Fool Your Friends Into Thinking You Own A PS5 With This Reduced Price Tower Fan

A few weeks from now, the PS5 will celebrate its third anniversary. Amazing to think the newest PlayStation has now been on the market for so long that a newer, much smaller model will go on sale next month. Regular PS5s are now readily available to buy which definitely wasn’t the case during those early days. A combination of high demand and a component shortage, both of which were fueled by the pandemic, made PS5s very hard to come by. Even though you can buy one with relative ease now, they are still very expensive.



Whether there’s a PS5 on a shelf near you or not, having $500 to spare to make one yours might not be an option. If you can handle missing out on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 until you can get one, but you still want people to think you are the proud owner of a brand new PS5, there may be a solution. Conbola’s desk fan looks exactly like a PS5, something I can’t imagine has happened by accident, and is currently on sale for less on Amazon.

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Usually $79.99, the fan is currently available for just $58.97. Other than looking a lot like a PS5, the fan runs on a rechargeable battery and its creators claim since it doesn’t use blades, it is nearly silent when running. It has three speeds, an LED light, and a very easy-to-use control panel. There’s also a purple gray version of the fan available, but if you choose that it wouldn’t look like a PS5, so what would be the point? It’d still keep you cool I guess, but only in the physical sense and not the owning a PS5-sense.

conbola desk fan with full battery and usb-c cable
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$59 $80 Save $21

Conbola’s desk fan stands 16 inches tall and boasts a fully rechargeable battery. The control panel on top is very easy to use, the fan has three speeds, and also glows via an LED light. It’s almost silent, and above all else, unintentionally looks a lot like a PS5.

If you’re eager to own a PS5 and a fan that looks like one might fill the current-gen console-shaped hole in your life, I’m going to go out on a limb and assume you already own a PS4. If so, it might be worth popping this fan down next to it. If I know one thing about the PS4, it’s that its fan works overtime when you ask it to do absolutely anything. Perhaps if it was being cooled externally its fan wouldn’t need to kick in and drown out the sound from the actual games you’re playing quite as often.

If you have been holding out for a PS5 and this fan isn’t going to cut it for long, it might be worth holding out until the new models are here. The new design will replace the old one which means PlayStation will be keen to sell through stock of its base models ASAP. Hopefully that means some price cuts in the near future, although that really depends on how quickly they continue to sell.

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