How To Complete Rogier’s Questline In Elden Ring

Elden Ring is full of eccentric, interesting, and downright terrifying NPCs for you to talk to and interact with. Many of these also come with quests, and these quests are full of sneaky failure states making them somewhat difficult to see to their conclusion. Rogier, the legendary Spellblade, is no different.

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Thankfully, Rogier’s side quest is pretty straightforward in the grand scheme of things, and even failing it, will lead to some juicy rewards that are well worth a gander. Rogier’s quest also intersects with several major NPC questlines and will help you discover not one, but two potential endings.

Updated October 24, 2023, by Sean Murray: The Rogier questline isn’t Elden Ring’s most important, but it does provide helpful clues as to the nature of death and rebirth in the Lands Between, as well as the great betrayal that killed Godwyn the Golden. And since we’re all about backstory, we’ve updated this guide with improved formatting and more links to other helpful Elden Ring topics.

Where To Find Rogier

Elden Ring Collage - Rogier map location and rogier in a chapel

To start any quest, you need to find the NPC – in this case, Rogier. Rogier can be found pretty early on as a summonable ally for the Margit fight at the entrance of Stormveil castle. However, to start his quest, you will need to meet him in person.

To do this, make your way through Stormveil Castle until you reach the Rampart Tower Site Of Grace. Take the stairs down, and make your way across the rooftops until you reach a ladder. From here, head left, and you’ll bump into Rogier in a chapel that also doubles as a safe zone.

Rogier won’t reveal much about himself, and he serves mostly as a vendor after you first meet him, but this is the first step to kicking off his quest.

From here, continue through Stormveil as usual and kill Godrick The Grafted. This will trigger Rogier to move to the Roundtable Hold. Travel to the Roundtable Hold and Rogier can be found sitting by the balcony opposite the large double doors that house the Two Fingers.

Rogier is, for some reason, crippled, and will give you his rapier – Rogier’s Rapier +8.

Rogier’s quest can now go one of two ways based on what you do next – Find Ranni or Find Rogier’s Bloodstain. You’ll get the same rewards either route you choose, but one will provide more context for Elden Ring’s story than the other.

Find Ranni First Quest Route

Elden Ring - collage of Ranni's map location and Ranni in her tower

If you don’t pursue Rogier’s quest any further and just make your way through the game, you will eventually bump into Ranni. This more-or-less ends Rogier’s quest. This is a successful completion, technically. Rogier will have some new dialogue explaining that he feels like he is about to fall into a “deep sleep”, and then he’ll die.

On his body you will find:

  • Rogier’s Bell Bearing
  • Spellblade’s Pointed Hat
  • Spellblade’s Travelling Attire
  • Spellblade’s Gloves
  • Spellblade’s Trousers
  • Rogier’s Letter

Whilst not the best armor set in terms of pure stats, Rogier is a dapper chap and this is a great-looking set for anyone looking to dabble in some Elden Bling.

More importantly, Rogier’s Letter will allude to a future quest involving Fia and D.

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Finding Rogier’s Bloodstain First Route

Elden Ring - collage of drop point and prince of death

To advance Rogier’s quest beyond him simply dying a mysterious death, you will have to find his Bloodstain. Not surprisingly, his bloodstain is very well hidden, and it’s locked behind a pretty potent boss. A fitting end for a Spellblade spoken of in such high regard.

Go to the Liftside Chamber Site Of Grace in Castle Stormveil. Take a right and turn back on yourself and look for a body sitting on a ledge. Drop down onto another ledge and continue your descent until you reach a pit of rats. Follow this path until you reach the Ulcerated Tree Spirit boss and kill it.

This is easier said than done, as the Ulcerated Tree Spirit has a lot of HP, hits hard, and has an unusual moveset. The environment can be used to your advantage here, so make use of that for an easier win.

Behind the boss, you will find a disturbing face jutting out of the earth. Next to this, you will see a Bloodstain. Activate it, and you will see Rogier dying.

Return to Rogier and talk to him about his bloodstain. He will reveal some tidbits about Godfrey as well as reveal his goal of finding Black Knifeprints.

Where To Find Black Knifeprints

Elden Ring Black Knife Catacomb map location

Talk to Fia and she will give you more lore relating to the Black Knives and eventually, the location of a Black Knifeprint. Head to Black Knife Catacombs, defeat the Assassin, and hand the Black Knifeprint to Rogier.

Rogier will begin to examine the print, but it will take time for him to decipher it. Leave the Roundtable Hold and immediately return. Talk to Rogier again and he will reveal that Ranni was behind the slaying of Godfrey. Rogier asks you to track down Ranni and retrieve her Cursemark.

Retrieving The Curse Mark

Elden Ring Ranni's Rise map location

Ranni can be found in a tower behind Caria Manor in northwest Liurnia Of The Lakes. You’ll need to fight through all of Caria Manor and kill Royal Knight Loretta to reveal the path to her.

Immediately after Loretta’s boss fight, there is a powerful Ice Dragon called Abula prowling near Ranni’s Tower. You can’t kill it here, and it will teleport away once it has taken enough damage.

Head to Ranni’s Rise and speak to her. Select the dialogue option “You must be Ranni the Witch, behind the Night of the Black Knives”. Ranni will reveal that she dispensed of her Cursemark with her old body, but refuses to tell you where she left it.

Returning to Rogier will open up some new dialogue. Rogier will send you back to Ranni in order to become a vassal and learn the location of her Cursemark by gaining her trust. Ranni isn’t fooled by this ploy but accepts your servitude nonetheless.

This will begin Ranni’s questline, and Rogier will fall into a deep slumber. From here, you can follow Ranni’s questline and retrieve the Cursemark which will then aid you in completing Fia’s questline. Both Ranni and Fia have endings linked to their quests, while Rogier was merely a catalyst for the player to start these much more important questlines.

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