GTA 6 Hacker Sentenced To Life In Hospital Prison Until He’s “No Longer A Danger”

Arion Kurtaj, the 18-year-old Lapsus$ hacker who leaked GTA 6 footage last year, has been sentenced to life in hospital indefinitely until he is “no longer a danger”.



Although we’re all still reeling from Insomniac Games being hit with the biggest hack in gaming history earlier this week, that “honour” previously went to Rockstar Games, who was hacked last September, causing tons of early Grand Theft Auto 6 footage to flood the internet and reveal the studio’s plans for the next big entry in the series.


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Shortly after the GTA 6 leaks hit the internet, it was revealed that the hacker was a 17-year-old from Oxfordshire, who has since been named Arion Kurtaj now that he’s turned 18. Earlier this year, it was reported that Kurtaj wouldn’t stand trial for the leaks after being deemed “unfit”, but that a jury would still decide whether he was guilty.

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As reported by the BBC, Kurtaj, who has autism, has now been sentenced to an indefinite hospital order. The judge presiding over the case said that Kurtaj’s “skills and desire to commit cybercrime” meant that he was a high risk to the public. A mental health assessment that was heard during the sentencing said that Kurtaj expressed “intent to return to cybercrime as soon as possible” and that he is “highly motivated”.

Kurtaj’s indefinite sentencing means that he’ll remain at a secure hospital for the rest of his life until doctors deem him “no longer a danger”. That means that there’s a chance that he’ll be released from the hospital at a later date, but only if the doctors deem him fit enough to be released.

The BBC reports that Kurtaj stole around 90 clips of beta footage from GTA 6, most of which circulated around the internet before Rockstar had even announced the title.

The court also heard that Kurtaj has been violent in custody, with “dozens of reports of injury or property damage” being attributed to him. Considering the previous assessment from doctors that Kurtaj was unfit to stand trial due to his autism, the jury was asked to determine whether he committed the crimes, and not if it was done with criminal intent.

Although Kurtaj’s Rockstar hack is the one that led to him being put on trial, it isn’t the only company that he’s breached, as he was also allegedly involved in Nvidia and Uber hacks performed by Lapsus$. The cost of the gang’s hacking of Rockstar, Nvidia, and Uber is estimated to be around $10 million


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