How To Beat The Walker Of Illusion In Lies Of P

The Walker of Illusions in Lies of P is a boss that many will struggle against in their first encounter. A strange creature with wild attacks and an aggressive style, you’d think that just its moves alone would make for a pleasing middle boss on your way back through Krat.



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But in true souls fashion, nothing is ever so simple. True to her name, the Walker of Illusions will flit between reality and conjured fictions. Dealing with more than one enemy in a boss fight is never simple in any soulslike, but if you pay attention and keep this guide close, you’ll trample over this boss and her illusions.

Walker Of Illusions: Attacks

Walker of Illusion prepares to strike P as he dashes to the right in Lies of P

Thankfully, the Walker of Illusions only has one moveset. The combos are a little tricky to nail down as some will abruptly end before their completion or – in rare cases – end with a Fury attack.

However, her chains are mostly consistent, if not extremely quick in execution.

P Perfect Guards The Walker Of Illusions with flaming greatsword in Lies of P

The best times to hit this boss are typically after the completion of a full chain. However, some chains might abruptly end and begin new ones.

After rigorous testing on two builds, we concluded that the safest chains to punish for this boss are:

  • Jumping Dagger
  • Dagger Combo
  • Rush Combo
  • Skewer Combo – with vigilance for single or combo

While you can punish the Swiping combo after Perfect Guarding the final Fury attack, it is too often followed up by another quick combo chain that can be devastating for slow builds.

Quick weapons and Technique builds can punish this safely if they dodge away after.

P holds block while confronted with Walker Of Illusions combo chain in Lies of P

For all of these attacks, you’ll want to constantly be dodging with the goal of staying to her back and left (your right) to take advantage of her short dagger range.

Heavy weapons with high guard rates can get away with lots of guarding through her combos. If you’re comfortable enough with Aegis, this can be compounded to be very effective. However, her back-to-back attacks leave little opening for heavy weapons when standing at her front.

If you get stuck in a combo chain, the best thing to do is hold block. When she stops her combo, dodge around her to get a few hits in and regain some of your health.

How To Defeat The Walker Of Illusions – Strategies

Walker of Illusions prepares to strike with knife as badly injured P backs away in Lies of P



Weak Against


Recommended P-Organ Upgrades

Link Dodge, Rising Dodge, Increase Belt Slots

Recommended Amulets

Patience Amulet, Carcass Butcher’s Amulet, Conquering Amulet, Dancing One’s Amulet, Ghost Walk Amulet, Iron Wall Amulet

Recommended Weapons

Puppet Ripper, Puppet String (Legion Arm), Blind Man’s Double-Sided Spear, Booster Glaive, Trident of the Covenant, and Holy Sword of the Arc (Extended)

The primary concern when fighting the Walker of Illusions is the sheer speed and aggressiveness of her attack style.

Builds with lower stamina or high-stamina costs that can’t keep up with attacks and constant dodging will struggle the most against her.

You can offset some of the stamina costs with a fully upgraded Puppet String Legion Arm, allowing you to close distance for openings quickly and combo chain.

Because she is also so short and lacks upward attacks, you can avoid some of her combo chains while in the air and land behind her.

P winds up attack to strike illusionary double of the Walker of Illusions with Puppet Ripper strong attack in Lies of P

The Walker’s greatest weaknesses are in her low static damage output (per attack) and her lack of ranged options.

Therefore, using thrown items and weapons with long range will excel the best against her – spears, the Puppet Ripper, extended Sword of the Arc, and the Uroboros in NG+.

Shot Puts and Thermite are the best items to throw against her. This is because:

  1. Thermite can build up the Overheat status for increased fire damage; bring your Fire Abrasives for added effect.
  2. Shot Puts can cause her to stagger.

You can defeat this boss entirely by using only items if you fill your belt slots with all throwable item types. Because of her low health at this point, thrown items can defeat her without you ever needing to enter combat with her formally.

Refill your items by visiting the Malum District Wandering Merchant at the Red Lobster.

P critical hits the Walker Of Illusions after staggering it in Lies of P

The Shot Puts are incredibly useful here because she can clear the staggered condition from her bar by using her Brain Pulse combo. Since you can’t get close to her while she’s using it, you can’t use a strong attack to trigger a critical hit opportunity.

Shot Puts will allow you to hit her during this wave, stop the clearing, and trigger a critical opportunity.

P locks onto the illusionary copy of the Walker of Illusions in Lies of P

Usually, you’ll find this boss preparing to stagger just as she summons her illusionary copy and then uses her Brain Pulse.

Her copy:

  • Appears twice – once at 50 percent and again at around 20 percent.
  • Has its own individual, small healthbar.
  • Attacks like the original boss while the real boss walks alone on the sidelines.

Sometimes, the original boss will decide to chirp in too. This is entirely random and typically appears as a Jumping Dagger. As such, never have the original boss out of sight.

P sprints and prepares to use strong Puppet Ripper whip attack on both Walker of Illusions and its double in Lies of P

There are two ways of dealing with the double:

  1. Ignore it entirely and throw items at the real boss. The Walker will never have two illusions on the field at once.
  2. Defeat the illusion quickly and refocus on the original boss.

This is entirely down to preference.

You may be uncomfortable with two enemies on the field at once, or you may see an opportunity in the real boss being mostly inactive for the rest of the fight.

If ever needed, you can take a break to think about your strategy, heal, or change your belt slots by taking the nearby ladder back down. The health bar of the boss does not reset until you rest at a Stargazer.

Motivity P slices illusion of the Walker of Illusions with Holy Greatsword in Lies of P

Your strategy, no matter which you choose for the illusion, should be to:

  • Pack your inventory with useful items.
  • Attack at the end of her combo chains.
  • Dodge forward (and constantly) to stay behind her where possible.
  • Stay away from the north side of the room with the random table, skewing the room’s circular nature.
  • Perfect Guard her Fury attacks; don’t try to sprint.
  • Guard if you’re caught in an attack combo.

Eventually, you’ll be able to silence the thoughts of the Walker of Illusions permanently.

Rewards For Defeating The Walker Of Illusions

P gains Legion Caliber and Dark moon Moonstone of the Covenant from Walker of Illusions fight in Lies of P

For all your troubles in defeating this crafty boss, you’ll receive a Legion Caliber and Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant. Depending on your troubles defeating her, it may feel like this isn’t a fantastic reward.

But don’t worry! There’s a whole second boss upcoming in your next ten minutes of gameplay if the Walker of Illusions wasn’t enough for you.

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