How To Beat Fuoco In Lies Of P

Once you finally clear out Venigni Works, you will be greeted by Kings Flame Fuoco. There is no other boss in Lies Of P that forces you to use your surroundings as much as Fuoco. The stage is lined with columns, and each one will act as a lifeline of sorts. However, as the fight wears on, you will have fewer and fewer of them to protect you.



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We’ll show you how to manage all of Fuoco’s fiery attacks. We’ll tell you when to fight, when to run, and how to best preserve those vital columns. With our help, you’ll be the one Melting Fuoco’s health bar!

Kings Flame Fuoco’s Attacks

Lies Of P, Kings Flame Fuoco, Fuoco's spinning attack

Fuoco’s standard melee attacks consist of giant, spinning strikes. He will often perform three of these in quick succession. Thankfully, the timing is consistent, and you should be able to Perfect Guard them without too much trouble. Remember, you can always start by guarding early, holding the guard, and then tighten your timing on the next rotation.

Definitely aim for the Perfect Guard when it comes to Fuoco’s spin attack. Perfect Guarding it will make for easy staggers.

Lies Of P, Kings Flame Fuoco, Fuoco's Flaming Floor Attack

One of Fuoco’s attacks will see him bend over, and start emptying out the molten contents of his belly onto the floor. After a few seconds, a large section of the floor will become engulfed in flames. This attack is unblockable, but you will have plenty of time to run to the opposite end of the arena.

Notably, this is also an opportunity to use those columns to shield you from the creeping flames.

Lies Of P, Kings Flame Fuoco, Fuoco's Projectile

That gun hand Fuoco is rocking is for more than just show, they will start firing off rounds at around the halfway point. This is when those columns come in handy, as they will block his fiery bullets.

If you are up close when Fuoco fires these bullets, they will often miss.

Fuoco will also fire out giant gobs of oil that he will ignite with those enflamed projectiles. Naturally, you’re going to want to avoid those.

Furious Attack

Lies Of P, Kings Flame Fuoco, Fuoco charging up their punch attack

When Fuoco starts spinning their wrist, they are about to perform a lunging attack that will take them clear across the stage. When they start with that wrist twisting, sprint away and off to the side. This will cause Fuoco to miss you entirely.

Fuoco also has a giant, fist slam attack. He will stumble towards you, while dragging his hammer fist on the ground, before slamming it down on your head. This is another fairly easy-to-time Perfect Guard opportunity, but you can also just sprint around Fuoco and they will miss.

Lies Of P, Kings Flame Fuoco, Fuoco's fist slam attack

Sometimes, instead of using the slam attack out of the stumble, Fuoco will give you a shockingly swift kick. You will likely be hit by this. But it doesn’t do much damage, so, we wouldn’t really stress out over it.

Kings Flame Fuoco Strategy

Lies Of P, Kings Flame Fuoco, Fuoco's spinning attack alternate

So, the key to beating Fuoco is going to be to stay mobile and try to preserve the columns. Fuoco can be outrun easily, and you will be able to dodge most of his attacks. Even most of his Furious attacks are easily side-stepped and strafed around. His toughest attacks are all easy enough to defeat if you have a column nearby. However, Fuoco can destroy these easily, so you will want to deliberately lead him away from them.

In order to keep the columns intact you should…

  • Try to engage him in the center of the arena.
  • When he is preparing his charging, attack lead him away from the columns.
  • Only duck behind the columns when he is firing his cannon or lighting the floor on fire.

Lies Of P, Kings Flame Fuoco, Fuoco slaming through a pipe

Fuoco has a spinning attack, as well as attack horizontal slamming attacks. You can strafe your way around these moves, but they are all pretty easy to time, making them perfect for a Perfect Guard. However, that doesn’t mean that Fuoco isn’t dangerous. As predictable as these attacks may be, they hit extraordinarily hard. So, one misstep can lead to doom in the blink of an eye.

Lies Of P, Kings Flame Fuoco, Using the pipe to block the fire

When Fuoco bends over, dumping their molten core onto the floor, you need to sprint away. Get as far away as you can! You will have time to land some big hits, so if you are close to staggering Fuoco, you will likely be able to land two fully charged heavy attacks (though that will depend on your weapon), but you better be pretty confident that he is on the verge of being stunned. Otherwise, land one charged attack and then run away. The columns will also protect you from the encroaching flames.

When Fuoco starts firing their cannon, get being one of those pillars. Not only will this protect you from their attacks, but it is also the ideal time to heal up and sharpen your weapon.

Lies Of P, Kings Flame Fuoco, Stabbing Fuoco

Throughout this fight, Fuoco will be left vulnerable. This is especially true after the tin titan performs their spinning attack sequence, or slams their hammer-fist down on the ground. Just don’t overextend yourself, you can land a charged heavy, or a quick attack combo, but don’t do much more than that. Maintain pressure, and Fuoco will eventually fall.

Rewards For Slaying Kings Flame Fuoco

Lies Of P, Kings Flame Fuoco zoom in on the belly

As a reward, you will get the High-powered Flame Amplifier, King’s Flame Ergo, and the Flame Grindstone. Take the High-powered Flame Amplifier back to Eugenie and you will be rewarded with the Flamberge Legion Arm. As for the King’s Flame Ergo, trade that to Alidoro.

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