How To Beat Every Boss In The Egg Fortress Stage In Sonic Superstars

It’s time for the final showdown of Sonic Superstars. And, of course, this battle will be between you and Doctor Robotnik, the man you’ve disgraced repeatedly throughout your entire journey. However, this time is a bit different as he means serious business, providing the most challenging encounter of the game by a mile.



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If you thought just getting through the Egg Fortress Stage was a step up in difficulty compared to other stages, Robotnik is here to confirm those suspicions and make matters so much worse for you. This encounter is long-winded, grueling, and unforgiving, making it the perfect way to close the book on your adventure!

Sonic Superstars: How To Beat Robotnik In Egg Fortress

As outlined above, the final showdown against Doctor Robotnik is unquestionably the most challenging boss encounter in Sonic Superstars, making it a fitting endcap for the Egg Fortress Stage.

Despite only having two phases, each one is extraordinarily time-consuming and will put your skills to the test. And, to make matters worse, falling in the second phase will reset you before the fight even begins, meaning you must overcome the first one again.

Phase One: Blue Missiles

As soon as this encounter starts, Robotnik will launch a barrage of missiles from behind his head high into the air, having them crash into the ground with an explosion. There will be several Red Missiles and two Blue Missiles. The Blue ones will be your focus.

However, before focusing on the Blue Missiles, run forward until you reach the backside of Robotnik’s mech and wait for the next volley of Missiles. When he launches them, position yourself underneath one of the Blue ones and jump toward it, knocking it back at Robotnik for your first hit on him!

Phase One: Red Wall


After scoring your first hit, Robotnik will put up a series of Red Walls around himself that will shoot forward after a brief moment. There will be a sizable gap between a few of the Red Walls. Position yourself in front of the opening and wait for the Walls to push forward to resolve this mechanic!

Phase One: Blue Missiles, Part Two

Upon clearing the Red Wall section, Robotnik will launch another series of Missiles, which will be handled the same way as before. It’s crucial to note that every other attack will be another Missile portion.

This means that, after completing another mechanic, you can run forward until you reach his backside to set yourself up for the Blue Missile. He will almost always begin shooting them as you’re running, but you will likely reach his backside just in time to jump into a Blue Missile and knock it back into him!

Phase One: Upheaval & Lightning Orbs

Once you knock another Blue Missile back at Robotnik, he will reposition himself and raise one of his arms. This is crucial to understand, as which arm he raises determines where you must begin running.

If Robotnik raises his right arm, begin running to the left. If his left arm gets raised, head to the right. Don’t stop once you start running in the correct direction, as the ground will fall behind you via his slam.

Another wrinkle of this mechanic is he will launch a flurry of Lightning Orbs at you, forcing you to jump and run between them. This is easily the most challenging mechanic of the bunch, as getting hit by a Lightning Orb can knock you into the pit, instantly killing you.

Our tip for this one is to attempt getting far enough ahead where you can temporarily halt your movement and read where the Orbs are to try dodging them. However, stopping too long can spell your end, so don’t make it a habit!

Phase One: Blue Missiles, Part Three

From there is another Missile section. Since you’re running full-speed ahead in the previous section, if you remain doing that straight into this attack, you can end up behind Robotnik fast enough to catch the first volley of Missiles, enabling you to hit the Blue Missile back at him instantly!

Phase One: A Hole In The Red Wall


Following that is yet another Red Wall section. However, this time, the only safe spot is a hole in the center of it, raised just enough from the ground that you must time a jump to avoid taking damage.

To do this, position yourself in front of the hole and jump when you see the Red Wall quickly flash bright orange. Jumping a moment sooner or later will have you take damage, so you may have to work on your timing if you keep getting hit!

Phase One: Blue Missiles, Part Four

After that is, you know it, another Blue Missile section. Just begin running in any direction after the Red Wall portion and keep in that direction until you reach Robotnik’s backside. If you’re fast enough, you can catch the first volley. If not, then just wait for the next one and hit that Blue Missile back!

Phase One: Enhanced Upheaval & Lightning Orbs

From here, we have another Upheaval attack from Robotnik, except this time it’s an Enhanced version of it, but it doesn’t change too much in theory. However, this time, he won’t raise one of his arms. Instead, he will jump high into the air before slamming downward.

This means he will launch the ground you’re standing on high into the air, having the ground fall behind you no matter which direction you choose to run. So, when it’s time for this version of this mechanic, just pick a direction, start running, and don’t stop.

As you’re hoofing it, you will temporarily be flung in the air along with the ground you’re on, enabling you to jump from the highest point to get pretty far in front of the collapsing floor. Once you land, continue running forward and evade the Lightning Orbs just like last time!

Phase One: Blue Missiles, Part Five

And, after you complete that, just continue running forward at max speed to meet up with another Blue Missile to knock back into Robotnik.

However, if you miss the Blue Missile in later portions of this phase two times, they will loop back into the Red Wall (Hole) and Enhanced Upheaval sections, so try hitting them ASAP!

Phase One: A Hole In The Red Wall, Part Two


Scoring another successful Blue Missile hit on Robotnik will cause him to launch into another Red Wall section. This is similar to the one before, except the hole is placed much higher up on the Red Wall. When the Wall flashes orange, jump to evade getting hit by it!

Phase One: Blue Missiles, Part Six

The moment you clear the Red Wall portion, pick a direction and begin running. Once you reach the backside of Robotnik, snuff out the Blue Missile and hit it back at him to finish the first phase!

Again, we cannot emphasize how crucial it is to try and get the Blue Missile from the first volley of Missiles enough, as missing the second volley will have him cancel out of this attack and into one of the previous two, which can put you in an endless loop if you keep missing them!

Phase Two: The Chasedown


And that’s phase one complete… and if you’re hoping the second phase is any shorter, we have some unfortunate news for you. After rewinding time yet again, Robotnik and his mech are at full health once more, so let’s get into how to defeat them for real this time!

Phase Two: Overhead Slam

Phase two opens with Robotnik performing two quick slashes with his spiked hand before unleashing a charged Overhead Slam, destroying a vast area in front of himself.

For this portion, just keep running forward and don’t stop until after he performs the Overhead Slam. After he does this, his head will be exposed, allowing you to jump onto it to deal damage!

Phase Two: Lightning Orbs


Following that, Robotnik will unleash a barrage of Lightning Orbs while activating a Gravitational Device, causing you to float through the air. You still have control here, so just hide behind the elevated floor in the middle of the room.

The Lightning Orbs break when they hit the floor, so you will be safe from any damage by simply holding down behind the elevated floor!

Phase Two: Lightning Beams

Next is one of the most annoying aspects of this encounter: Robotnik’s Lightning Beams. The good news, however, is they will always be fired in the same pattern, so here’s your cheat sheet!

  • First Beam: Middle
  • Second Beam: Bottom
  • Third Beam: Middle
  • Fourth Beam: Top & Bottom

For the bottom Lightning Beams, you must time your jump near perfectly to avoid getting hit. The middle ones just require you to drop to the floor beneath it, and the top ones only come into play if you’re jumping off one of the elevated platforms, so avoid those when you know it’s coming up!

Phase Two: Overhead Slam, Part Two

From here, Robotnik will launch into another Overhead Slam combo, performing two slashes first before charging up a devastating attack that wipes a good chunk of the stage out in front of himself. Again, just keep running forward until he performs the Overhead Slam, then run toward him and jump onto his head to deal damage!

Phase Two: Lightning Orbs, Part Two


Next is another Lightning Orb section. This time, however, you won’t have any cover to hide behind, making you have to float through the air strategically. We found the easiest way around this mechanic was to stay near the bottom right corner, as that’s where the least of the Orbs were!

Phase Two: Lightning Beams, Part Two

Following that is another Lightning Beams section (joy). Again, like the previous one, the pattern will always be the same, except there are a whopping eight Lightning Beams this time around, so be prepared to dodge!

  • First Beam: Middle
  • Second Beam: Bottom
  • Third Beam: Bottom
  • Fourth Beam: Middle
  • Fifth Beam: Top & Bottom
  • Sixth Beam: Top & Bottom
  • Seventh Beam: Middle
  • Eighth Beam: Top & Bottom

Phase Two: Overhead Slam, Part Three

After the Lightning Beams section, we will have yet another Overhead Slam section. This is resolved the same way as all the others. Maintain running forward until he performs the charged Overhead Slam, then jump onto his head when it’s exposed for damage!

Phase Two: Lightning Orbs, Part Three


Next up is another Lightning Orb section, which is handled roughly the same way as the last one. There is no real high cover here, so just chill in the bottom right corner and evade the Orbs that approach you. This is where the least amount will accrue, so take advantage of it!

Phase Three, Lightning Beams, Part Three

And following the Lightning Orbs is, of course, the Lightning Beams section. This is the exact same as the previous one, with the same pattern and everything. So, be prepared to evade another eight Lightning Beams! (-_-)

  • First Beam: Middle
  • Second Beam: Bottom
  • Third Beam: Bottom
  • Fourth Beam: Middle
  • Fifth Beam: Top & Bottom
  • Sixth Beam: Top & Bottom
  • Seventh Beam: Middle
  • Eighth Beam: Top & Bottom

Phase Three: Overhead Slam, Part Four

You all know what’s next, another round of Robotnik’s Overhead Slam, which you will resolve precisely as you did the previous three times. Keep running forward until he performs his charged Overhead Slam, then jump on his head to damage him!

Phase Three: Avatar Chaos Emerald Ability

Instantly after you damage him from the previous Overhead Slam portion, activate your Avatar Chaos Emerald Ability to call forth your Clones, having them provide the final few hits to take him down. Not only does this bypass another cycle or two of the dreaded Lasers, but it will just end the fight here. Good riddance, Robotnik!

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