How To Beat Bunker Spiders In Lethal Company

One of the main attractions of playing Lethal Company is finding various enemies, each having a unique method of countering. Some high-tier enemies are locked behind the maps that you have to pay money for, but a generic enemy like the Bunker Spider can be found from the very start of your run.




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These enemies are usually seen in the tunnel network on the normal map, but you can find them anywhere in the mansion. If you have a Bunker Spider spawn and aren’t careful of where you step, you can easily find yourself stuck in a lethal situation.

Lethal Company is currently in Early Access, and all the contents of this article are subject to change.

How To Counter Bunker Spiders

If a Bunker Spider spawns during your run in Lethal Company, it’ll be hard to miss since it leaves behind a trail of Spiderweb wherever it goes. This enemy is usually non-aggressive until you either touch its web or hit them with a shovel to remove them. If you do either of these when the spider is nearby, it’ll start following you at a decent speed.

You might even find the Bunker Spider staring at you and not doing anything at times if you don’t step on its web.

Keep in mind that if you step on a spiderweb, it’ll slow you down quite drastically. Moreover, if the Bunker Spider manages to attack you, it deals quite a lot of damage and can easily kill you in two shots. Thankfully, the enemy is quite slow and you can easily avoid it by just running far away if you don’t have a weapon.

If you do have a shovel or a sign, however, it’s best to kill the spider right there. To do that, keep stepping backward while keeping just enough distance from the spider so that you can still hit it. It takes about five shovel hits to be defeated, but you have to watch your step and not run into a wall or another enemy.

You can easily defeat a spider if you have a jump in the way since it usually can’t cross the jump.

Another thing to remember about the Bunker Spiders is that you can turn the Arachnophobia Mode on in the settings to replace the spider’s body with just the word “SPIDER”. Once defeated, you can simply use the shovel to get rid of all its web and clear the path.


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