How To Complete The Sabotage Quest In Starfield

The Sabotage quest in Starfield is the penultimate mission for Ryujin Industries. Along this journey you’ve participated in corporate subterfuge, stealth missions to investigate a possible mole, and eliminating Ecliptic mercenaries. On each of these missions you’ve had to make choices that directly affect the NPCs involved.



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Sabotage is one of the most difficult missions in the Ryujin Industries quest line. There are key moments where your actions have consequences, and how you proceed through the quest will decide the fate of either Masako or Ularu. Who will win and who will be sacrificed? It’s up to you.

How To Start The Sabotage Quest In Starfield

Meeting table with board members of Ryujin Industries in Starfield, including Masako and Ularu

After completing The Key Ingredient mission, Veena Kalra will leave to work on the Project Dominion Internal Neuroamp and Masako will send you to meet with Dalton, who has information about the mole.

His response regarding the mole will differ depending on the choices you made earlier in the Guilty Parties Quest.

Dalton will tell you his findings, and then lead you to a meeting with Masako. Once the meeting is over, head down to Research and Development (R&D) and talk to Veena. She will get you fitted for the Internal Neuroamp, which unlocks the Manipulation ability.

How To Complete The Neuroamp Test

Veena in Starfield before performing the neuroamp surgery on your character

At the end of the meeting, head to R&D and talk to Veena. If you remember from the previous quest, you are Ryujin’s guinea pig for testing the neuroamp.

When you wake up after the procedure, talk to Veena, and she’ll have you test out the neuroamp’s abilities on DeMarcus. Head up to the platform above, and DeMarcus will be standing in the room below, waiting.

DeMarcus in Starfield waiting for neuroamp test, with arrows pointing to him, the keycard, and the door

Open up your Scanner, select your target, then activate Manipulation. While it’s still active, direct DeMarcus to first pick up the keycard on the table behind him. Use the neuroamp one more time to make him open the door.

Veena warned you that the effects are temporary, so if you wait too long, the manipulation will fail, and you’ll have to start over again. However, if Manipulation fails in the field, you won’t get another chance.

Once the test is complete, discuss with Veena and DeMarcus briefly about the neuroamp, then head back to Masako.

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How To Infiltrate Infinity LTD

blueprints of Infinity LTD in Starfield, showing locations of targets Lucas, Faye, and the prototype

Meet again with Masako and Ularu. They’ll go over your options for getting inside Infinity LTD on New Atlantis and acquire any and all research they have done on Project Dominion. Whichever path you decide on, you’ll have three main objectives to complete:

  • Run the Overseer program on Lucas Drexler’s computer
  • Run the Overseer program on Faye Sengsavahn’s computer
  • Steal the neuroamp prototype from R&D

There will be three main ways to break into the building: stealth using the roof access, go undercover using an alias, or kill everyone

Whichever option you choose during the conversation, Ularu gives you some gifts for your assignment:

  • An Operative Suit for stealth
  • A slate with the Overseer program
  • The Maintenance Access code to disable the heating and clear the building
  • Your cover identity (which also gives you access to the roof)

If you want to prove that Ularu is the mole, you must first take the slate to Dalton. He’ll find that she plans to use her program to frame Lucas Drexler and Masako, so he gives you a replacement slate with a revised program to use instead.

Otherwise, if you’re siding with Ularu, head straight to New Atlantis.

How To Complete The Quest Using Stealth

Lucas Drexler's office door in Starfield, below the rafters, room full of corrosive gas

Put on the Operative Suit and Helmet, which makes you 25 percent harder to detect, and head to the roof access to the side of Galbank, leaving your companion behind.

We recommend upgrading your Stealth to at least level three and saving your game should you get in a tight spot and need to reload. You can also use aids like the Reconstim that grants you -30 percent movement noise for ten minutes.

How To Disable The Heating System

To shut off the heating system, first go straight ahead and through the vent. In this room you’ll find a large spinning fan. You need to drop below the fan, so use your new neuroamp to manipulate the guard downstairs to turn off the fan.

Guard at Infinity LTD in Starfield, with neuroamp scanner open and aimed on him and fan controls

Now you can drop safely and head towards the heating system. There will be no guards between you and the heating system controls, so this part should be simple.

How To Infiltrate Lucas’ Office

Now you can start making your way to Lucas’ office. His office is on the Executive Floor, which is down just one level. Use the ventilation shafts, keeping low and quiet so you don’t get detected.

If you sabotage the heating system his door lock is only Novice level, but if you don’t, it becomes Expert level and much harder to pick.

Go inside, grab the digipick on the whiteboard, then unlock his computer and run the Overseer program.

Descend To The R&D Floor

After you’re done, you now need to start your descent to the R&D floor. This may be trickier as it’s more floors to traverse, but try to utilize the ventilation vents and platforms as much as possible.

You can also use the clouds of gas as cover, but make sure you have aids that cure lung damage with you, as the suit doesn’t protect from corrosive gases.

Open Lucas’ door and to the left, while in stealth mode, jump down to the rafters below you. Go right across the beam to an air vent. Head inside and down till you’re in a bathroom.

left side, picture of vent circled in Starfield, right side picture of bathroom that the vent leads to

This part is very difficult to pass, even with level four Stealth. There are at least two guards that patrol outside the bathroom, and a few more on the other side of the hallway, and they’re all trigger-happy.

If you have trouble sneaking past the guards here, your best bet will be to make a mad dash down the hallway, into the cafeteria, then sprint left, and go into the vent.

Player sneaking down Hallway on Marketing floor in Infinity LTD in Starfield, filled with gas, arrow pointing direction to go

The guards will yell and give chase, but once you’re in the vent they should no longer pursue. Head down through the vent and drop onto another platform.

Look for the office with the birthday decorations and go that way, then turn right. Keep following the paths to the right, then left again till you find an air vent with the quest marker on it. Go inside then down into the elevator shaft.

Vent in Starfield that leads to elevator shaft

Look for your quest marker – that’s where you need to go. Descend slowly to avoid any broken bones, then go through the vent to get out of the elevator shaft. It’ll be dark and hard to see, but the quest marker will be on it.

Dark inside elevator, with vent circled that leads out of the elevator shaft, in Starfield

This next part is tricky. You have to jump across from the vent to the pipes. There is a guard below you, but it’s super dark, so he shouldn’t see you.

You can use Manipulation on this guard to make him go away. That way he definitely won’t see you.

You are now on the R&D floor. You have two objectives here: Run Overseer on Faye’s computer and steal the prototype.

Go left, sneaking across the pipes, then jump over the hallway again and go into the vent. At the end of the vent is a hatch. Drop down, then keep crouching as you go up the stairs to the right.

Starfield: pipes that lead away from elevator shaft and to another vent, room below is filled with gas

The guards on the other side of the glass won’t see you as long as you stay in stealth mode. At the top of the stairs is Faye’s computer. Run the Overseer program, grab the R&D ID card off her desk, then head back down the stairs, and go through the door on the left.

Go through the door at the end of the hallway slowly. Look up, and you’ll see a turret across from the red secure door. Beyond that door is the prototype, but you have to disable the camera first.

Starfield: Left: secure door that leads to prototype, right: turret above and outside prototype door

You can either shoot it with a silenced weapon or use Manipulation on the guard above to turn it off.

If shooting the turret alerts the guard, run back and hide in the vent till the coast is clear.

Once it’s clear, go into the room with the prototype using the R&D keycard, closing the door behind you. Before you grab it, however, close the blinds and disable the alarm, otherwise you will get caught.

Starfield: Prototype room with blind switch, alarm system, and prototype labled in order of 1-3

Once you’ve done that, take the prototype, and get out of there. Make your way back through the vent, over the pipes, and to the elevator. Take the elevator down to the lobby, leave Infinity, and head over to SSNN.

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How To Complete The Quest Going Undercover

Starfield: Infinity LTD's receptionist, Dezi, smiling

If you would rather talk your way through to your objectives, after disabling the heating system head back outside, and speak to Dezi at the front desk.

She’ll direct you to go up to Marketing to meet with Aelys Ortiz. After your brief meeting with him, he will leave which gives you freedom to walk around.

If you didn’t sabotage the heating, you’ll have more NPCs to deal with, so it may take a lot of talking to get to where you need to go.

Once you’ve talked your way through and completed your tasks, give the information to SSNN, then head back to Neon.

Secret Third Option To Complete The Quest

Starfield character pointing their gun at a dead woman

There is a third task that was not discussed in your meeting with Masako and Ularu. Although they prefer that there isn’t a body count, you do have the option to go in and just kill everyone.

The consequences will be minimal, and you may end up getting more XP and credits due to being able to loot freely.

Either way, once you’re done, and you have the information, head over to SSNN.

Who Will Be The New CEO Of Ryujin Industries?

Starfield: Left: Masako, right: Ularu

After speaking giving the information to David Barron at SSNN, head back Ryujin Tower on Neon to watch his broadcast. Depending on the choices you made, either Masako will remain as the CEO or Ularu becomes the CEO.

This will trigger the beginning of the final mission: Executive Level.

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