Falck Specialist Guide: Battlefield 2042

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  • Falck Specialist Overview

Specialists have replaced the traditional class system in Battlefield 2042. There are ten Specialists available at launch, each fulfilling a niche that ranges from a traditional class role to something more unique. Falck firmly sits in the former category.



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Maria Falck is 2042’s main medic Specialist. Her gadget allows Falck to heal allies from range, heal herself while sprinting, and she can revive downed allies in the blink of an eye. This short guide will give an overview of how Falck’s gadget and passive work. We’ll also give a few tips on how to effectively play Falck in Battlefield 2042’s core game modes.

Updated October 24, 2023, by Charles Burgar: Battlefield 2042 has seen some major changes since it was released. Classes have been reintroduced, many gadgets were rebalanced, and teamwork is more important than ever before. We’ve updated this guide with current information about Falck and her gadgets, including her available class gadget options and additional information on how her Syrette gadget works.

Falck Specialist Overview

Battlefield 2042 Falck Specialist



Specialist Gadget

S21 Syrette Pistol: Heal at range.


Combat Surgeon: Revive any ally to full health.

Falck is a traditional medic from past Battlefield games, classified as a member of the Support class in 2042. Don’t let that fool you, however, as Falck can be quite aggressive thanks to her unique gadget. The S21 Syrette Pistol acts as Med-Pens that can be fired at nearby targets, instantly starting health regeneration. Falck can also inject herself with a syringe while running to immediately start health regeneration. This make Falck a fantastic option for aggressive players that still want to support their teammates.

As with all Support Specialists, Falck can revive any downed teammate thanks to her Combat Surgeon passive. She revives downed players twice as quickly, and those she revives will come back with full HP. Fans of the Assault class in Battlefield 3 and 4 will feel right at home here.

Support specialists are proficient with all SMGs. Falck can draw and holster SMGs much faster than all non-Support specialists.

As for other gadgets, every Support specialist comes equipped with Defibrillators to revive downed teammates. Thanks to her passive, fully charging a Defibrillator only takes a second and fully restores the revived ally’s HP. Secondary gadget options focus on further supporting your team throw Medic Packs, Ammo Crates, and Smoke Grenade Launchers. The only offensive gadget available is the M18 Claymore. Falck can also bring utility or explosive grenades in her throwable slot, so consider bringing some Mini or Spring Grenades to round out her kit.

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Gadget And Passive

Battlefield 2042 Falck Features

S21 Syrette Pistol

The S21 Syrette Pistol will immediately start health regeneration when it hits an ally, including yourself. Falck has 12 syringes she can hold at any given moment. When her ammo count for the Syrette Pistol reaches six or lower, the gun will start to recharge an additional six rounds over a short period. This effectively means that you have infinite healing as Falck.

Syringes fired from this weapon have absurd bullet magnetism, meaning they’ll curve midair to hit an ally you’re aiming at. Hitting an object will cause the syringe to stick to that surface, healing any ally that runs over it. Shooting multiple syringes at an ally is ineffective for healing them; just one shot is all they need. By holding the Specialist gadget button, Falck will inject herself with a syringe to start health regeneration. You can do this while on the move, similar to the Med-Pen Assault gadget.

Combat Surgeon

The Combat Surgeon passive allows Falck to revive any downed ally on your team, not just members of your squad. Reviving a downed player takes half the time, requiring about two seconds to revive someone. Allies that Falck revives will come back to life with max HP instead of a small amount.

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Tips And Tricks

Soldiers clear a zone filled with debris in Battlefield 2042.

  • Syrette Pistol ammo recharges when you have six or fewer shots. Use this gadget liberally.
  • You can tactical sprint while using the Syrette Pistol on yourself.
  • Syringes fired from the Syrette Pistol stick to surfaces that allies can run over. Cover a map chokepoint with syringes to assist your team.
  • Prox Sensors and Ammo Crates synergize nicely with Falck’s kit, making you a fantastic anti-infantry Specialist.

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