How To Build An Alakazam ex Deck In The Pokemon TCG

Pokemon TCG’s
Pokemon 151 exapsnion marked a monumental moment for the game. A Pokemon who was unfairly ruled out of the game returned, and thanks to it, a commemorative expansion dedicated to the original first 151 Pokemon, from Bulbasaur to Mewtwo, was finally possible.

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Kadabra is back on the TCG. And thankfully enough, the TCG gods give its evolution, Alakazam, a great ex card that is destroying the meta thanks to its special and unique move. This one is an annoying deck to battle against.

Alakazam ex Decklist

Professor’s Research (Celebrations #024) Pokemon TCG Card

These are the cards you’ll use for this deck:

Pokemon Cards

Abra MEW (x4)

Kadabra MEW (x1)

Alakazam ex MEW (x3)

Bidoof CRZ (x2)

Bibarel BRS (x2)

Klefki SVI (x3)

Snorlax PGO (x1)

Manaphy BRS (x2)

Mimikyu PAL (x1)

Trainer Cards

Boss’s Orders PAL (x2)

Iono PAL (x3)

Judge SVI (x2)

Professor’s Research SVI (x2)

Raihan EVS (x1)

Choice Belt PAL (x2)

Fog Crystal CRE (x4)

Level Ball BST (x4)

Pal Pad SVI (x1)

Rare Candy SVI (x4)

Super Rod PAL (x1)

Switch SVI (x2)

Ultra Ball SVI (x4)

Path to the Peak CRE (x1)

Temple of Sinnoh ASR (x2)

Energy Cards

Basic Psychic Energy (x8)

Alakazam Ex Deck Key Cards

Ultra Ball from the Pokemon TCG, with blurred background

These are the most important cards of this deck:


Pokemon TCG Alakazam Ex Special Illustration Card From Scarlet and Violet 151

The main card of this deck is Alakazam ex, a Psychic-type card with two moves: Mind Jack, which deals 90 plus 30 damage per each Pokemon on your opponent’s bench, and Dimensional Hand, which deals 120 damage, and you can use it even if Alakazam is in the bench.

Mind Jack is an extremely good attack, as it can reach a damage output of 240 if your opponent has a full bench, but in terms of utility, Dimensional Hand is a better option, and the cards in this deck work around Alakazam’s ability to hit from the bench to create a solid strategy.


Pokemon TCG Klefki Mischievous Lock Card

The idea with this deck is to use cards that block the opponent’s strategy in any way. One of these cards is Klefki, a Psychic-type card with 70 HP and an ability named Mischievous Lock.

With Mischievous Lock, if Klefki is in the active spot, any Basic Pokemon in play can’t use their abilities. The problem with this card is that it also affects your Pokemon cards.


Pokemon TCG Mimikyu SVI Card

Mimikyu is also a very annoying Pokemon to face as it’s immune to damage from Pokemon ex and V. Of course, mini decks, such as Lugia VSTAR or some Lost Box variants, can hit this card, so be careful.

The best card to face a Lost Box is Klefki, which blocks Comfey’s Flower Selecting and, therefore, blocks any early attempt to set a Lost Zone. But for this deck, you’ll usually use Mimikyu.


Pokemon TCG Snorlax Card

If you want to force your opponent to have a certain Pokemon in the Active Spot until you take it down, you can use Snorlax, which has Block as its ability.

With Block, your opponent can’t retreat their Active Pokemon in any way. This card, combined with Boss Orders, can do wonders.

Block doesn’t prevent your opponent from using Switch, Escape Rope or Jet Energy to retreat their Pokemon. It’s very useful, of course, but you can change it if you want.

There are way more cards you can add to this deck, depending on what you want to do to your opponent with this deck. For example, Palkia (CEL) can prevent any attempt to remove a Stadium in play, which lets you set any Stadium you want without getting it removed.

Bidoof & Bibarel

Pokemon TCG Bibarel Card

Bidoof & Bibarel are the engine of the deck. With these two cards, especially Bibarel, you’ll draw all the cards you need to progress through the matches.

Bibarel has an ability named Industrious Incisors, which every turn lets you draw cards until you get five on your hand. It’s useful when you have only a few cards in your hand and you need more to keep playing.

Trainer Cards

Pokemon TCG Rare Candy Card

The most important trainer card is the Rare Candy, which lets you evolve Abra into Alakazam in a single turn. You must look for them in your first turn to make the strategy work.

Other interesting cards are the Fog Crystal, which lets you draw a Psychic-type Energy or Pokemon card, or Temple of Sinnoh, which changes any special Energy card of the game for a Colorless Energy card with no effects.

Alakazam ex Deck Strategy

Pokemon Card: Kadabra from the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet 151 Set.

The setup is simple; you need to evaluate which card will be good for you to set up in the Active Spot and then go for it. Klefki is a good option for the late game in case you don’t need to use Bibarel, so you should go either for Mimikyu or Snorlax. Don’t forget to get a Bibarel as well.

After deciding which card you’ll use to block your opponent, it’s time to build an Abra into an Alakazam. Use the Rare Candies at your disposal to evolve Abra, and if you don’t find Alakazam or Abra, try to catch them with the Fog Crystal.

If you only found an Abra to put in the Active Spot, try to draw a Switch to remove it and set any other Pokemon in your next turn. Abra is weak, and you must not lose it.

As you evolve Alakazam, all you need to do is find two Energy cards to put on Alakazam, so it can attack from the bench. If you need to recycle a Fog Crystal, try to find the Pal Pad.

Set a Temple of Sinnoh or a Path to the Peak, depending on what suits best in the match, and keep attacking to win.

Choice Belt is a good object for Alakazam; if you can find it, don’t hesitate to use it.

Alakazam ex Deck Common Threats

Pokemon TCG Manaphy Card

Any Pokemon that can spread damage to your benched Pokemon will be a problem for this deck. That’s why you should always have a Manaphy in your team. Other than that, this deck can be a bit inconsistent depending on your luck drawing cards, as the only way to draw cards from this deck is by using Bibarel or Supporters like Professor Research, Iono, or Judge.

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