How To Complete Dive Into The Dunes And Reach The Desert In Paleo Pines

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It doesn’t take long playing Paleo Pines to realise just how big a world you’re dealing with – the game has three very large areas to explore, each filled with resources to find and dinosaurs to befriend. As the stars of the show, the dinosaurs are obviously the most important features here.



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Whereas Veridian Valley is open to you from the very start of the game and the Dapplewood is quite easy to get to within your first week if you try hard enough, Ariacotta Canyon, the third area, is quite a bit tougher to reach. You’ll need to consider reaching the desert a long-term goal.

How To Reach Ariacotta Archway

The broken archway leading to the desert in Paleo Pines

Before you can even try to get to the desert, you’ll first need to unblock the path to the entrance. This will require that you break open some large brown rocks and then slash away some very large bushes. These obstacles are located to the east of your ranch, on the edge of Veridian Valley.

The area behind the brown rocks is a sandy one with some Triceratops ambling about, and through this area, you’ll find the bushes you need to destroy.

You’ll need dinosaurs with the Smasher and Slasher skills to deal with the boulders and bushes, respectively. The table below displays your options:


Smasher Skill

Slasher Skill

Veridian Valley

Styracosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Triceratops


The Dapplewood


Therizinosaurus, Kentrosaurus, Stegosaurus,

Once you have Helpers with these skills, you’ll be able to clear the way to… a broken archway. Examine this, and you’ll speak to someone on the other side – this will begin the quest to clear the way.

How To Complete Dive Into The Dunes

Fixing up the Ariacotta Archway in Paleo Pines

This is a collection quest that requires you to collect a very large amount of items from all over the rest of the game. First, you’ll be directed towards Marlo and Granny Agami. Speak to these people: you’ll gain a Shovel from Agami and the ability to order Planks from Marlo. This is just one step.

You’ll need to deliver the following materials to the archway to complete this quest and clear the way:



How To Obtain



Breaking rocks and debris.


50 (+200)

Breaking logs and debris.


50 (+300)

Breaking bushes and debris.



Ordered from Marlo.



Ordered from Orani.

Fragrant Poppin


Purchased from Pippin once unlocked after attempting to tame a Fragrant-loving dino.

Spare Shovel


Obtained from Agami when starting this quest.



Quests and selling items. These are used here to purchase orders.

The amounts in brackets are building materials – you’ll need lots of Wood and Fiber to make the requisite Planks and Ropes.

Once you’ve acquired everything and delivered it – and it may take quite a long time, don’t worry – a cutscene will begin in which you’ll fix up the archway.

After the cutscene, you’ll have access to Ariacotta Canyon, all the quests found only within, and ten more dinosaurs!

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