako will give you access to the elevators in the tower.

More enemies will start spawning, but you are not meant to kill them all. You can just run to the elevator to continue.

Reaching Yorinobu’s Suite

Cyberpunk 2077 Fighting Off Enemies In Arasaka Tower

From here on out, you will be required to fight through each floor in the tower to reach Yorinobu’s suite.

Each floor will have a couple of guards, but you will have Hanako’s people fighting with you.

You may instead have Oda and Takemura with you if you saved them in previous missions.

You can’t use the elevators to continue up each floor. Use the side stairs until you reach the point where Hanako returns the power.

When using the elevator to reach the last floor, there will be triple the amount of enemies, so don’t exit the elevator until you are equipped and can see where to hide.

How To Defeat Adam Smasher

Cyberpunk 2077 Adam Smasher On Fire

Once you reach the right floor, you will have to face Adam Smasher. At this point, Hanako’s people will have stopped following you. Your only help for this fight is Takemura if you saved him previously.

In the beginning, Adam Smasher will rely on melee attacks. The dividers on the main floor can and will be broken down by his attacks, but you can still use them as partial cover at the beginning of the fight.

Once you chip away at his health enough, he will fly away, and guards will spawn on the second level.

When guards show up, you should quickly deal with them first since they go down easy if you bum-rush them.

It is important to note that no matter where you run, Adam Smasher will jumpor fly to your location.

To avoid taking too much damage, you will want to keep running up the stairs, taking cover, and jumping down to maintain distance.

After defeating Adam Smasher, you can choose to spare him or finish him off. Your V may ask Johnny what he thinks you should do here, but Johnny cannot answer because you suppressed him with the pills Hanako gave you.

In a different ending, you can let Johnny speak. There is no change to the story whether you finish him off or not.

Talking With Hanako And Yorinobu

Cyberpunk 2077 Yorinobu on Hanako's Lap

Yorinobu can be found in shambles on his bedroom floor. You will have to wait for Hanako to arrive, and in the meantime, you will get a villainous, albeit somber, monologue from Yorinobu.

There will be an option to move the gun on the floor away from him, but this choice is not a big one. He won’t grab it either way. It just opens up the conversation that he meant to use it on himself.

The dialogue choices here aren’t ground-breaking; what has happened has happened already. Hanako will enter the room and request privacy with her brother. Hellman will arrive and bring you to the next destination to remove the relic.

As you are malfunctioning in the elevator with Hellman, pay close attention to Yorinobu and Hanako in the room. They won’t be speaking English, but pay attention to their movements, as Hanako is imprinting Saburo’s engram into Yorinobu at this moment.

The Start To The Where Is My Mind Quest?

Cyberpunk 2077 Johnny In Mikoshi Talking WIth V

After the scene in Yorinobu’s bedroom, you will be in cyberspace speaking with Johnny.

This is a philosophical moment with Johnny where you can discuss everything that went wrong or everything that went wrong on your journey up until now. Johnny, like usual, will not be happy with you choosing Arasaka.

These moments will lead you to the final quest in the game if you choose this path: Where Is My Mind? In which you are stuck in orbit on an Arasaka spacecraft.

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