How To Beat The Sun Baked Desert Boss In Super Mario Wonder

Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s Sunbaked Desert might be a world filled with sweets and treats, but the boss waiting for you inside its towering palace is more sour than anything. Bowser Jr is back for his penultimate scrap with a handful of deadly wonder powers at his disposal. So here’s how to beat him without any trouble.



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The palace level you must navigate ahead of the boss battle is ripe with rotating flames and quicksand, with a few rolling spiky obstacles doing the rounds for good measure. You’ll need to have some swift reflexes to avoid losing valuable power-ups on your way to the arena, but the drill power-up that populates most of the stage isn’t all that useful against Bowser Jr.

How To Beat Bowser Jr In The Sunbaked Desert Palace

Sun Baked Desert Boss Fight Bowser Jr

Once you progress to the end of the level, sprint up the stairs and activate the checkpoint before heading through the main doors. A complimentary power-up will be waiting for you ahead of the boss room itself, where Bowser Jr is biding his time.

After a brief chat he will immediately fill the bottom half of the arena with water and begin spinning around, occasionally floating up to the surface in an attempt to damage you while swimming. Keep out of range until he returns to the bottom to catch his breath. This is your time to strike. Be careful with the momentum though, since floating casually to the bottom will not provide enough force to jump on his head like a normal jump would.

Now things get complicated. Bowser Jr will activate his powers after taking a hit, turning the once immobile body of water into a flurry of moving bubbles that populate the top half of the stage. You will need to hop between them, ensuring you are closing enough distance to both avoid being hit by Bowser Jr and avoid new bursts of fire now emerging from the floor. Boop him on the head a second time to activate the next stage.

Sun Baked Desert Boss Fight Bowser Jr

This time around things are reversed, with water occupying the top half of the stage as green flames begin to erupt from below. Stay in the top half, since even though the fires don’t stick around for long, they change direction and are perfect for catching you out.

After one more hit, the final stage will begin as the bubbles return alongside fluctuating water levels and the deadly flames. Repeat the dodging process, taking extra care with a faster moving Bowser Jr and more frequent flames, and you will soon emerge victorious.

After having a pout, grab your well-earned Royal Seed and move onto the next world, or the Bowser Lair depending on what order you happened to tackle things in.

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