Final Fantasy: Best Mobile Games

Fans have enjoyed Final Fantasy games since the ’80s and on various platforms. From arcade consoles to home consoles, there isn’t a place these games can’t be experienced, including on the go. It’s a franchise of intrigue that blends fantasy and science fiction. It’s common for many popular video games to receive ports over to mobile devices.



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Whether you’re looking for something brand-spanking new or a familiar setting, Final Fantasy has you covered. Grab your iOS or Android-supported device and dive into new and familiar fantastical worlds. Pick up a sword or a wand as an original or established character.

Updated September 28, 2023 by Jacob Whaling: Unsurprisingly, Final Fantasy continues to be one of the largest video game franchises in the world, and Square Enix is doing their best to move more into the mobile game space. We’ve updated this list with a few new games in the Final Fantasy series that you can play on iOS or Android right now.

11 Final Fantasy 15: A New Empire

characters from final fantasy 15

A New Empire is unlike any other Final Fantasy game in the franchise. While most are turn-based or action-adventure RPGs, this entry is a multiplayer tower defense game. It uses the same setting and characters from Final Fantasy 15, but nothing else resembles a Final Fantasy game.

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This tower defense game requires you to mine for resources in order to build and reinforce various structures to defend against other players.

10 Final Fantasy Dimensions

final fantasy dimensions a party fights a summon

Final Fantasy Dimensions is a wholly new installment into the franchise for mobile devices that successfully captures the essence of old-school Final Fantasy games with its 16-bit graphics. The story revolves around two groups of adventurers trying to heal a world split in two.

The enemies are a combination of exceptionally easy to defeat and unreasonably difficult, much to the frustration of fans. Furthermore, Dimensions uses a similar job system to Final Fantasy 5 for the characters to progress through, adding a fun component for you to focus on.

9 Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Brave Exvius gameplay image

If you’re looking for a simple 2D role-playing game with all the makings of a fantastic Final Fantasy game, Brave Exvius is the game to download. It’s an original, free-to-play Final Fantasy gacha game with brand-new characters and an in-depth story. As a collaboration between Square Enix and Alim, Brave Exvius pulls inspiration from previous Final Fantasy games as well as Alim’s Brave Frontier.

Brave Exvius, unlike Brave Frontier, lets you explore different towns and dungeons. Furthermore, characters from previous Final Fantasy games can be used in battle, giving cameos to fan favorites such as Cloud Strife and Vivi.

8 Final Fantasy 15: Pocket Edition

final fantasy 15 pocket edition title art, featuring noctis, gladiolus, ignis, and prompto rendered in a low-poly chibi art style

Final Fantasy 15: Pocket Edition is a complete remake of Final Fantasy 15 for mobile phones. With new graphics, gameplay, and an abridged storyline, you can experience most of what makes Final Fantasy 15 great, right on your phone.

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The game is divided into ten chapters, with the first being free. If you’re unable to play Final Fantasy 15 due to not owning the necessary platforms, the Pocket Edition is a great alternative.

7 War Of The Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Mont Leonis fights a bomb

Taking inspiration from Final Fantasy Tactics, War of the Visions is a spin-off of Brave Exvius, providing a tactical turn-based combat system and Game of Thrones-style story. Speaking of combat, War of the Visions features a PvP option, allowing you to fight against other players rather than AI enemies.

War of the Visions’s cast is primarily made up of original characters, with fan favorites from past Final Fantasy games making appearances in collab quests. War of the Visions is a decent gacha alternative to Final Fantasy Tactics, for players who want to spend time developing their large cast of characters through skill upgrades and equipment crafting.

6 Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis

Cloud Strife and Sephiroth clashing swords as they fight at the beginning of Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis is a gacha game that aims to recreate the entirety of the Final Fantasy 7 compilation series into one game. Starting with the original game, Ever Crisis features reimagined and abridged story scenes, with monthly releases of new chapters focused on the various games in the series.

In Ever Crisis, you will roll for weapons instead of characters like other gacha titles. This means you can recruit and use characters from the range of Final Fantasy 7 games, like Cloud, Tifa, Zack, and more, with new characters being added as the story is expanded.

5 Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Ominia

Battle rewards screen featuring characters From Final Fantasy Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is a turn-based RPG spinoff of the Dissidia series. Final Fantasy characters from almost every game come together to fight against distortions and restore balance to the world.

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There are plenty of characters to appease even the most casual fan of the franchise, and it gives more invested fans a glimpse of how these characters interact together. Combat relies on the Bravery system, acting as a second health bar that boosts the damage of your attacks.

4 Final Fantasy 8

final fantasy 8 squall gunblade

2021 saw the release of fan-favorite Final Fantasy 8 remastered for iOS and Android devices. It returns with everything you would want from Final Fantasy 8, including a streamlined version of the Junction system that adds abilities to your characters when you drain magic from enemies.

This isn’t an entire remake of Final Fantasy 8, but it is a facelift with updated graphics, presenting the melancholic Squall and friends in HD. Whether you’ve never played the original game before or want to play it again, this version of Final Fantasy 8 is a great choice.

3 Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster

The Party fights Ultros in Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster.

With the release of the Pixel Remaster series of the first six Final Fantasy games, you can now play the beloved Final Fantasy 6 entirely on your phone, with updated music, quality-of-life features, and balance updates.

Of the first six Final Fantasy games, the sixth is often considered one of the best. With its deep and engaging story, customization through the Magicite system, and memorable cast of characters, there’s never been a better way to experience Final Fantasy 6.

2 Final Fantasy Tactics: The War Of The Lions

Screenshot from FF Tactics: War Of The Lions. A knight fights a blue bomb.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions was released for PSP, iOS, and Android, giving mobile users an opportunity to enjoy the world of Ivalice in this enhanced version of the original Final Fantasy Tactics.

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It’s a political thriller told through the action of its combat system. Strategy is paramount in Final Fantasy Tactics, as where your character stands and which way they’re facing can determine the difference between life and death.

1 Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 7 Original

There is no shortage of Final Fantasy 7 content out there. From Dirge of Cerberus to the episodic remake, Final Fantasy 7 is the most popular installment in the franchise. Naturally, it received a port to mobile devices for everyone to enjoy while on the go.

If you’ve yet to play through Final Fantasy, 7 this mobile port is an acceptable option. It’s as close as you can get to the original version, with the added option to turn off enemy encounters to make exploring a bit easier.

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