How to Complete The Pirate’s Wife Quest In Stardew Valley

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Ginger Island is the home to most of the content added in the 1.5 update of Stardew Valley. On the island, you can meet a few new NPCs with their own quests and unique storylines. The Pirate Wife is one of the quests you can complete on Ginger Island; fortunately, it’s quite simple.



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In this guide, we will look at how to complete the Pirate’s Wife, as well as what the rewards are. If you have yet to make it to Ginger Island, this guide may contain some spoilers, so be careful!

Updated October 21, 2023 by Gabrielle Castania: With yet another large update for Stardew Valley coming up on the horizon, we’re updating a few of our guides for the game to make sure you and the residents of the Valley are ready for whatever new additions are coming your way.

How To Start The Pirate’s Wife Quest


As this quest begins on Ginger Island, you’ll first need to complete the tasks that bring you to Ginger Island from Pelican Town. We’ve got a complete guide to doing so right here, but you’ll need to complete the Community Center first, meaning it takes a while to get to Ginger Island when you first start playing.

Once you get to Ginger Island, the west side of Ginger Island must be unlocked. This is the island farm, and to unlock it, you will need to give ten Golden Walnuts to a parrot near a giant sleeping turtle.

Once donated, the turtle will move, allowing you to access the area.

The Ginger Island farm as seen from above.

Birdie’s Hut can be seen on the far left side of this map. 

Afterward, go past the island farm to the far left side of the map. There will be a small hut and a woman fishing outside when it’s not raining – this is Birdie.

When you talk to her, she will explain that she moved to the island after finding the wreckage of her husband’s ship. She is looking for a locket her husband had on him and gives you a War Memento to get you started in your search.

Quest Rewards For The Pirate’s Wife

Fairy Dust in Stardew Valley

As a reward for completing The Pirate’s Wife, you will receive the following rewards.

  • Five Golden Walnuts
  • Fairy Dust Recipe

Fairy Dust is a unique item that can be sprinkled on machines to automatically finish their production. To make it, you just need to have one Diamond and one Fairy Rose.

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Trade Items Between Townsfolk Back In Pelican Town To Find The Locket


To find Birdie’s locket, you will need to venture back to Pelican Town and go through a series of exchanges, which starts with Kent.

Remember that you will need to hold the item to exchange with the NPCs when you are speaking with them.

Who To Trade With For The Pirate’s Wife Quest In Stardew Valley


NPC To Give To

Item Received

War Memento


Gourmet Tomato Salt

Gourmet Tomato Salt


Stardew Valley Rose

Stardew Valley Rose


Advanced TV Remote

Advanced TV Remote


Arctic Shard

Arctic Shard


Wriggling Worm

Wriggling Worm


Pirate’s Locket

After you get the locket, head back to see Birdie to end the quest. Afterward, you can speak with her, but unlike most other characters in the game, she won’t accept gifts or have a friendship meter.

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