How To Complete A Garden In The Desert In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Scrooge has a plan to boost the economy… again.

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There are dozens of crops to grow in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and they can be used in numerous recipes. You can also sell them to help pad your wallet with Star Coins so you can go on a shopping spree at Scrooge’s Store. You can also bring your favorite villagers along if they have the gardening role to have them gather extra crops for you.




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How To Unlock A Garden In The Desert Friendship Quest

Goofy's WIld Tangle Stall Disney Dreamlight Valley

When you start A Garden In The Desert, it’s only after you reach Eternity Isle and unlock both the Wild Tangle and the Glittering Dunes. Once you do so, talk to Scrooge about Eternity Isle’s economy.

The first step is to open Goofy’s Stalls across the new biomes. You’ll need to open the stall in the Wild Tangle and the Glittering Dunes to complete this objective.

It’s worth upgrading the stalls to access more goods, but it’s not required to complete the quest.

Once you’ve unlocked the stalls, you can complete the next portion of the quest.

How To Complete Scrooge’s Request

Scrooge will ask you to buy seeds and plant them. Not just any seeds will do–Scrooge wants you to invest in cash crops that will help build a better economy. You’ll need to purchase the following:

Seed Name




The Glittering Dunes



The Wild Tangle



Ancient’s Landing


While crops might grow better in different biomes, you need to plant all the seeds in the Glittering Dunes

Once you plant your seeds, all that’s left is to wait for them to grow. It can take a few minutes or a few hours, depending on the seeds. When they’re ready, collect them and return to Scrooge. He’ll thank you for your efforts and send you on your way.


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