How To Beat The Memory Rift Challenges In Silent Hope

Although you’ve definitely got your work cut out for you in making it through the progressively more challenging layers of the Abyss in Silent Hope, those looking for an additional trial along the way will find just that inside of Memory Rifts.



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These ominous purple portals throughout the Abyss lead you to incredibly tough challenges, all of which yield incredibly good rewards. Whether you need some help making it through Memory Rifts in Silent Hope or are just looking for a few pointers on this unique dungeon crawling twist, our guide to Memory Rifts has all the info you’ll need.

Memory Rifts Are Optional Challenges In The Abyss

a hero stepping into a memory rift in the abyss for the first time in silent hope

In Silent Hope, you’ll spend a good amount of time following your heroes through the Abyss, fighting your way toward progressing the story to find out what made the King silence his subjects.

But if you’d like an additional challenge as you go, check out the Memory Rifts that occasionally spawn on randomly chosen floors in each layer of the Abyss.

These blue, purple, and red rounded portals are often tucked off to the side on a dead-end path in your current layer of the Abyss, and the challenges within are completely voluntary – and for good reason.

The majority of the challenges you’ll face in the Memory Rifts in Silent Hope feature more monsters with more HP. The monsters you face in Memory Rifts are glowing red to let you know they’re not messing around.

Memory Rifts serve to add an extra challenge to your adventure through the Abyss, and to reward you for your bravery and perseverance, you’ll find better rewards and more runes within the Memory Rifts than in the normal levels of the Abyss.

The goal of Memory Rifts overall is to fight your way through to the portal on the opposite end of the level, with plenty of tough challengers in the way to stop you.

You cannot go back through the Memory Rift portal you entered through – you must venture through the level and locate the other portal to leave the Memory Rift.

the caster with two treasure chests and the return portal in a memory rift silent hope

Outside the additional challenge, Memory Rifts operate like normal layers of the Abyss, requiring you to battle your way through to collect the higher rewards promised at the end.

Near the exit portal, you’ll find two treasure chests. Though they can be any combination of regular or rarer chests, items in these chests are better than items found in the regular layer of the Abyss.

Whether they’re higher-ranking items, better weaponry, or any manner of accessories, be sure to hit the chests on your way out to grab your well-earned rewards!

On occasion, you may also find a Memory Rift that contains no monsters, only treasure chests throughout the level.

These are uncommon, and they appear as normal Memory Rift entrances within the Abyss, meaning the only way to stumble upon one of these treasure Rifts is to keep entering Memory Rifts.

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