Fun Challenges To Try In Baldur’s Gate 3

Like in D&D, there are many ways to play Baldur’s Gate 3. The game offers many different paths for each quest and it rewards creativity and curiosity. This makes the game incredibly replayable, making each playthrough unique and memorable.



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There are still ways to play the game, not to finish it optimally, or even at all, but to enjoy what the world has to offer in unpredictable ways. There isn’t really a wrong way to play this game, despite what some might say. However, there are some unique ways to enjoy the open and immersive world of Baldur’s Gate 3 that might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

7 The Hoarder

Baldur's Gate 3 inventory screen showing every character carrying tons of items

This particular playstyle is not exclusive to Baldur’s Gate 3, but rather a mindset that haunts the players in any RPG game. What if we need those potions, scrolls, and arrows in a really, really hard fight later on?

There are a lot of really useful consumables and one-time-use items in the game, that can make a big difference in the outcome of a fight. But most of us find ourselves finishing the game with our inventory overflowing with the items that we never got to use.

6 The Insomniac

Baldur's Gate 3 Karlach Resting

Resting is an important mechanic in D&D, and as such is the main way of replenishing resources in Baldur’s Gate 3 after a hard encounter. While taking long rests does consume some resources, you find more than enough food and camp supplies to rest after each couple of fights. Long rests are also the main way of progressing companion quests and relationships and seeing their cutscenes.

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Whether subconsciously or on purpose, you might push yourself beyond your limits and not take a full rest for long periods of time. This can even be a certain type of challenge run for those who find even the hardest difficulty of the game too easy — to try to finish the game without long rests or having a very limited number of rests in each act.

5 The Jack Of All Trades

Baldur's Gate 3 Level Up Screen

While experienced players can multiclass to make some powerful builds, it is easy to make your character weaker if you are not familiar with the game system or multiclass too many times. Despite this, there’s an achievement in the game that requires you to take a level in every class, without resetting your class by talking to Withers.

While there is an easy way of unlocking this achievement by doing it on a companion that you don’t take to your main party, some players might want to finish it on their main character. By going for this achievement, you can only take one level in each class, giving you many weak features and options and never getting access to the more powerful class features that the D&D classes have to offer.

4 The Explosives Expert

Baldur's Gate 3 a screenshot of explosive barrels on fire with damage numbers covering most of the screen

You might’ve seen a viral video of four gnomes setting up barrels of explosives and blowing up the entire goblin camp in one instance, and it was one of the best Baldur’s Gate 3 videos early after its launch. So, you might want to try the explosive solution to combat encounters as well.

There are many explosives in the game. Perhaps not enough to win every fight using them, but you can save them for crowded dungeons and boss fights. Meticulously setting up the explosives and preparing to blow them up at the right moment can sometimes take longer than a straight fight, but the results can be extremely fun and satisfying.

3 The Murderer

Baldur's Gate 3 Dragonborn Dark Urge

Dungeons & Dragons players who would kill all NPCs on sight can now fully embrace their murderous roleplaying tendencies in Baldur’s Gate 3 without bringing the wrath of the dungeon master upon themselves. They might just make the game a lot harder on themselves.

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You can fight and kill everyone and everything in the game. From NPCs to companions. There are no essential NPCs like some other RPGs, except one. And you are going to need the one unkillable NPC, Withers, to be at your camp once you have eradicated every possible ally, so you can summon hirelings to your party, and perhaps kill them as well once you are done with harder boss fights in the game.

2 The Fashionista

Astarion from Baldur's Gate 3 photoshopped into a The Sims dress up menu

Equipment and armor are an important part of builds in Baldur’s Gate 3, and they can improve your character’s power significantly. But, there are some very stylish and good-looking clothing and armor in the game, especially in the third act of the game.

You can fight your way through the game using the best equipment and defeating your enemies in the most efficient way possible, but that’s just boring compared to dressing up in carefully chosen and dyed clothing and winning your fight not with power, but with style.

1 The Philanderer

Baldur's Gate 3 bear romance scene

Baldur’s Gate 3 is an open game with tons of possibilities for play styles, builds, exploration, and yes, romantic encounters. Now for a normal playthrough, the romance stories are there to complement a harrowing and epic adventure and add an extra layer of depth to the overall story. However, some of us just can’t wait to get intimate with as many of the undoubtedly good-looking characters of the game as possible.

While some of the companions are open to polyamorous relationships, if you want to explore everything that the game has to offer, you might need to break some hearts and even make some very poor decisions to explore the options outside your camp or even your plane of existence. We are not here to judge — it’s unbelievable how devils and mind flayers can look so attractive in this game.

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