How To Complete The Friends Like These Quest In Starfield

Serving and protecting the people of New Atlantis means doing whatever is necessary. After the Terrormorph attack on the city, people are restless. The only way to ensure this doesn’t happen again is to access the Armistice Archives in Starfield. And to do that, you’re going to need a lot of help.



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Getting the approval of the Freestar Collective Ambassador and the House Va’ruun Ambassador won’t be easy, but it’s essential to protect the city and uncover the truth about the Terrormorphs. You’ll need to utilize diplomacy and battle prowess to succeed in your mission to protect the United Colonies and her people.

Where To Find Deputy MacIntyre

Meeting Deputy MacIntyre in Starfield

To access the Archives, you’ll have to speak with Deputy MacIntyre over at Interstellar Affairs. You can reach it via the elevator in the MAST District from UC Vanguard Headquarters.

After the attack on New Atlantis, the cabinet is keen to grant you access to the data you need on Terrormorphs, but you’ll still need approval from the other representatives from the Freestar Collective and House Va’ruun.

Ambassador Radcliff and Ambassador Bal’mor both have one-time codes you’ll need to access the archives, but you’ll have to convince them to cooperate.

MacIntyre is clear that threats and violence are strictly off the table when it comes to getting the codes.

How To Get Ambassador Radcliff’s Code

Ambassador Radcliff in Starfield

As a veteran of the Colony War, Ambassador Radcliff will be a tough nut to crack. While officially speaking, Deputy MacIntyre implores you to persuade her with the current threat and your own experience, you’ll likely have to resort to other methods.

If you have the Diplomat trait, you’ll have a unique dialogue option that explains you’ll need to find leverage.

UC Intelligence has a recording device in the Ambassador’s quarters. You can recover it to help your negotiations, but getting caught will have you arrested.

You’ll need to be discreet to recover the device.

Between a disgruntled staff member and a potential workaround, you have a couple of options for recovering the recording device.

MacIntyre will grant you 9,600 credits to make the negotiations a little easier.

Freestar Collective Embassy in Starfield

Head to the Freestar Collective Embassy and take the elevator. You’ll overhear the ambassador talking about maintaining their political advantage at the embassy, hinting that persuasion here will be difficult.

You can try talking with the Ambassador first, or you can snoop around to get leverage before starting the negotiations.

Persuading Ambassador Radcliff

Persuading Ambassador Radcliff in Starfield

Persuading Ambassador Radcliff is no easy task. You have three turns to pass an eight-stage persuasion attempt.

If this is the route you want to pursue, save your game before starting the conversation so you can reload and try again if you fail.

Talk to Ambassador Radcliff and appeal to her ego to try and persuade her for the code. She’ll have a few concessions you’ll need to agree to when you pass. While they are a bit extreme, you have three options:

  • Agree to her terms. Doing so will grant you the code.
  • Refuse her terms. Doing so will prevent you from getting access until you change your mind, and you’ll have to find another means of getting the code.
  • Consult Deputy MacIntyre. If you’re not sure what to do, you can speak to Deputy MacIntyre first.

Gaining Leverage

If persuasion isn’t your forte or the attempt failed, you can search the embassy for leverage. There are two sources: Cameron Long and the listening device in the ambassador’s room.

Cameron Long in Starfield

You can speak to Cameron Long, the guy the ambassador chewed out when you arrived. If you tell him that the UC sent you to speak with him, he’ll take you somewhere private to talk.

Here, you can make a deal to gain access to the ambassador’s quarters without doing the dirty work yourself.

Head to the supply closet and climb the storage containers to access the vents. When you turn the corner, you’ll enter Ambassador Radcliff’s bathroom.

Activating the listening device in Ambassador Radcliff's room in Starfield

If you don’t speak with Cameron Long, either pick your way through the door [Master] or swipe the key from the ambassador herself. Enter her quarters and make your way to the bedroom.

The planter in the back corner is where the listening device is stashed. Interact with it to hear the recording and gain some leverage.

Confronting Radcliff in Starfield

Return through the vents and confront Ambassador Radcliff about her plan. You’ll knock her down a peg and get what you need (and then some).

When you confront her, ask about a gift during the negotiations. You’ll receive a custom pistol as part of the deal.

You can also ask for a negotiation fee to earn some extra credits.

How To Get The Code Yourself

The Armistice Code Machine in Starfield

If all else fails, you can get the code yourself. Pickpocket the key off of Ambassador Radcliff and head down the stairs to the locked room [Master] where the Armistice Code Machine is located.

You can also pick the lock on the vent [Master] and sneak into the room with the Armistice Code Machine. Interact with the machine to retrieve the key code you need and progress the quest.

While violence is strictly prohibited, you can still advance the quest if you kill Ambassador Radcliff and loot the key. However, this is not recommended.

Once you get the code, by whatever means, you can head to the House Va’ruun Embassy.

How To Get Ambassador Bal’mor’s Code

Side entrance to the Va'ruun embassy in Starfield

While Ambassador Bal’mor stayed behind after the rest of House Va’ruun disappeared, he hasn’t made an appearance himself in several years. Finding him will be a bit tricky.

Going through the main entrance won’t be an option, but the side entrance is available. MacIntyre warns that alarms may have been tripped inside, so be careful. Automated security protocols are in place.

The side entrance is located right next to the New Atlantis GalBank branch.

Head inside and take the elevator down to the House Va’ruun Embassy. Once you reach the right floor, you’ll hear a voice on the intercom asking you to approach.

Intercom in Va'ruun embassy in Starfield

The voice will tell you to throw the power switch, but it’s not enough. You’ll have to follow the voice deeper into the embassy but beware of the defenses ahead.

Before you go, hack into the Remote Turret Control at the desk.

You can recalibrate the friend/foe settings to make this easier.

Open the door and head through the overgrown corridor, heading towards the voice. Wind your way through the facility, keeping an eye out for the robots and turrets, until you reach the second intercom and power switch.

Interact with the intercom and follow its instructions. When you leave the room, go straight into the common area and make a left up the stairs. You’ll find the third power switch and intercom in an adjoining room.

The voice will send you to the basement for the final switch, but you’ll need to dispatch the “demons” that lurk there. You’ll be attacked by two robots as soon as you open the door to the basement, so be ready.

Talking to Ambassador Bal'mor in Starfield

Once the robots are defeated, approach the stranger. Ambassador Bal’mor invites you to speak with him. He’ll give you the Archival Code, but under one condition: you use the information to save lives.

Agree, and you’ll follow him to the Armistice Code Machine to receive the Archival Code. With it, head back to Deputy MacIntyre at Interstellar Affairs.

How To Open The Armistice Archives

Outside the Armistice Archives in Starfield

Head across from the MAST Building to reach the Armistice Archives. Take the elevator down and follow the instructions exactly to open the Archives.

You must deposit the three codes into the receptacles to access the Archives. From there, you’ll need to find Unit 18. No other data will be available to you.

Once you have the data, leave the Archives and return to Interstellar Affairs. Major Hadrian Sanon is waiting for you. Hand over the data, then follow Deputy MacIntyre to receive your UC Citizenship.

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