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  • Every Level Of The Appliance Wiz Aspiration

When there’s new content for The Sims 4, there’s likely to be a new aspiration that comes with it, and the Home Chef Hustle stuff pack was no exception. Focused on helping your Sims get their cooking on, the pack came with a couple aspirations centered on your chef exploits.



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For the Appliance Wiz aspiration, your Sim will need to become something of a master of making prepped ingredients and cooking with them to produce quality goods. And once you’ve finished the Appliance Wiz aspiration in The Sims 4: Home Chef Hustle, you’ll be making more food than ever before.

Every Level Of The Appliance Wiz Aspiration

The Sims 4 home chef hustle a group of sims in a alrge kitchen, some eating and some cooking all laughing together

It’ll come as no surprise that you’ll be using your ChowBella Stand Mixer fairly often for this Sims 4 aspiration, as plenty of your goals require prepped ingredients of various kinds and qualities.

And though you don’t actually need to be running a Food Stall to use the appliances, it does give you a consistent place to sell your resulting goods.

You may also want to begin gaining at least a little experience with the Gardening and Handiness skills as well, as you’ll need to call on them a bit at the later stages of the Appliance Wiz aspiration.

Appliance Wiz Aspiration Walkthrough




Chop Chopper

Own a small kitchen appliance.

Whether it’s the stand mixer, pizza oven, or waffle maker, purchase one of these counter appliances to complete this goal.

Collect prepped ingredients five times while Inspired.

After your Sim has become Inspired, prepare ingredients five times. The moodlet lasts for a bit, so you should have plenty of prep time.

Slicer and Dicer

Experience sped-up cooking five times.

By using prepped ingredients in your cooking, your meals will finish faster than normal. Do this five times to complete this goal.

Collect three prepped ingredients made using fresh ingredients.

Completing this goal will require a bit of background work. Hone your green thumb and grow some crops at home, then use them to prepare ingredients three times.

Flavor Fusionist

Collect one excellent-quality prepped ingredient.

This goal is best completed by using high-quality ingredients to make your prepped ingredients.

Cook five times while listening to music.

You can buy an inexpensive radio for your kitchen, and you’ll need to make five meals while the music is playing.

Cook meals using six unique prepped ingredients.

You’ve got eight total prepped ingredients, so you’ve got some wiggle room if you’re not making a certain type of food, but you’ll need to make at least six prepped ingredients, and then use them in dishes.

Mixing Maestro

Make Pleasantly-Unpleasant Waffles

This is one of the tougher waffle recipes to create, as you’ll need a Trash Fruit in your Sim’s inventory to complete it.

Make a prepped ingredient using a stand mixer with at least one upgrade.

Your Handiness skill comes into play here – upgrade your ChowBella Stand Mixer with at least one of its available upgrades, and then use it to prepare any ingredient.

The Sims 4 HCH Sim taking a pizza from the oven in a HCH decorated kitchen

It helps to have the Creative trait for this aspiration, as it leads you to being Inspired more often, which is always helpful for creativity-based skill-building!

Though you’ll already have learned how beneficial it is to cook with prepped ingredients, after your Sim has completed the Appliance Wiz aspiration, they will cook twice as much food when using prepped ingredients to make a dish. Not only that, but they’ll work much faster, too.

By using those small appliances you’ve now mastered, your Entrepreneurial Sim will have twice as much inventory, leading you to twice as many sales.

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