Guy Sebastian reveals secret split with Jules during Sunrise interview

Guy Sebastian has opened up about his secret split from longtime partner, Jules, admitting she’d dumped him ahead of his Australian Idol win.

The pair are both originally from Adelaide and began dating when they were just 18, years before Guy appeared on the inaugural season of the reality show in 2003.

Appearing on Seven’s Sunrise on Wednesday to promote his new single, I Chose Good, which is dedicated to Jules, The Voice judge, 41, explained that his then-girlfriend “broke up” with him when he was 21 and “broke [his] heart.”

“I didn’t think we would get back together,” Guy told hosts Natalie Barr and Matt Shirvington.

“She broke up with me, and then Idol happened and I moved to Sydney and I didn’t think we’d get back together, I wasn’t sure.

“But you live a little bit of life then you realise, ‘Oh, my gosh, I had so much history, she always loved me for me.’

“She’s always been the same.”

Guy also revealed that his wife had never dated another man, joking: “That’s always a positive, when she hasn’t got some other beautiful Latin lover or something to compare me to … or a Matt Shirvington.”

Guy and Jules tied the knot in 2008 and now share two sons: Hudson, 11, and Archer, nine.

“She’s very loving, very smart and emotionally intelligent,” he gushed on Sunrise.

“I might blow up over something and it’s always Jules who is my calming force that will help me see things a bit more clearly. And me, her as well. I think we balance each other out well. I love her more now than ever, so it’s amazing.”

In 2018, Guy shared intimate details of his relationship in a candid chat on the Kyle and Jackie O Show, revealing he’d once tried to convince Jules to engage in role play.

“We were talking about doing a scenario like they did on Modern Family, where we just meet each other at a bar and I’m not Guy Sebastian – I’m just some bloke and we just sort of get into character,” he said.

Unfortunately, Jules wasn’t keen on the idea at all.

“There’s never any time for anything that’s remotely kinky, and even when I try to send some kinky stuff, it always gets shut down,” he said.

“I mean, what I was asking before was absolutely filthy though, and it does sound painful when I think about it.”

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