How To Beat Red Dead Eye In Endless Dungeon

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Endless Dungeon is a very challenging game. You’re dealing with resource management, tower defence, and endless waves of enemies that want to ruin your day. As if this wasn’t enough, you’ll also have to face off against some peculiar boss fights along the way to the Core and your eventual final goal.



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Red Dead Eye is one such boss, fought on the second level down in the ship. They’re a sophisticated AI with a mean streak – if you’ve seen 2001: A Space Odyssey, you’ll know roughly what you’re dealing with. This guide will tell you everything you need to know to take down this rogue Bot.

How To Reach Red Dead Eye

Red Dead Eye's introductory cutscene nameplate in Endless Dungeon

Like the other bosses in Endless Dungeon, Red Dead Eye is a boss fought on Level 2. Specifically, you’ll need to head to the Security Vault floor, which you’ll need to unlock by collecting keys.

The first half of the Security Vault plays out like a regular floor – you must find the door to the next area while fighting off waves of enemies. When you get to the second half of the floor, though, things are different.

The beginning of this area is linear, with only a few doors to open before you’re treated to a cutscene in which you’re introduced to Red Dead Eye. Then, the fight begins with Red Dead Eye having four full health bars to whittle down.

While you won’t be attacking this boss directly, you will be fighting off waves of Bot enemies. For this reason, it’s a good idea to search for electric weapons and research at least one type of electric turret in the preceding floors and areas.

The video below details the fight from start to finish, showing what you should expect to be dealing with.

First Phase

Purple Puddle attack in Endless Dungeon

The fight begins with Red Dead Eye taunting you, but there are no enemies to deal with.

Instead you’ll be attacked frequently by Red Dead Eye, who will summon pools of purple energy in random locations around you. These will explode after a few seconds, so be sure to move out of the puddles when they appear.

Attacking Red Dead Eye's first health bar in Endless Dungeon

To deal with the first phase, order your Crystal Bot into the slot in the middle of this room. It will start damaging the boss once it’s settled in. Keep avoiding the puddles and you’ll move on to the next phase.

Second Phase

Attacking Red Dead Eye's second health bar in Endless Dungeon

After dealing with Red Dead Eye’s first health bar, the four doors in the boss room will unlock. The challenge here is to find another slot that has been infected with Red Dead Eye and then send your Crystal Bot to it, where it will repeat what it did in the first slot.

You are likely to encounter multiple enemy spawners as you search for the second slot. When you encounter them, note their locations and place turrets/characters along the route towards both the centre of the boss room and along the route that the Crystal Bot will eventually take towards the second slot. This will give you the greatest chance of a smooth run.

When you find the second slot, send the Crystal Bot towards it.

Pulsating energy attack in Endless Dungeon

During this second attack phase, Red Dead Eye will alternate between using the same standard puddles they used to attack you in the first phase and new, convulsing puddles. These will appear quickly, track your location for a short while, and then explode. They take less time to explode than the regular puddles, so be ready to move at any moment.

Once you’ve escorted the Crystal Bot to the second slot and it’s depleted the second health bar, you’ll enter the third phase of the fight.

Third Phase

A Blackout while fighting Red Dead Eye in Endless Dungeon

As before, you’ll need to explore this area further to find a third slot to plug your Crystal Bot into. This will be made more complicated by two things:

  • The third slot will be hidden behind a locked door, so you’ll need to find the unlock terminal and activate it first.
  • You will likely experience a Blackout as you explore.

When you find a Reset Terminal (the large terminals that grant you a bunch of science when you interact with them), station an ally near it. That way, when you get a Blackout, you can quickly switch to that ally and unlock the terminal.

This is simply an extended version of what you went through in the previous phase, likely with extra enemy spawners to deal with. Prepare before sending the Crystal Bot to the third slot by placing turrets down in appropriate locations.

Red Dead Eye gets a third and final attack in this phase. They will summon a very large, slowly tracking purple orb that follows you for a while and grows in size. Just before it’s about to explode and deal massive damage to its target, it will slow down enough for you to get out of the explosion radius.

If this targets an AI-controlled character, you’re probably safe, as they are good at avoiding the attack. Consider switching to a different character if the puddle targets you.

Fourth Phase

Avoiding Red Dead Eye's final attack in Endless Dungeon

Once you’ve depleted three health bars, the final phase begins. You won’t find any new slots in this phase – your target is actually the very first slot you sent your Crystal Bot to in the central room.

The challenge here is that you’ll likely be fending off enemy waves from all four branches of the boss room as you return your Crystal Bot to the first slot and deplete the final health bar. Make sure your turrets are well-placed and your’re stocked up on health and medkits before triggering Red Dead Eye’s attack phase.

You’ll be dealing with all three of Red Dead Eye’s attacks while fending off these enemies, and it can be quite hectic. Keep an eye on your health and don’t be afraid to place more turrets down along routes that are getting attacked by lots of enemies at once.

Once the Crystal Bot depletes the final health bar, the fight is over. Pick up your rewards and progress to the third level.

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