How To Complete Every Class Unlock Quest In Disgaea 7

There are over 40 classes to unlock in Disgaea 7, including monster types. Here’s how to unlock them all.

Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless has an incredibly large character roster, filled to the brim with all sorts of demonic units that you can hire to your cause. Each with their own strengths and weaknesses, taking full advantage of this huge range of potential recruits is key to ensuring a flexible and powerful army of units.



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Of course, the majority of these classes and monster types must be unlocked. When you begin the game, you’ll only have a handful, but a little effort will expand your pool of potential recruits into an ocean. Here’s how to get them all.

Every Human Class

The human class recruitment menu in Disgaea 7

To unlock more classes at the Recruiter, you’ll need to complete some quests. If a quest is not yet available for you to accept at the Quest Shop, you’ll need to progress the main story.


How To Unlock


Available from the start.


Available from the start.


Available from the start.


Available from the start.

Martial Artist

Available from the start.

Fight Mistress

Available from the start.


Available from the start.


Available from the start.


Available from the start.


Available from the start.


Complete On the Hunt

Have a character with Level 5 in Bows in the party. Pirilika is the best choice for this quest.



Complete Picking a Partner

Have a character with Level 5 in Guns in the party. This time, Ceefore is your most likely bet.



Complete Ninja Nite

Pay 5,000 HL after accepting the quest. This should be incredibly easy to raise.


Male Samurai

Complete Loyal Blade

Have the following characters in your party:

  • A Rank 2 Warrior or Valkyrie.
  • A Rank 2 Archer or Ranger.

Lady Samurai

Male Armor Knight

Complete Worthy of Guarding

Hand in a piece of Armor with a DEF score of at least 300. If you don’t have these to hand and want to speed up the process, buy the best Armor you can and run it through the Item World until it reaches 300 DEF.

Female Armor Knight


Complete Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Get hit by enemy attacks 100 times. This will start counting from the moment you accept the quest.


Complete Maiko Green Room

Turn in an Angel Cake. This is an incredibly rare item, but can be found in the Item World. To increase your chances, run high-level items through Item World Research and upgrade/staff the Item World Research Squad. It may take a very long time.

Magic Knight

Complete Magical Warrior

Give out at least 1,000 Mana Juice from the Juice Bar. This will count retroactively.


Complete Psychic Squadron

Turn in a Gun with 300 HIT or higher. This should be easily completed, especially with heavy use of the Evil-Gacha, which eventually hands out powerful guns like candy.


Complete Questing 101

Turn in a pair of Glasses with 300 INT or higher. As above, this is easily done using Evil-Gacha pulls or high-level Item World drops.

Mecha Girl

Complete Robot Army

Have the following characters in your army:

  • A Rank 4 Samurai. Either gender works.
  • A Rank 4 Armor Knight. Either gender works.
  • A Rank 4 Psychic.

Celestial Host

Complete Heavenly Hostess

Have the following characters in your army:

  • A Rank 4 Sorcerer.
  • A Rank 4 Maiko.
  • A Rank 4 Professor.

Every Monster Class

The monster class recruitment menu in Disgaea 7

As with human classes, monster classes are unlocked mostly via quests. More quests unlock as you progress through the story.


How To Unlock


Available from the start.


Available from the start.

Slumber Cat

Progress the main story.


Progress the main story.

Winged Warrior

Progress the main story.


Progress the main story.


Progress the main story.


Complete Felynn Frisky

Have a character with Level 5 in Attack Monster Weapons. Either your starting Prinny or a recruited Orc are perfect candidates for this. The Attack Monster Weapons are the red ones, as opposed to the Intelligence Monster Weapons, which are blue.

Sea Angel

Complete Living Conditions

Turn in 10 healing items. These can be the cheapest healing items from the shop.

Flora Beast

Complete Flora and the Beast

Turn in 10 SP Extracts from the Juice Bar. You should be able to amass this amount easily.

Zombie Maiden

Complete Leap of Faith

Defeat at least 100 enemies from the moment you accept this quest.


Complete Seductive Demon

Turn in a Strange Feelers weapon with a Rarity of Rare or higher. You do not have to wait for this weapon to randomly drop – once you have completed Episode 3, go Netherworld Sightseeing in that world. There will be a merchant there who sells this weapon at the correct Rarity.

Evil Eye

Complete Evil Eye Elite

Turn in a Secret Scroll. This can be any Secret Scroll, so use a useless one.


Complete Promised Spear

Turn in a Legendary Rarity Spear. You may have to rely on random chance before you get your hands on one of these. If you use the Item World a lot, though, you should be able to find or steal one.


Complete Treasure & Dragons

Defeat a Dragon that is at least level 100. These will be common enemies in the Item World eventually, so this should be an easy quest to complete.

Pincer Shell

Complete Pincer Shells United

Turn in some Premium Crab Brains. After completing Episode 6, head back to the item resale world and complete the quests for the Pincer Shells there. One of them will reward you with the necessary item.

Rifle Demon

Complete Target Practice

Have a character in your party who is at least level 100. If you don’t already have a level 100 character, you will soon. Using Jumbify to beat large groups of very high-level enemies in the Item World is an easy way to gain massive amounts of experience.

Big Eye

Complete Eye on the Prize

Find the Big Eye hidden in the Gambling Netherworld (Episode 5) via Netherworld Sightseeing after accepting this quest.

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