How To Change Your Armor Color In Lords Of The Fallen

Right from the start, Lords Of The Fallen grants you the freedom to customize your character as you desire. It offers a wide range of options to shape your character’s appearance to your liking. You even get to choose your starting class because, ultimately, it’s your character, and you want it to reflect your vision.



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While journeying through the game, you’ll come across various armor pieces. Some may offer better protection than others, but sometimes, it’s the visual appeal that captures your interest. You might encounter a fantastic piece of armor, but if its color doesn’t suit your taste, the game has a solution.

How To Change Your Armor Color

An arrow showing the Tincts menu in Lords of the Fallen

If you want to change your armor color, you’ll need to acquire Tincts. You can usually buy these from Merchants or, in some cases, as drops in the game world.

Suppose you’ve obtained a Tinct, and you’re unsure how to use it because the game lacks clear instructions. Here’s what to do: Access the game menu, where you’ll find various sections at the top of the screen like Equipment and Inventory. Look for the section labeled Tincts and select it.

In the Tincts section, you can view all the Tincts you’ve collected and apply them. Here, you have the option to use a Tinct for your entire armor set or choose to change the color of a specific armor piece.

In the lower section, you’ll find the options indicated by the button related to it depending on your platform, and these are:

  • Apply Tinct: Use this to apply the color to the selected armor piece.
  • Apply to all: This allows you to apply the Tinct to your entire armor set.
  • Remove Tinct: Use this to remove the current Tinct and restore the armor’s original color.

Another way to acquire Tincts is through the multiplayer shrines, but this requires a unique currency earned by either assisting other players or invading them in online multiplayer.

Depending on the shrine, you’ll need a specific currency to purchase Tincts.

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