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  • Use Seals To Permanently Unlock Floors

Like plenty of the other classic farming sims, Fae Farm features a pretty extensive dungeon system. In addition to the farming and flirting you’re doing in Azoria, you’ll also be headed to the mines to fight enemies and find resources for your construction projects. Pack up some food and clear out your backpack, because you’re headed home with loot.



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In this guide, we break down everything you’ll need to know before you head into the dungeons in Fae Farm. From combat tutorials to help using Pedestals to get around, we’ll help you prepare to tackle the dungeons in Fae Farm.

Updated on September 23, 2023: With more combat experience under our belt and more guides in our Fae Farm coverage, we’re updating some of our launch day guides with additional info and more hyperlinks to other helpful content.

Dungeons Overview

saltwater mine fae farm

It’s not surprising to see a mining aspect of a farming sim, and in Fae Farm, you’ll need to reach the bottom of three dungeons before the end of the game.

The dungeons are each located in different regions of the world, with time and story progression between each. They are:

Inside each dungeon, you’ll find a wide variety of different floor layouts, all littered with assorted amounts of stones, coal, ores, resources, and more.

Each mine has its own unique mining resources and enemies within, so be sure you’re thoroughly exploring each level of the dungeons to fill out your Almanac and collect everything there is!

In order to unlock the next floor of the dungeon, you’ll need to break rocks and ores, and the item you’ll need in each dungeon is different.

  • Saltwater Mines has yellow switches on the floor beneath rocks and ores that you’ll need to step on to advance.
  • Floating Ruins has glowing pink orbs either within ores or simply out and about on the level, and you’ll need to find two orbs and bring them to the door at the end.
  • Scorched Caverns has glowing blue orbs that you’ll need to transport to a marked deposit spot within a time limit, periodically touching flames to keep yours lit.

a farmer mining copper in saltwater mine fae farm

With so much energy consumption ahead, you’ll all but need to bring several meals to recover your green energy bar throughout mining expeditions.

Simply go around smashing rocks and ores until you find the item you need to progress. You’ll get a pop-up when you’ve stepped on the switch that says the door is open.

The door to the next floor will always be on the northernmost wall of the current floor, with the exit always on the southernmost wall.

Leaving through the door to go back on any floor will warp you back outside the dungeon. If you need to go back to a floor, you’ll need to use the Pedestals as you unlock them.

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Combat Overview

a farmer fighting a cannot in saltwater mine

With fluid animations for their adorably charming enemies, Fae Farm’s combat system is fairly simple to master.

Unsurprisingly, enemies – known as Jumbles, taking the shape of discarded items – increase not only in number, but they increase in difficulty the further in a dungeon you go. They can be found on set floors, and will not spawn outside them.

You’ll notice that every enemy has a unique attack pattern. This means you need to familiarize yourself with each enemy’s pattern in order to combat it.

Check our individual dungeon guides for a more detailed overview of which enemies can be found where, and what their attack patterns look like.

Your introduction to combat comes from Alaric, who gives you your Magic Staff to help you clear the thorns around Azoria. After finishing the quest, you’ll have your first weapon, allowing you to swing when enemies are in range to hit them with a melee attack.

cannot attacking a farmer in saltwater mine fae farm

As you progress through Fae Farm, you’ll also unlock several new spells, which you can select from to deal different kinds of magical damage in addition to physical.

You can also access temporary spells from Vera’s Shop, which can be found to the right of the Central Town.

Check out our complete guide to potions and magic for more specific info.

Use Seals To Permanently Unlock Floors

activating the first pedestal in saltwater mine fae farm

As soon as you arrive at a new floor, you’ll notice the large metal pedestal in the ground when you walk onto a new floor. These are Pedestals, and they can be unlocked with Seals made from the various ores you collect.

Seals in dungeons will always use ore you can find within said dungeon. They’re not the only way to progress, so venture forward with the switches and collect some resources until you can make some Seals!

You’ll need a Seal Maker, one of the machines you can make and place back home. Simply fill it with ore and gems of the appropriate types, and in a few short moments, you’ll have a pressed seal.

There are three types of Seal for each material:

  • Regular Seals use only the material required in the name (Copper, Iron, etc.), with each dungeon requiring two different base materials
  • Hammered Seals use the material required, as well as the first or third gemstone from the current dungeon.
  • Engraved Seals use the material required, as well as the second or fourth gemstone from the current dungeon.

seal crafting station menu fae farm

Check each Pedestal upon arrival to know which kinds of seals to have prepared. The type of seal will change roughly every five floors you advance through the dungeon.

Once you’ve used a Seal in a Pedestal, you’ll then be able to teleport directly to a different floor you’ve unlocked by simply interacting with a Pedestal at the beginning of any floor.

When using a Pedestal to warp, you’ll also see a detailed look at what’s available on each floor, as well as how likely you are to find it that day.

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