How To Complete The Background Checks Quest In Starfield

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  • Find A Way Into Ryujin Tower
  • Find Ularu’s Office And Run Nyx’s Program

It’s not all about blazing guns and melee combat in Starfield. Sometimes you have to put the guns away and be as quiet as a mouse. And just when you thought your job with Ryujin Industries was getting easy, the company’s CEO entrusts you with the very sensitive task of finding a mole.



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In the previous quest, Top Secrets, you discovered that an Infinity LTD project, labeled Project Dominion, actually belongs to Ryujin, which means someone within the company gave (or sold) it to Infinity. In the ninth Ryujin Industries quest, Background Checks, you will swap your guns for ventilation shafts as you get the data Ryujin needs.

Talk To Dalton Fiennes

screenshot of Dalton Fiennes from Starfield

After speaking with Masako, she sends you down to report to Dalton Fiennes, Ryujin’s Chief of Security. He informs you that he has deployed what he calls Security Directive Theta, which consists of a full sweep of every single employee in the building, including even Masako and himself.

However, Ularu Chen is a unique case due to her abilities to evade any detection, so she not only requires a specialized programmer named Nyx to investigate her, but she’s to not even be aware of the directive. Nyx has created a program that you will use on Ularu’s computer to search her files for anything incriminating.

Due to the nature of this investigation, your key card will not work anywhere in the building, so you will have to use absolute stealth to get into Ularu’s office and run the program. Dalton explains that since it is unknown what connections this mole has, even the security team can’t know what you’re up to.

Make sure that you have at least Level 1 Stealth in order to complete this task. If you do not, we suggest leveling up a bit first before continuing this quest.

To aid you in your task, Dalton unlocks the Tower’s ventilation system for you to utilize. He also gives you a device called a Disruptor, a non-lethal weapon that you can use to stun a guard should you need to get away, but this is to be used as a last resort.

Due to the level of stealth you will need to employ, his final recommendation is to go alone, so if you have a companion with you, leave them at your ship before embarking on this quest.

Obtain Program From Nyx

Starfield screenshots of the sign for Madame Sauvage's and of Nyx

Go to Madame Sauvage’s to meet with Nyx and get the program. Unfortunately, he isn’t going to give you the program for free. You have three options:

  • Pay 2,500 credits.
  • Persuade him to lower the price.
  • Do him a favor.

If your persuasion is high, you might have a chance at that pay cut. Otherwise, your best option is to either pay up or do that favor he asks you for, which is to simply use his program on another workstation (Camden Cho’s) on your way to Ularu’s.

Once you have the program in hand, it’s time to head back up to the Executive Floor of Ryujin Tower, this time without your security clearances.

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Find A Way Into Ryujin Tower

screenshot of a red button in Starfield

With your access to Ryujin elevators temporarily revoked, you have to find an alternate way to get in. When you leave Madame Sauvage’s, take a left through Ebbside, then follow your quest marker to the winding metal stairs.

At the top of the stairs you’ll find a big red button. Press it, and a crate with a walkway on the right moves closer to you. Jump over onto it and parkour your way to the vent and go in. You are now inside Ryujin Industries HQ.

Remember that you are now trespassing, so anyone that sees you will become hostile, and guards will arrest you. You can equip the Disruptor if you feel you need to, but it is best to complete this fully in stealth mode. We recommend saving your game at this point.

Find Ularu’s Office And Run Nyx’s Program

screenshot of Ularu's computer in Starfield

Once inside, go through the vents into an unused maintenance room. There will be an opening in the ceiling; mantle up into that, and ahead of you is a panel to turn off the floor lights, making it easier to avoid detection. With the lights off, turn right, then left, and drop into a storage closet.

Here is where things will start to get trickier. Open the door, keep low, and sneak to your right, past the guard with his back to you. Then, go through the open door on your left.

On the right side of the room there’s a drone bot. Use the panel to run the drone demo, and this will temporarily distract the guards in the other room, allowing you to sneak by to the right undetected.

Getting caught will mean you’ll be locked in a cell that has a hatch in the ceiling. Just open that and climb into the ventilation system, then follow your quest marker to the next vent.

This time, however, the guards will be extra vigilant and become hostile if you are spotted. You’ll respawn back in the holding cell to try again, or you can reload to your previous save point before you got caught.

Continue following your quest marker through the door and up the stairs all the way to the top. Open the door at the top of the stairs and proceed forward to the next door, then go straight ahead into a storage room and open the hatch in the ceiling. Follow the conduit and there will be another hatch that brings you down into a cafeteria.

If you traded a favor for Nyx’s program, Camden Cho’s office will be halfway down the hallway to your right. Unlock the door with a digipick, then go inside to run the program on Camden’s computer. You can then either proceed through the ceiling hatch in that room or go back down the hallway towards another maintenance room.

Open the vent on the left and you’ll find yourself in a series of conduits. Keep following your mission marker until you arrive in a laboratory with a guard. Head down the walkway in front of you and sneak past the guard to the right. You are now above the rooms you were just in.

Be extra vigilant, as the guard below can see you up here. Watch him from above until he turns away, then you can go.

Straight ahead you’ll find a door that opens out onto a balcony above a brightly lit hallway with a tree. Hide behind the pillar so the Security Robot doesn’t see you. When it walks away, jump down and head left.

Sneak past the guard in this room and go up the stairs. Keep an eye on the guard to your left as you head to the right for the vent. Once you’re in the vent, follow it up till you come to another grate. Open it, and hop out onto the rafters.

Crouch-walk across and on the other side is another vent. Go in, hang a right, then follow it to the end and drop down into the hallway outside of Ularu’s office. Go up the stairs, sneak past the final guard, and then, finally, enter Ularu’s office.

Run the program, then leave Ryujin tower. You can go back past all the security guards if you want, but it’s best to just fast-travel out of there to your ship.

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Return To Nyx And Dalton

screenshots of Nyx and Dalton looking at data from Starfield

Venture back into Ebbside and follow the quest marker around the city till you find Nyx’s apartment. Talk to him, then wait a few minutes for him to look at the data. He saves all the information he finds onto a new encrypted slate for you to give to Dalton.

Next, meet Dalton back in Ryujin Tower. Thankfully, by this point you have all of your security clearances back, so you can go in the front door without being caught.

After Dalton reviews the results of the investigation, the data shows that Imogene was involved with the leak. He orders you to bring Imogene to him for an investigation then pays you a hefty sum for your work.

This initiates the beginning of the next quest: Guilty Parties.

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