Grant Denyer collapses on The Amazing Race Australia

Aussie TV personality Grant Denyer suffered a frightening medical emergency during Thursday’s episode of The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition.

In dramatic scenes that were first teased in the show’s pre-season trailer, Denyer appeared dehydrated and disorientated after competing in a dance challenge with wife Chezzi, in the humid Indian heat.

“We were cooking from the inside,” Chezzi said – and after completing the challenge, as they grabbed their next clue and prepared to dash to their next Pit Stop, it was suddenly apparent Grant was very unwell.

“You need to sit down. Grant? You’re not OK, are you? You’re looking like you’re going to faint,” Chezzi could be heard saying, before screaming as the screen faded to black.

Medics brought inside to an airconditioned room where he lay on his side on the floor, his face worryingly pale.

“He’s not looking good – he’s shivering on the floor,” fellow contestant George Mlavenov said as he watched on from outside.

“He was really pale and dropping in and out of consciousness, and I thought: This is really serious. I don’t think he realises how serious this is,” said Chezzi, as the medical team confirmed his blood pressure was very low.

Grant eventually recovered to the point that he was able to sit up and walk around, but it was clear that it was still too dangerous for him to suddenly race off to the next Pit Stop. And besides, he and Chezzi had fallen so far behind, they were the last team left in the race and so became the second team to be eliminated from the season.

Lamenting his loss with host Beau Ryan after they were eliminated from the show, Denyer joked he couldn’t believe it was a dance challenge that took him out: “Hey man, I won Dancing with the Stars twice!”

Meanwhile, fellow contestant Bec Judd revealed on radio this week that her germ-phobia came in handy as she and her sister competed in The Amazing Race. She said her suitcase was filled with travel medications and other hygiene products, which they would use at all times, particularly during the competition’s rapid-fire food challenges.

“Everyone gave us a hard time saying we overreacted, but we were one of the only teams that weren’t vomiting and sh**ting our way through India,” she told KIIS 101.1’s Jase & Lauren.

“People were going down left, right and centre.”

The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition airs 7:30pm Wednesdays and Thursdays on Ten.

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