How To Complete The Tortured Prisoner Quest In Lords Of The Fallen

In Lords Of The Fallen, you’ll come across several NPCs with their own quests, but the game doesn’t always provide clear guidance on the necessary steps for progression. This is true for most characters in the game, including the Tortured Prisoner.



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When you first encounter her, the Tortured Prisoner is trapped in a cell, and her distress is evident, but you’re uncertain about how to assist her. To initiate her quest, your first step is to secure her release, and from there, her quest unfolds and continues to evolve throughout the entire game.

How To Free The Tortured Prisoner

Player standing in front of the Tortured Prisoner while she is still in her cell locked Lords of the Fallen

To begin the Tortured Prisoner’s quest, you must liberate her from her prison cell at Skyrest by locating the Searing Accusation near her confinement. Once you retrieve the item, give it to her, and she will use it to secure her release.

Following her liberation, she moves to the entrance of the arena where you confronted Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal. In this new location, she serves as a merchant, offering Inferno spells for sale.

How To Get The Giant Eyeball

Player going to the ground floor to attack The Spurned Progeny since he is vulnerable Lords of the Fallen

The key item you’ll need to advance the Tortured Prisoner’s quest is the Giant Eyeball. To obtain it, you must progress through the game until you reach Lower Calrath and defeat the boss known as the Spurned Progeny.

After your victory, you’ll acquire the Giant Eyeball as one of your rewards. Take this item back to the Tortured Prisoner’s location and present it to her. This action not only expands her inventory in her shop but also prompts her to relocate to a new area.

Player with the option to hand over the Giant Eyeball to the Tortured Prisoner Lords of the Fallen

The next location where you can find the Tortured Prisoner is in the middle of the arena where you defeated the Spurned Progeny. While she remains accessible as a merchant, the next step in her quest requires you to locate a specific armor set called the Noblewoman Set.

How To Get The Noblewoman Set

Player wearing the Noblewoman set Lords of the Fallen

The first thing you need to do is reach Upper Calrath where you can find the Noblewoman set.

Leave the room where the Vestige is and go to the right. There’s a gate ahead which you can use your Umbral Lamp to bypass it. Continue along the path and you’ll reach an open area with a large door straight ahead. Head there and go up the stairs on the right side.

After jumping down, turn right and drop down to reach a lower level.

You’ll notice a door in front of you that you can open, and it acts as a shortcut.

Player standing next to an Umbral Flowerbed Lords of the Fallen

From there, follow the path to the left side of the door and eventually, you will reach a building. Inside, take the first left, and you’ll find a corpse with loot. Interact with it to obtain the Noblewoman set.

Now, return to the location of the Tortured Prisoner. Make sure to equip the full Noblewoman set, then talk to her.

Player speaking with the Tortured Prisoner while wearing the Noblewoman Set Lords of the Fallen

This action will not only grant you access to additional items in her inventory but also advance her questline.

How To Get Charred Letter

The Charred Letter item description in Lords of the Fallen

Your goal now is to find all five beacons so you can unlock the gate to the final area of the game, called Bramis Castle. The gate leading to the castle can be found right in front of you immediately after leaving the Vestige room in Upper Calrath.

The initial part of this location is straightforward. Progress through it until you reach the Bramis Castle/Vestige of the Bloody Pilgrim. From the Vestige, backtrack a bit and descend the path you came from. Eventually, you’ll discover an Umbral Flowerbed inside a small room.

A circle showing the location of the Charred Letter Lords of the Fallen

Upon leaving the room and descending the stairs, look to your left. You’ll see a loot near some burning corpses. Interact with it to acquire the Charred Letter.

With the Charred Letter in your possession, head towards the new location of the Tortured Prisoner, just before the beacon at Upper Calrath. After you hand over the Charred Letter, she will reward you with the Elegant Perfume, which you can use later during a boss fight.

Player with the option to hand over the Charred Letter to the Tortured Prisoner Lords of the Fallen

This action will cause the Tortured Prisoner to move to her final location near the Bramis Castle Vestige.

It’s crucial to highlight that you must not proceed further into the castle toward the boss, as this will make her hostile and ruin the entire quest.

How To Get Swaddling Cloth

The Swaddling Cloth item description in Lords of the Fallen

Just to the left of the Vestige at Bramis Castle, you’ll find the Tortured Prisoner standing a few steps up, and you can interact with her. Your next task is to obtain the final item she needs to complete her quest, which is the Swaddling Cloth.

Before you can get the Swaddling Cloth, you’ll need to secure the Royal Key to progress within the castle.

Starting from the Vestige, head to the stairs on the right and continue ascending. You’ll reach a building where you should take more stairs.

Follow the path ahead, and you’ll descend to another set of stairs leading you inside the castle. In this area, you’ll notice a spiral staircase, but we’ll come back to that shortly. Begin by crossing the room to the other side, where you’ll find a lever to interact with. This will activate the spiral staircase.

Player standing next to the lever that operates the spiral staircase Lords of the Fallen

Now, go to the spiral staircase, ascend, and take the first left entrance. Follow the path to the left, and you’ll come across a bridge leading to the other side. At the end of the bridge, there’s loot on your right, inside a book library wall. Collect it to obtain the Royal Key.

Return to the spiral staircase, and follow the stairs all the way to the top. You’ll reach a door that can be unlocked with the Royal Key. Inside, continue along the path until you find a set of stairs to climb. After that, follow the path until you find a drop point to the left. Drop down and proceed straight inside the building.

A circle showing the location of the Swaddling Cloth inside the royal bedroom Lords of the Fallen

You’ll discover what appears to be a royal bedroom, and to your right, you can interact with a corpse to collect the Swaddling Cloth.

It’s time to return to the Tortured Prisoner to complete her quest.

Completing The Tortured Prisoner Quest

Player with the option to hand over the Swaddling Cloth to the Tortured Prisoner Lords of the Fallen

Before giving the Swaddling Cloth to the Tortured Prisoner, ensure you’ve purchased all the items you need from her, as this will be your last opportunity to do so.

Once you’ve handed over the Swaddling Cloth to the Tortured Prisoner, exhaust all her dialogue options before proceeding. Now, simply make your way to the boss of this area through the royal bedroom and defeat the Sundered Monarch.

Remember the Elegant Perfume she provided earlier? You can use it against this boss to briefly stun him, but it’s not a necessary step in her quest.

After defeating the Sundered Monarch, ascend the stairs to find the Tortured Prisoner waiting for you. Interact with her, and she will reveal her true identity, which may be unexpected: she’s actually Queen Sophesia of Mournstead. As a token of gratitude, she will reward you with Queen Sophesia’s Ring.

Player collecting the final rewards for completing the Tortured Prisoner quest Lords of the Fallen

Following this, Queen Sophesia will sit down and take her final breath, marking another NPC without a happy ending. On the positive side, there are more rewards to collect.

If you return to her location near the Vestige at Bramis Castle, you can obtain the following items:

  • Queen Sophesia’s Catalyst
  • Tortured Prisoner’s Shackles
  • Tortured Prisoner’s Dress
  • Tortured Prisoner’s Skirt

By successfully completing the Tortured Prisoner’s quest in Lords of the Fallen, you’ll earn A Queen’s Rest Trophy/Achievement.

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