GTA 6 Fans Are Using Bullet Holes And Braille To Guess The Next Trailer Date

GTA 6 fans are so desperate for new footage or any crumb of information that they’ve resorted to using braille on the bullet holes in a car to try and decipher the date of the next trailer.



After spending so many years waiting for the official reveal of Grand Theft Auto 6, you might think that fans would find some peace when the first trailer was launched earlier this month. That hasn’t been the case, though, as the GTA community has poured over that footage to find every single bit of information possible, leaving them hungry for more.


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Now that the trailer has seemingly been sucked dry, fans have moved onto the official key art that was released alongside the reveal. The key art shows Jason and Lucia sitting on top of a car staring out at the distance and, while most fans have focused on the two protagonists themselves. others are turning to the smallest of details that can be spotted on the car.

As reported by IGN, the GTA 6 subreddit is currently full of memes about the lack of information and overanalysing what we currently have, leading to joke posts about the key art confirming guns and trees being confirmed. Redditor 27guy even went as far as using braille on the number and shape of bullet holes in the car to predict that a trailer is coming in September 2024.

The post is clearly just a meme joking about how little GTA 6 news is out there right now, but it’s a funny look into the community and how it’s dealing with the lack of new trailers or footage since the reveal trailer was shared. And hey, there’s always a chance that the guess is true and we’ll be waiting nine months until the next showcase.

Although pouring over the key art this much might seem a little silly, it’s worth noting that several interesting details have actually been found in the art already. The first and most concrete is the ankle monitor that Lucia can be seen wearing, which some fans think might limit her ability to explore Vice City when the game begins.

The second, less concrete detail that’s been found in the key art is a potential map of Vice City, which can be spotted in the bottom right corner attached to some kind of postbox. It’s very blurry and hard to make out, but it does seem to at least hint at how GTA 6’s map is going to be laid out.


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