Every Princess In Super Mario, Ranked

Few gaming franchises are as recognizable or as beloved as that of Super Mario. From humble beginnings, the series has now become a powerhouse that is easily recognizable across generations. Whether you’re a gamer or not, you’re sure to recognize some of the characters.



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Of the wide cast of characters that you come across in the Mario universe, you have to talk about the various princesses that rule over the kingdoms of Mario’s world. No longer are they just damsels in distress. As more and more appear on-screen, and their backstories grow, one may begin to wonder: which of these princesses rules higher than the rest?

8 Shokora

screenshot of wario meeting the spriti of princess shokora

Princess Shokora appears in very few Mario games, and usually they’re related more to Wario than the protagonist red-hatted plumber we’re all used to. Not much is known about her other than that she is a princess of some faraway land and has since passed. She takes many forms throughout her appearances in games, from a black cat all the way to a humanoid spirit who dispenses wisdom.

The rest is still surrounded by mystery, but the persistent adventurer can visit her burial site at her very own pyramid. It’s an interesting concept to have a princess aid from beyond the grave, and one that takes a surprisingly darker tone than in many of the other characters, but one that doesn’t feel built on as much as it should have been

7 Shroob

Mario and Luigi PiT Elder Princess Shroob

Not all princesses are on the side of good. Princess Shroob was one of the main antagonists in the brotherly adventure Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. She and her elder sister run the evil army of Shroobs who are intent on taking over the Mushroom Kingdom.

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She doesn’t take up much time in the Super Mario universe, and not even a lot in her own game. While she may have been defeated, it would still be nice to see her appear again. Just maybe a little less evil next time.

6 Eclair

paper mario screenshot of mario and luigi talking about the waffle kingdom

Princess Eclair is an elusive character, and one that is mostly mentioned in the series, but she does have a few cameos here and there. She is the ruler of the deliciously named Waffle Kingdom. Apparently, Luigi at one point had to travel to this kingdom to save the princess, or so he tells his brother when they meet in Paper Mario.

She is referenced from time to time in the series as being a particularly good baker, which only makes sense. While the dessert-themed princess is an interesting idea, seeing her kingdom in all its sugary glory would do a lot to help players get a better sense of her as a character.

5 Rosalina


A newer princess, but one that audiences around the world have grown fond of over her many appearances in the saga of Mario. First met among the stars of Super Mario Galaxy, players got a taste of her not-so-happy past.

She has since left her observatory to help Mario and his crew, especially when things like karts and partying are involved. Rosalina is definitely a character with some depth, and it’s been enjoyable to see her reappear and be a consistent character in the lives of newer generations of Mario fans.

4 Sprixie Princesses

The Sprixie Princess warning Mario and his friends about Bowser in Super Mario 3D World

A small group of princesses that stay close to one another. The Sprixie Princesses first appeared in Super Mario 3D World, and since then they have been back a couple of times to join Mario’s party from time to time. As rulers of the Sprixie Kingdom, of course Bowser had a keen plan on capturing them. Thankfully, his plans were stopped.

They’re an interesting take on the princesses of the Mario universe, being more sprite-like than the rest of the humanoid princesses players are used to seeing. It’s a welcome new design, but one that could have more relevance to it in the universe.

3 Lipid

Dark Fawful Bowser's Inside Story

Arguably the weirdest princess in the Mario universe, and potentially just the weirdest character as well. Lipid is a character solely in the game Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story. She resides inside Bowser’s sinuses, and rules them as her kingdom. Which is completely normal.

She is friendly to Mario and Luigi, and even saved them from drowning in mucus. She also speaks entirely in an old English dialect. It’s one of the weirdest encounters in the series, but that alone earned her a lasting impression in minds of anyone who played the game.

2 Daisy

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Screenshot Of Princess Daisy Fighting

A fan favorite ever since she first appeared in Super Mario Land. Princess Daisy is characterized for her adventurous nature and apparent love of parties as shown by her considerable appearances throughout the Super Mario series.

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She is the ruler of Sarasaland which is known for its grand palaces, pyramids, and expansive desert. Her design, background, repeated appearances, and potential romance with Luigi all combine to make her a well-talked-about and well-loved character in the series.

1 Peach

Super Mario RPG Remake: Princess Peach Sitting In A Field Of Flowers

You can’t talk about the Super Mario series without talking about Princess Peach. She has been there from the beginning, having to deal with Bowser’s constant schemes. Even with all the turmoil, she is a kindhearted ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom and a constant companion to Mario and Luigi.

Her background and style has developed over the years to make her a more well-rounded character, but she’s always been a cornerstone of the series. She does play the damsel in distress less and less over the years, which only speaks to her progression as a staple of the Super Mario world.

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