Funko’s Very Limited Edition Iron Man Gold Figures Go On Sale Today

When you think of Funkos, your mind likely goes right to Pops. Understandable as just about every character from all major series and franchises has been turned into a Funko Pop! at this point. There are more than just Pops to Funko, though. Pins, Popsies, and its Vinyl Gold collection. A range of high-end figures created to include artists and athletes so they can be more detailed than your average Pop! Later today, a very exclusive Iron Man figure will be added to that collection.



The Vinyl Gold Iron Man figure stands at 18 inches tall and will cost $150. Available exclusively through Funko’s online store, you can order your very own figure right now through the link below. Providing it’s after 12pm EST on October 18, that is, as that’s when the new figure goes on sale. The window after the clock strikes 12 during which you’ll be able to buy one will likely be a small one as there are only 3,000 Iron Man figures available.

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There’s also an element of chance you’ll need to consider. While you’ll be guaranteed one of the 3,000 figures should you manage to land one before they sell out, there’s only a 50 percent chance the Vinyl Gold Iron Man you get will be the one pictured below. There are four variants being made too, and you won’t know which one you’ve got until you open the box. 1,500 of them will have Iron Man’s classic red and gold armor, 650 of them will be silver, 450 of the figures will be gold, 350 of them will be silver and black, and with just 50 of them out there somewhere, the rarest Iron Man of all will be the ones wearing black and gold armor.

iron man vinyl gold funko figure
via Funko

Vinyl Gold Iron Man Funko Figure

Funko’s Vinyl Gold Iron Man figure is incredibly limited edition. Only 3,000 of them have been made, and only half of those are red and gold. There are four other armor variants, and you won’t know which one you have until you open the box.

If you do end up with an Iron Man figure wearing black and gold armor, then you’re very lucky indeed. Not only because you will be the proud owner of an incredibly rare Funko Vinyl Gold figure, but because if a time ever comes when you want to sell it, you will likely get a lot more than the $150 you paid for it. If you want to up the odds of getting more than one variant, you’ll need to buy more than one figure. That could get expensive fast though, and you might end up with multiple red and gold versions.

If you missed your chance to buy an Iron Man Vinyl Gold figure, or you’ve arrived here and decided $150 is a little steep, GameStop is running a two for $20 deal on almost all of its Pokemon Funko Pops right now. The deal runs until October 22, so don’t hang around if you want to add some new ‘mons to your collection.

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