Five Nights At Freddy’s Movie Changes Red Eyes, Fans Still Hate Them

For a while now, Five Nights at Freddy’s fans have been raging at the movie’s depiction of the iconic animatronics, specifically the color of their eyes. Back when the first ever trailer for the movie started leaking all over social media, fans were immediately upset with the glowing red eyes, calling them “goofy” despite them belonging to a giant robot teddy bear. While not a shared opinion amongst fans, they were hated enough to cause a bit of a stink.



However, it now seems as though that the makers of the Five Night at Freddy’s movie have taken the feedback of fans into account. A new series of TV spots for the movie have recently been uploaded online as the release date inches closer and closer. In these TV spots, it appears as though Freddy Fazbear’s once glowing red eyes have been replaced with a set of glowing white eyes instead, albeit a little bit bloodshot to keep some of the creepiness in tact.

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Now, all you sensible people out there would probably assume that the removal of the “goofy” red eyes would be great news for the Five Nights at Freddy’s community. You’d assume wrong though, as it seems like this eye color change has kicked off a whole new round of debates, with some actually preferring the controversial red glow compared to Freddy’s new peepers.

One of the biggest issues fans have with the eyes is that they glow at all, as a lot of people wish they actually looked more like the game’s duller eyes. Then you have the other half of the fanbase that preferred the red eyes upset that changes were made at all. It’s all very confusing from an outside perspective, and if you’re working for Blumhouse or or you’re a costume designer for the movie, you’re probably struggling to see how you can appease everyone.

It’s looks a little silly, but this is just the result of an incredibly torn fanbase that is fixated on one very minor detail in an adaptation that looks pretty spot on in every other department. Shout out to all the Five Nights at Freddy’s fans out there that don’t care what color Freddy’s eyes are and are just excited that the series is getting an adaptation in the first place.

In fact, we might even be getting more Five Nights at Freddy’s movie if the one coming out this month performs particularly well. Director Emma Tammi recently said in an interview that she’d love to make a trilogy of Five Nights at Freddy’s movies, but that the performance of the first is pretty crucial to whether sequels will be greenlit. If you want to see more from Freddy Fazbear on the silver screen, you know what to do on October 27.

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