How To Complete Gaston The… Hero? Friendship Quest In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley is known for the cast of colorful characters from your favorite Disney movies. They occupy the village you rule over, filling it with life and adventure. As you grow into your role as the leader, they will help you foster a community of friendship and fun.




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Both heroes and villains will cross your path, and your job is to ensure that harmony persists no matter what. Some villains, like Gaston, are less troublesome than others, but still need to be watched to make sure that nothing goes awry. Besides, stepping in now and then can lead to a beautiful friendship.

How To Unlock Gaston The… Hero?

Daily Discussion with Gaston Disney Dreamlight Valley

To unlock this quest, you’ll need to reach Friendship level four with Gaston. When you speak with him, he tells you that he’s bored. He’s not able to hunt in the valley or gloat about it, so he needs something to do.

You suggest fishing, and give Gaston some ideas. You’ll head off to fish with him, and you’ll need to catch one of three different fish:

  • Piranha
  • Electric Eel
  • Prisma Shrimp

Once you have one of these three in your inventory, return to Gaston. He found the fragment of a compass and started to remember more about it. To help him, you’ll need to find the other pieces.

You’ll need to have the Oasis unlocked to progress through the quest.

How To Reassemble The Compass

There are three missing pieces you’ll need to find. Using your Royal Hourglass, you can uncover the other fragments of the compass near bodies of water. You can find them in the following places:

  • At the Docks
  • In the Oasis
  • In the Grasslands

Look around the bodies of water to find the rifts in time. Your Hourglass will help you free them. Once you’ve collected all three, bring them to a Timebending Table to put all the pieces together.

Where To Find Each Treasure

When the compass is repaired, interact with it in your inventory. You’ll get a memory, so talk to Gaston. Using the memory you found, you can locate different treasures around Eternity Isle.

There are three, one for each location in the memory. You’ll find them in:

  • Ancient’s Landing, by the two waterfalls and sunken door.
  • The Wild Tangle, by the shipwreck on a rock.
  • The Glittering Dunes, near the cave of wonders.

Using your Royal Shovel, you can dig each of the treasures up. You’ll find:

  • Mysterious Light Bulb
  • Mysterious Brush
  • Mysterious Climbing Pick

Bring each of the treasures back to Gaston to show him. He’s disappointed that they appear to be junk, but you can convince him to return them to their rightful owners.

How To Find The Owners Of Each Treasure

There are no real instructions for how to find the owners of the treasures. Instead, you’re told to ask around. You may end up asking a handful of villagers before you find out who is missing what. Thankfully, we found the owners for you:

  • The Mysterious Light Bulb belongs to EVE. It was a gift from WALL-E.
  • The Mysterious Brush belongs to Merlin. He uses it on his beard.
  • The Mysterious Climbing Pick belongs to Scrooge. It’s from his old adventuring days.

After you return the items to their rightful owners, return to Gaston. He wishes there had been more of a reward than a simple thank you, but he is grateful for the effort you put into entertaining him for the day.


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