How To Beat The Deep Magma Bog Boss In Super Mario Wonder

Super Mario Wonder’s sixth world is all about the hot steamy stuff as you descend deep into a lava-filled labyrinth in search of Bowser Jr. This will be your fourth encounter with the Koopa Kid, and also the most challenging so far. Here’s how to teach him a lesson.



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The palace itself is a difficult one, ripe with deadly lava pools and rotating ring-like obstacles you’ll need to balance on in order to reach the boss arena. Be cautious and make your way through the level, using the ample jugs of water dotted about the place to dispatch the living fireballs hanging from the ceiling. Their projectiles aren’t the easiest to dodge, so it’s best to take care of the source instead of constantly hopping around them.

How To Beat Bowser Jr In The Deep Magma Bog Palace

Deep Magma Palace Bowser Jr Boss Fight

Once you reach the staircase found in every other palace in the game, dash your way up the stairs and collect the power-up located just ahead of Bowser Jr’s boss room. Head through a tunnel situated just ahead of you, and you’ll find the little tike standing aside a selection of tall platforms. They might look normal, but that won’t be the case for very long.

As the fight starts, jump onto a platform on either the far right or left and wait for Bowser Jr to do his usual spin attacks before leaping onto the middle platform. Once he emerges from his shell, jump onto his head to deal your first bit of damage. Now get ready for him to unleash a slew of wonder powers that will cover the room in pitch darkness and give the platforms that surround you both glowing eyes and legs that move when you step on them.

While this new look may look daunting, keep your wits about you and you’ll be fine. Bowser Jr will unleash another spin attack before coming to a stop and summoning a pair of piranha plants from the sky. This will make landing a hit quite tricky, but focus on his shadow and hit him at the perfect moment. His cronies will vanish after he takes damage, so they’re more of a temporary obstacle than something you need to worry about for long.

Deep Magma Palace Bowser Jr Boss Fight

The third stage will bring back the light and rid of the lava, but exchanges this threat for a trio of Bowser Jr enemies to contend with. Avoid all of them until the brighter one comes to a stop in his tracks, then deliver a hit and prepare for the final part of the boss battle.

Bowser Jr will now combine all of his tricks together as the stage is once again covered in darkness, populated with moving platforms, and he gives you more baddies to deal with. Do your best to keep an eye on both the shadows of Bowser Jr and the sparks they tend to leave behind while shredding their shells on the ground. This way you can track down the true version of him and prepare for one final strike after he pops from his shell.

After emerging victorious, grab your well-earned Royal Seed and head onto the next world.

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