How To Build A Lugia VSTAR Deck In Pokemon TCG

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Sometimes, Pokemon TCG can be a complicated game. There will be moments when you’ll have to be aware of many things when playing, and that’s why easy-to-use decks are heavily appreciated in the community.



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This is the case with Lugia VSTAR, which is simple to use, easy to set up, and has incredible damage output that can deal with most of the most powerful decks of the metagame. This deck is heavily recommended for rookies, as it’ll introduce you to the basics of the TCG. Nonetheless, it has some perks you have to be aware of. Let’s check it out!

Updated October 23, 2023, by Jesús Cruz: Sadly, Lugia VSTAR started falling from its high spot in the meta since the Scarlet & Violet rotation. Losing cards like the Quick Ball seriously hurt it. Nonetheless, and thanks to Paldea Evolved, Lugia VSTAR has found himself with a superb friend, Snorlax. Archeops is still around, of course, but now the deck strays away from the Rapid Strike engine to start using those Colorless Energy Cards that are tearing the meta apart. Cards like Therapeutic Energy, Reversal Energy, and Gift Energy are a big boost for all of those Colorless Energy users, and Lugia VSTAR gives good usage to them.

Changes For Paldea Evolved

Pokemon TCG Nest Ball

Paldea Evolved seriously helped Lugia VSTAR to return to the spot it deserves. This deck gets rid of the Rapid Strike engine and starts using Colorless Energy cards to exploit Lugia’s damage.

It’s one of those decks that can be ready to attack in turn two. Snorlax is also in the deck, and this card, combined with Therapeutic Energy, deals a lot of damage in a matter of seconds.

Lugia VSTAR Deck List

Ultra Ball from the Pokemon TCG, with blurred background

Pokemon Cards

Lugia V SIT (x4)

Lugia VSTAR SIT (x3)

Luxray PAL (x1)

Snorlax LOR (x2)

Archeops SIT (x4)

Lumineon V BRS (x2)

Drapion V LOR (x1)

Wyrdeer ASR (x1)

Radiant Charizard CRZ (x1)

Trainer Cards

Boss’s Orders PAL (x3)

Iono PAL (x2)

Professor Burnet SIT (x1)

Professor’s Research SVI (x4)

Bravery Charm PAL (x2)

Capturing Aroma SIT (x4)

Nest Ball SVI (x2)

Ultra Ball SVI (x4)

Collapsed Stadium BRS (x2)

Mesagoza SVI (x2)

Energy Cards

Luminous Energy PAL (x1)

Jet Energy PAL (x3)

Therapeutic Energy PAL (x2)

Double Turbo Energy BRS (x4)

Gift Energy LOR (x2)

Reversal Energy PAL (x1)

V Guard Energy SIT (x2)

Lugia VSTAR Key Cards

Professor’s Research (Celebrations #024) Pokemon TCG Card

Let’s take a deep look at the protagonists of this deck.


Pokemon TCG Lugia VSTAR Card

The protagonist of this deck, Lugia VSTAR, isn’t the one in charge of dealing damage. Instead, Lugia and Archeops, which you’ll see later on, are in charge of being the engine of the deck. With these two cards, you’ll be more than able to suit all your attacking Pokemon in just a couple of turns.

What is most important about Lugia VSTAR is its ability, Summoning Star, which lets you draw two Colorless Pokemon that don’t have a Rule Box from the Discard Pile and put them in play.

Aside from Lugia’s ability, it can also attack with his move, Tempest Dive, which deals 220 damage and removes a stadium in play. You will only use this move in a hurry, as it’s hard to set up because you need four Colorless Energy cards to use it.

Let’s see why Archeops is so important for this deck.

All the Radiant Pokemon, Pokemon V, VSTAR, VMAX, and ex have Rule Boxes, so you can’t draw them from the Discard Pile to your hand.


Pokemon TCG Archeops Card

Without Archeops, Lugia VSTAR would be very hard to use. This Pokemon has an ability named Primal Turbo, which lets you draw and attach two Special Energy cards from your deck to one of your Pokemon.

That’s all this card will do; it has no other purpose.

Lugia V

Pokemon TCG Lugia V Card

To draw Archeops, you first need to send a card to the Discard Pile. There are plenty of ways to do that, but the quickest one is via Lugia V.

Lugia V has a move named Read the Wind, which lets you discard a card to draw three from your deck.


Pokemon TCG Snorlax Card

Let’s now talk about the attackers of this deck. The main one is Snorlax; this will be the one you’ll be using most of the time.

Snorlax has an ability named Unfazed Fat, which prevents Snorlax from receiving extra effects from the attacks of your opponent’s Pokemon.

Let’s say your opponent has a move that deals 30 damage and poisons your Pokemon. In this case, Snorlax will only receive 30 damage, but the poison won’t affect it.

On the other side, Snorlax has a move named Thumping Snore, which deals 180 damage but will put Snorlax to sleep.

Before your turn starts, you can flip two coins. If one of them is tails, Snorlax won’t wake up.

But don’t worry about this, as Snorlax will never fall asleep thanks to one of the new Energy Cards that you’ll have in this deck, the Therapeutic Energy.

Wyrdeer V

Pokemon TCG Wyrdeer V Card

Wyrdeer is in this deck to give the coup de grâce to your opponent. You won’t always use it, but you must not take it out of your deck, as it’s extremely useful.

Wyrdeer has an ability named Frontier Road. If you move this card to the Active Spot from the bench, you can move any Energy cards attached to the rest of your active Pokemon to Wyrdeer in any order you want.

It works well for his move, Psyshield Bash, which needs three Colorless Energy cards to work and deals 40 damage per each Energy card attached to Wyrdeer.

If the match is getting complicated, and your opponent hasn’t defeated your Snorlax cards yet, use this one to deal a lot of damage.

Drapion, Luxray & Radiant Charizard

Pokemon TCG: Radiant Charizard from Crown Zenith, with blurred background

These three cards work as coverage for the usual threats you’ll find in the meta of Pokemon TCG.

Drapion deals with Gardevoir and Mew ex, Luxray deals with Water-type decks, and Charizard deals with Grass-type decks.

Charizard and Luxray are simple to build, as you need a Luminous Energy to cover the Fire or Electric Energy Card you need to suit them (respectively), and the rest can be the Jet, Therapeutic, and V Guard Energy cards you have in your deck.

On the other side, Drapion is way easier to set as it only needs Colorless Energy cards to attack.

Lumineon V

Pokemon TCG Lumineon V Card

Thanks to Lumineon V, you’ll get access to Support Cards on every turn. This is because it has an ability named Luminous Sign, which lets you draw a Support Card whenever you send Lumineon from your hand to your bench.

Bravery Charm & Therapeutic Energy

Pokemon TCG Bravery Charm Card

These two items will suit Snorlax with all it needs to stomp through any match.

Bravery Charm gives Snorlax an extra 50 HP, while the Therapeutic Energy gives Snorlax immunity to being asleep, confused, or paralyzed.

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Pokemon TCG Professor Burnet

You might want to be first in the match, as you need to set up the Archeops and the Snorlax cards to attack.

The ideal hand has a Lugia V, a Lugia VSTAR, and a Professor Burnet to send the Archeops that might be in your deck to the Discard Pile. The Ultra Ball can do it as well.

Now that you have Lugia V on your Active Spot and more cards in your hand and on your bench, try to evolve Lugia V into Lugia VSTAR and then activate its VSTAR Power ability to draw Archeops from the Discard Pile to activate its ability, Primal Turbo.

After that, your next objective is to look for Snorlax. If you have a Jet Energy, you can send it to the Active Spot; that’s why this deck doesn’t have any object that lets you switch Pokemon.

The last step is to charge Snorlax via Archeops’s Primal Turbo. You need to suit it with a Therapeutic Energy and Gift Energy in case your hand is short after your turn.

If you want to attack with Drapion, Luxray, or Charizard, you’ll have to use cards like Great Ball, Ultra Ball, or Capturing Aroma to pull them from the deck.

Then, use Lugia V and Archeops the same way you would use them to supply a Lugia VSTAR to attack, but instead of looking for Colorless Energy cards, you should look for the Luminous Energy Card.

Lugia VSTAR Common Threats

Comfey - Galarian Gallery from the Crown Zenith Set

This deck can lack consistency, and it can have a bad time trying to ignite an engine to supply yourself with Supporter Cards.

The two Lumineon V cards are in the deck for a reason; they’ll help you get a support card in case you are stuck.

Thankfully, you won’t need the help of supporters as much as with other decks. It’s not perfect; if you don’t draw the cards you need in the first turn, you’ll suffer a lot, but other than that, the deck is easy to use, easy to set up, and easy to win with.

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