Ghost Writer Title Guide – Destiny 2: Festival Of The Lost

Destiny 2’s yearly Halloween event is here. 2023’s Festival of the Lost has a new weapon to chase, masks to acquire, and even a new title. The Ghost Writer title is tied to Festival of the Lost and can only be contained while the event is active. In other words, you have a month to claim and gild this title.



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The good news is Ghost Writer is fairly easy to obtain, requiring you to farm Haunted Lost Sectors and showcase your mastery with Arc 3.0. This guide will showcase every Triumph tied to this title, how to complete them, and we’ll provide tips on how to earn this title as quickly as possible.

Updated October 19, 2023, by Charles Burgar: The Ghost Writer title is back in this year’s Festival of the Lost event. While most Triumphs have remained the same as last year, some new Triumphs were added while more difficult objectives were greatly reduced. We’ve updated this guide to include all up-to-date Triumph objectives to earn the Ghost Writer title in 2023’s FOTL event.


Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2023 Book of the Forgotten Volume 3

Cryptozoologist: Use a Manifested Page to restore a chapter in the “Tales of the Forgotten – Vol.3.”

“Tales of the Forgotten” is a special book you can find next to Eva Levante at the Tower. To unlock lore entries from this book, you must first acquire Manifested Pages from the Haunted Sector activity. You’ll need to earn Spectral Pages from core activities first. You can get Spectral Pages from Vanguard Ops, Crucible, Gambit, and seasonal content.

With some Spectral Pages handy, boot up the Haunted Sector playlist. Every Headless One you defeat will convert a Spectral Page into a Manifested Page. You can defeat up to 15 bosses in a single run. A max of ten Headless Ones spawn during the first section, and the last five can spawn during the boss fight.

For this challenge specifically, you’ll need to decrypt one chapter, costing two Manifested Pages. The opening Festival quest should guide you through this process. For more information on Manifested Pages and the “Tales of the Forgotten” book, check out our Festival of the Lost 2023 guide.

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Bookworm I

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2023 Rahool

Bookworm I: Use 11 Manifested Pages to unlock chapters in the “Tales of the Forgotten – Vol. 3.”

As with the previous challenge, you’ll need to use nine Manifested Pages to finish this Triumph. Farm for Spectral Pages, convert them through Haunted Sectors, then decrypt chapters in the event book.

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Bookworm II

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2023 Tower Decorations Hive Ghosts

Bookworm II: Use 22 Manifested Pages to unlock chapters in the “Tales of the Forgotten – Vol. 3.”

Convert 18 Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages, then decrypt chapters in the “Tales of the Forgotten” book to finish this challenge. We recommend getting as many Spectral Pages as possible to minimize the number of Haunted Sectors you’ll need to run.

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Bookworm III

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2023 Eva Levante

Bookworm III: Use 33 Manifested Pages to unlock chapters in the “Tales of the Forgotten – Vol. 3.”

This is the same as the previous Bookworm Triumphs but requires more pages. Farm ritual activities, convert the pages, then run a few Haunted Sectors.

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Heads Will Roll

Destiny 2 FOTL 2022 Headless One

Heads Will Roll: Defeat Headless Ones in Haunted Sectors.

If you aren’t receiving progress on this challenge, wait until the commendation screen appears before leaving the activity. The Legend variant of Haunted Sectors also seems to be more consistent than the Normal variant for tracking kills.

For this Triumph, you must defeat 100 Headless Ones in Haunted Lost Sectors. Headless Ones are giant Hive Knights that spawn from standing in ritual circles. Up to ten Headless Ones can spawn during the first half of the mission, and an additional five can spawn during the boss fight.

Assuming you spawn ten Headless Ones per run, you’ll need to run ten Haunted Sectors to finish this Triumph.

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Horrific Haunts

Destiny 2 FOTL 2022 Haunted Sector Decor

Horrific Haunts: Complete a higher difficulty Haunted Sector.

Horrific Haunts requires that you complete a Legend Haunted Sector during Festival of the Lost. You don’t need to kill every Champion or maximize Headless One kills to receive progress, so feel free to take this slowly. Legend difficulty features Surges and Overcharge, so be sure to spec your loadout accordingly.

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Candy Corner

Destiny 2 FOTL 2022 Tower

Candy Corner: Earn Candy from activities.

Candy Corner requires you to earn 17,500 Candy during Festival of the Lost. This is easier said than done. Completing any activity with a Festival mask will award a sum of Candy, usually a few hundred. Thankfully, you have a few Candy sources:

  • Farm Activities: Vanguard Ops and Heroic Public Events are great sources of Candy and Spectral Pages.
    • Haunted Sectors are worth running if you have Spectral Pages to convert.
  • Complete Challenges: Mystery Meet and Eva’s bounties grant Candy. The Mystery Meet Triumph also grants 1,300 Candy when completed.
  • Explore The Tower: The festive tree behind Eva has bundles of Candy if you climb it. This gives you 400 Candy for free.

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Mystery Meet

Destiny 2 FOTL 2022 Eva

Mystery Meet: Purchase Epic Mystery Bags from Eva.

You must purchase three Epic Mystery Bags to finish this challenge. Each bag costs 1,300 Candy, so you’ll need a total of 3,900 Candy to finish this Triumph.

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Pumpkin Peltin’

Destiny 2 Acosmic

Pumpkin Peltin’: Defeat targets with Grenade Launchers.

Defeat 100 enemies with GLs to finish this Triumph. Both Special and Heavy GL variants count here, so we recommend using Salvager’s Salvo or Forbearance if you own them. Some other good options include Parasite, Fighting Lion, and Cataphract GL3.


Destiny 2 FOTL 2022 Mechabre Sniper Rifle

Sniperstition: Defeat combatants with Sniper Rifles.

Sniperstition requires you to defeat 100 PvE enemies with Sniper Rifles. We highly recommend using Sniper Rifles with AoE perks or effects. Some examples include Cloudstrike, Beloved with Incandescent, or anything with Dragonfly/Firefly. Kill farms work best for this. Shuro Chi from Last Wish and Throne World Lost Sectors are packed with dozens of enemies, making it quite easy to finish this Triumph.

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Automatic Transmission

Destiny 2 Titan Firing Sweet Business

Automatic Transmission: Defeat combatants with Auto Rifles.

You must defeat 300 PvE enemies with Auto Rifles to finish this Triumph. Auto Rifles might not be the strongest PvE weapons currently, but a good AR should make this Triumph quite easy. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Sweet Business: It’s effectively a Machine Gun that uses Primary ammo. Spool up the weapon and aim remotely near an enemy.
  • Gnawing Hunger: Get a roll with Kill Clip, and consider using a Void subclass with Echo of Instability to grant the AR Volatile Rounds.
  • Monte Carlo: It has a buffed version of Swashbuckler that drastically improves the weapon’s damage output. Monte Carlo is also a great weapon for melee builds.

We have more recommendations in our Auto Rifles ranked article.

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Third Shot’s A Charm

The Outbreak Perfected menu in Destiny 2.

Third Shot’s a Charm: Defeat combatants with Pulse Rifles.

A whopping 500 enemies must be defeated with Pulse Rifles to finish Third Shot’s a Charm. Fortunately, you have quite a few options:

  • Graviton Lance: Boot up a kill farm, aim for the head, and the gun’s projectiles will clear the area for you.
  • Collective Obligation: Assuming you own this raid Exotic, Collective Obligation hits like a truck and has constant Weaken and Volatile Rounds.
  • No Time to Explain: The time portal effect is useful for quickly killing fodder enemies in casual content.

More recommendations can be found in our Pulse Rifle tier list article.

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Occult Ritual

Destiny 2 2021 FOTL

Occult Ritual: Complete ritual activities, including strikes, Crucible matches, and Gambit matches.

The API states you need 3,600 points to complete this Triumph, but that is highly misleading. In-game, an activity completion grants around 8-10% progress. You can either farm one activity exclusively or mix it up. We recommend the latter, completing three of each ritual activity to complete your weekly pinnacle challenges.

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Hocus Focusing

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2023 Tower

Hocus Focusing: Focus an Eerie Engram.

Eerie Engrams have a chance of dropping at the end of every Haunted Sector, Legend offering a higher drop rate. You must focus at least one Eerie Engram at Eva Levante for this Triumph. Any of the focusing options will count.

Masked Bandit

Destiny 2 FOTL 2022 Masks

Masked Bandit: Complete Crucible of Gambit matches while wearing a Festival mask.

Similar to Occult Ritual, this Triumph requires you to farm a PvP playlist while wearing a Festival mask. We recommend farming the weekly rotating playlist whenever it’s Momentum Control, Mayhem, or Team Scorched. You only need to complete matches to receive progress; wins aren’t required.

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Happy Haunting Grounds

Destiny 2 FOTL 2022 Pumpkin Bomb

Happy Haunting Ground: Complete Haunted Sectors. Legend difficulty grants additional progress.

Complete 18 Haunted Sectors during Festival of the Lost to finish this Triumph. That’s a somewhat high requirement, but remember that Legend difficulty was added this year and grants far more progress.

If you have a group, farm Legend. If you’re attempting this solo, play Normal difficulty until the Triumph is complete.

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