How To Beat The Fluff-Puff Peaks Boss In Super Mario Wonder

Fluff Puff Peaks might be a whimsical world filled with blue and pink floating clouds in Super Mario Wonder, but that doesn’t mean a boss battle doesn’t await you at the end of its myriad levels.



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This is the second world however, so things are a little harder and a little trickier after making your way further into the Flower Kingdom. Here’s how to conquer Bowser Jr for the second time around in Nintendo’s quirky platformer.

How To Beat Bowser Jr In Fluff Puff Peaks

Super Mario Wonder Fluff Puff Peaks Boss Battle

The level leading up to Bowser Jr in Fluff Puff Peaks is filled with skeletal piranha plants that are capable of spewing fire, meaning you’ll need to perform some precise platforming if you want to avoid taking damage before the boss arena. Collecting the Wonder Flower will cover everything in shadow while imbuing your character with the power to shrink and grow at will. It might look cool, but this form is also treacherous so be sure to take advantage of your new skill to avoid incoming attacks and head towards the end of the stage.

After collecting the first Wonder Seed, run up the stairs to the boss room and grab a bonus power-up just outside Bowser Jr’s lair. I’d recommend the bubble costume for this particular fight, since it allows you to create temporary platforms and trap Bowser Jr within the biomes he will soon create. Unlike your first encounter with Bowser Jr, which takes place in a static battlefield as you both change sizes, this one is a smidge bigger with moving platforms that also come packaged with changing elemental properties.

Super Mario Wonder Fluff Puff Peaks Boss Battle

Platforms will move during the first stage of this fight, but aren’t harmful or slippery to walk on just yet, so try and keep the high ground, so Bowser Jr remains trapped below and can’t hit you. Once he pops out of his shell, jump on his head and wait until he activates his new powers. After the boss arena will become covered in ice, making surfaces more slippery to walk and jump on. This affects Bowser Jr too, so stay out of his way until he’s ready to be hit.

The next environmental effect is gooey and moist and some sort of gold magma infects the stage. You’ll sink into it if you don’t keep moving around, while Bowser Jr can sink down to the bottom of the level and emerge to surprise you. He’ll also fire off his Wonder mask as a projectile. Avoid that with a timely jump and boop him with another well-timed attack.

Next up is the final stage, where Bowser Jr will constantly jump between both of the past effects while glowing red and moving much faster. It’s easy enough to take him out though, just bide your time and deliver one final blow. To finish up the stage, simply listen to what he’s got to say and grab the Royal Seed. Then you’re onto World 3!

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