How To Complete Executive Level In Starfield

The Executive Level quest is the final side mission assigned by the Ryujin Industries in their respective faction quest line. This means that all players in Starfield following the Ryujin Industries side quest will conclude their faction quest once they finish this mission.



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Similar to many of its previous missions, like ‘Guilty Parties’ and ‘The Key Ingredient,’ this quest picks up from where you left off in the ‘Sabotage’ mission. It allows you to influence all the board members in Ryujin Industries and make significant decisions that are critical to the overall faction storyline.

How To Complete Executive Level Quest In Starfield

An in-game screenshot of the Executive level quest objectives in Starfield

After completing the ‘Sabotage’ mission in Starfield, you will meet Masako in her office. Over the course of the previous missions, you have been busy trying to deal with the data breach that happened within the Ryujin Industries.

Once you bring down the rival company responsible for the leak (Infinity LTD), Masako shares her ideas about the fate of Infinity LTD as the CEO of Ryujin Industries and takes decisive steps about developing the Neuroamp. You will also be asked about your input in the situation.

Since you do have the internal Neuroamp at this point in the faction quest line, you can safely use it to manipulate the characters into taking your preferred decision.

As an operative, you are now tasked with using your skills to lobby the board members toward making your preferred decisions. To complete this mission, you’ll have to talk to seven board members.

All seven board members are located on the same Executive Floor inside the Ryujin Tower, and you can find them easily in their respective offices after you talk to Masako at the start of the quest. Here is a list of all the board members in the Ryujin Industries:

  1. Masako
  2. Ularu
  3. Veena
  4. Dalton
  5. Genevieve
  6. Linden
  7. Alexis

If the views of board members diverge from your personal interest, you will have to convince them by either persuasion or manipulation through your internal Neuroamp.

All Possible Outcomes In Executive Level Quest Starfield

A player in dialogue with Veena in the Executive level quest Starfield.

Apart from the board members’ decision about the fate of Infinity LTD and the Neuroamp, you can also get multiple different endings in this quest depending on your choices in the previous faction missions like ‘Guilty Parties’ and ‘Sabotage.’

Should You Acquire Infinity LTD In Executive Level Starfield?

Acquiring Infinity LTD in this mission is considered to be the right choice since your companions will approve of this choice. However, in case you decide not to acquire Infinity LTD, it will not have any significant negative impact on your rewards or your gameplay.

In case you are trying to romance a companion in Starfield, it is recommended that you acquire Infinity LTD to gain their approval.

Buying Infinity LTD and lobbying the board members in that direction is a significant role-play option where you can also freely follow your gut.

Should You Discontinue The Neuroamp Executive Level In Starfield?

Unlike the Infinity LTD scenario, the Neuroamp is a purely moral decision that depends entirely on how you want to role-play in Starfield. Discontinuing the internal Neuroamp is the option moral option since most characters and companions will not find it okay to develop the Neuroamp through human trials.

Even if you discontinue the development of the Neuroamp, you will not lose the internal Neuroamp that you received as a part of the Ryujin faction quest line.

Ending in Executive Level Quest Starfield

A player looking at Masako during the last meeting in Executive Level Quest in Starfield.

There are a total of three endings for the concluding faction mission of the Ryujin industries in Starfield. You will encounter the following events depending on the choices you made during and after the Guilty Parties mission.

Once you have talked to all seven board members, you must attend a board meeting to see the conclusion of the quest line.

  1. Suppose you decide to expose Ularu and spare Imogene by handing over the evidence slate to Dalton. In that case, Masako remains the CEO, and Imogene returns to the Ryujin Tower by the end of the faction quest line.
  2. If you decide to side with Ularu and kill Imogene (or don’t give the evidence against Ularu to Dalton). In that case, Ularu will successfully frame Masako for the data breach and become the CEO, while Imogene will be permanently removed from the game.
  3. Lastly, you can also serve as a double agent and vote against Ularu in the final meeting, and all board members will side with Masako, keeping her as the CEO of the company. However, you will not be able to save Imogene if you serve as a double agent.

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