Everything You Need To Know About Pokemon Go’s Halloween 2023 Event

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The 2023 Pokemon Go Halloween Event may be the most ambitious yet, not only making several bonuses to players, but also making significant changes to the in-game experience. Pokemon Go will be given a spooky “makeover” for this event, changing both the game’s visuals and audio to fit this event.



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We are now entering the first part of Pokemon Go’s Halloween event, spanning from Thursday, October 19, 2023, at 10am to Thursday, October 26, 2023, at 10am. With this comes major new and returning changes and features that are a part of this year’s event, so we have updated this guide accordingly for you.

Updated October 18, 2023, by Christian Pellegrino: As mentioned above, many features and changes will be brought to the game with this year’s Halloween Event. We have updated the following information in this guide to fit the first part of this year’s event, and will update it again for the second part of this event.

Pokemon Go Debuts

Pokemon including Greavard, Houndstone, Phantump, and Misdreavus in a graveyard

For the first time, Greavard and its evolution Houndstone will be available in Pokemon Go! During this event, Greavard will be available through the completion of either the event Timed Research or through its own Three-Star Raid.

It will require 50 Greavard Candy to evolve Greavard into Houndstone.

Make sure you take advantage of this event and stock up on Greavard Candy while you can!

Additionally, you will be able to encounter Shiny Phantump for the first time in Pokemon Go starting with this year’s Halloween Event. During this event, Phantump will be available as both a wild encounter and a Field Research Task encounter.

Event Bonuses

A piece of Candy XL from Pokemon Go in grass with the Pokemon Go logo above it

There will be several Candy-themed bonuses offered to players during the event window for the Halloween 2023 Event. Make sure to take advantage of the following in-game bonuses, earning you tons of Pokemon Candy, an extremely valuable resource in the game.

  • Extra Candy for catching Pokemon with Nice, Great, or Excellent Throws.
  • Extra Candy XL for Catching Pokemon with Nice, Great, or Excellent Throws.
  • Extra Candy XL from hatching Pokemon (Trainers Level 31 and above).
  • Twice the Candy for hatching Pokemon.

Event Research

Professor Willow with Pikachu on his shoulder, with Mew and the Pokemon Go logo on the right

Free Timed Research

There will be two free event-themed Timed Researches available to players during Pokemon Go’s Halloween 2023 Event.

First, there will be one Event Timed Research requiring you to catch different Ghost-type Pokemon during this event. Completing these tasks will reward you with encounters with the brand-new Greavard and Stardust.

The second Event Timed Research will feature Spiritomb, providing you with a chance to catch this event-themed Pokemon. Spiritomb has only been available during Pokemon Go’s Halloween Events historically, so make sure you take advantage of this opportunity to catch this rare Pokemon.

For this Timed Research, tasks must be completed and rewards must be claimed before October 31, 2023, at 8pm local time.

There will also be Paid Timed Research available during the Halloween 2023 Event. This Paid Timed Research Ticket can be acquired through the in-game shop, costing all players $5.00 USD.

For completing the different tasks associated with this Timed Research, you can expect encounters with Dark and Ghost-type Pokemon, as well as an avatar pose cosmetic item following the Halloween theme of this even.

Additionally, the latest portion of the month-long Paid Timed Research, the Ticket of Treats, will be released with this event. This portion of the Ticket of Treats will reward you with two Incubators and multiple encounters with Phantump.

Similar to the Free Timed Research, you will need to complete this and claim any earned rewards prior to 8pm local time on October 31, 2023.

Field Research

There will be event-specific Field Research Tasks available during this event, acquired by visiting and spinning PokeStop Photo Discs during the event window.

These Event Field Research Tasks can be completed to earn Poke Balls or encounters with either Phantump or Misdreavus.

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Different Pokemon Go Raids throughout a city

You can expect to find several Halloween-themed Pokemon in Pokemon Go Raids during this event, varying in their difficulty depending on their Raid Tier. Each of these Pokemon can be found below as well as the Raid Tier that they will be found in.

Raid Pokemon

Raid Tier

















Mega Gengar

Mega Raid

*Mega Banette

Mega Raid

*On October 20, 2023, at 10am local time, Darkrai will replace Guzzlord in Five-Star Raids.

*Additionally, Mega Banette will replace Mega Gengar in Mega Raids at this same day/time.

Wild Encounters

Several Pokemon in Halloween costumes including Vulpix, Pumpkaboo, Gengar, and Ninetales

During this event, there will be several Halloween-themed Pokemon that will see an increase in their spawn rate as Wild Encounters. Make sure to log in and adventure to encounter and catch the following Pokemon.

Wild Encounter Pokemon













Alolan Meowth

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Several Pokemon Go Eggs and Incubators

There will be three different Halloween-themed Pokemon that will hatch from 7km Eggs that are acquired during the days of this year’s Halloween Event. This includes Munchlax, Riolu, and Galarian Yamask.

Pokemon Showcases

Three phone screens side by side, each with a Squirtle entered into a Pokemon Showcase

During this year’s Halloween Event, there will be Pokemon Showcases for Shuppet, Banette, and Greavard. Make sure you hold onto large Shuppet, Banette, and Greavard, as they will earn you the most points in these Pokemon Showcases.

Avatar Items And Stickers

Images of three different Halloween-themed avatar items from Pokemon go

There will be new Halloween-themed Avatar items available for purchase at the in-game shop during this event. These items include:

  • Greavard Wig
  • Phantump Head
  • Cofagrigus Head
  • Cofagrigus Costume
  • Yamask Mask

Additionally, there will be new event-themed Stickers available throughout this year’s Halloween Event. These Stickers can be obtained from PokeStops, Gifts, and through purchase at the in-game shop.

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