Every Player Character In Fate/Samurai Remnant, Ranked Best


  • Fate/Samurai Remnant combines storytelling and action-packed combat, creating a unique experience that revolves around the Waxing Moon Ritual and the promise of granting your deepest wish.
  • Each character in the game possesses unique abilities and fighting styles, like Dorthea Coyett and her servant, Assassin, and Rogue Saber, who is solely focused on eliminating Ushi Gozen.
  • The protagonist, Miyamoto Iori, starts off underestimated but pushes himself to exceed his limits, mastering jewelcraft and learning various elemental spells to overcome his weaknesses and rise in the ranks.



Fate/Samurai Remnant combines the storytelling of an Action RPG with the combat and other elements of Musou games, such as Dynasty Warriors. It creates a new experience where teams of Masters and Servants compete to complete the Waxing Moon Ritual, where the promise of having your deepest wish granted lies at the end.

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One flaw in the game affects the rankings below and how they play in combat: you can only play them in certain areas at certain times in the game. The rest of your time will be spent with Miyamoto Iori and his Servant Saber. Still, better to find out whose fun to play with, right?

12 Assassin

Assassin and his Master - Fate:samurai remnant

Dorthea Coyett is a noble hailing from the country of Sweden and is set to take over the family’s magical affairs. However, she doesn’t let that get to her head and will do all she can to protect those of all classes, no matter the cost to her own body. This steel resolve earns the respect of her Servant, Assassin.

He protects her with his serpent-like arms that can attack enemies with pinpoint accuracy and create copies of himself to attack in unison. He commands the power of his Phantom Snakes, an ability passed down due to a curse.

11 Rogue Lancer

Rogue Lancer perfoming his Noble Phantasm - Fate_Samurai Remnant

This Lancer is down to fight anyone: Warrior, civilian, NPC, whoever; as long as they have a fighting spirit and willingness to fight, he’s down to tussle. When he joins to help you, it’s only to loosen up and prepare for your rematch with him. Lancer has a good nature but doesn’t let it get in the way of his fighting spirit.

The Snarling Hound darts across the field in a blue blur and can close the gap between you in seconds. While he lacks the crowd control and sheer and literal explosive power the non-rogue Lancer has, he can still hold his own in a fight.

10 Rogue Saber

Rogue Saber with a flame sword - Fate_Samurai Remnant

To him, killing Ushi Gozen is the only goal that matters. The Waxing Moon Ritual doesn’t matter, winning doesn’t matter, and even survival doesn’t matter so long as Ushi Gozen remains alive. Not even the mind control taking over the servants can overcome his desire.

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He primarily attacks with a sword with raw power but will also mount his mighty steed to mow down anyone foolish enough to stand in its way. RC would be slightly higher on the list if you were able to get more time with him, but he gets some of the shortest playtime.

9 Rogue Assassin

Rogue Assassin performing a powerful punch- Fate_Samurai Remnant

Existing before you technically exist has to feel existential, right? Well, it seems as though the Rogue Assassin has no issue knowing that he is participating in the ritual 200 years before he is born. Knowing this doesn’t seem to bother him, though, as he thinks he could take out his younger self if he had a chance to in a fight.

This could give him the upper hand in battle, though, as no one else involved in the battle can see what’s coming from him during a fight. Being from the future, he has tactics and unpredictability that give him an edge.

8 Rogue Berserker

Rogue Berserker performing noble phantasm- Fate_Samurai Remnant

Pure power and rage live at the end of these fists. Berserker was summoned with nothing but blind rage within his heart, and he couldn’t do much outside of attacking anything he perceived as a threat. The rage of betrayal runs deep within him, but luckily, he can regain some control thanks to becoming Takao Dayu’s servant.

Rogue Berserker does all his fighting with his fists, and word has it that all of his strength technically comes from his floor-length hair, but that was from a life before this one. Here, he has his wish to win to carry his punches.

7 Rogue Archer

Rogue Archer Activating His Special Move On The Field in Fate:Samurai Remnant

There’s a duality to the Rogue Archer that is hard to put a finger on. He is polite and seemingly kind on the outside, yet there is a coldness to his speech that alludes to something a little darker. This isn’t too far from the mythology he is based on. As the protagonist and hero, he still describes himself as desperate.

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His attacks are quick and overwhelming, as homing arrows seek out their intended targets and take them out with ease. Heavenfire rains down dozens of arrows all over the entire field, and even stronger still, his Noble Phantasm Pashupata is an instant room cleaner.

6 Berserker

Berserker smiles as she holds one of her swords in Fate:Samurai Remnant - Fate_Samurai Remnant

The Musashi Miyamoto Iori grew up with and the Musashi Miyamoto you meet in the game are of the same soul. She was accidentally drawn into the summoning ritual due to her familiarity and connection to Iori, even if he didn’t recognize his master at first. There’s a huge personality shift between versions, though, as this one is more brash and impulsive than the previous version.

Her skill set is all about how strong and hard she can swing her sword, and she has four affinity skills while most other Servants have three. Meaning she is quite possibly a cut above the rest.

5 Rogue Caster

Rogue Caster flying on the battlefield as wind magic is being casted in Fate:Samurai Remnant - Fate_Samurai Remnant

Upon running into Rogue Caster in her digression, she attempts to turn you into a pig immediately on sight since, to her, you’re an uninvited guest. It’s a reasonable reaction for such a transgression to someone who can cause you to shapeshift at her will.

Her magic attacks lack the speed that the physical attackers of the roster have, but she can still keep up in terms of numbers with sheer magecraft power. Caster’s love of pigs is well documented in her Noble Phantasm, proven by the hordes of adorable piglets she summons to feast.

4 Lancer

Lancer with purple glowing magic behind her in - Fate_Samurai Remnant

Jeanne d’Arc doesn’t have the same benefits as the other Servants, like Saber—who is native to Japan. Therefore, she misses out on the fame boost. Her summoning is also equally tragic as she was forced to be summoned by her hateful Master, who then unintentionally transferred some of that hate onto her.

Yet, none of this ends up playing against her. Lancer is extremely powerful and has complete control of the field if she demands it, so much so that her Noble Phantasm is essentially dynamite times ten. Lancer deserves better than any of the endings she gets in the game.

3 Saber

Saber pointing their sword at you in Fate:Samurai Remnant - Fate_Samurai Remnant

As your main Servant, you’ll spend the most time controlling Saber when you can control him. He tends to be arrogant and views Iori as inferior in terms of strength due to Iori not being able to effectively wield much magecraft. He starts off having a hard time seeing humans as anything but expendable, even Iori, but of course he comes to change his mind.

Saber commands the elements of water, and his sword is reminiscent of the ocean waves. His Noble Phantasm is both reminiscent of a gargantuan eight-headed serpent and a clue to his true identity.

2 Archer

Archer standing in front of flames in Fate:Samurai Remnant

Archer is overpowered to the point of feeling almost broken. Ironically, using an actual bow is a rare thing for the archetype in the Fate series, so for him to pull it out only highlights how serious he is. If you are familiar with the Romance of the Three Kingdoms saga in any capacity, books or games, for example, then you’ll know your boy here is no other than Zhou Yu of the Sun Family.

His normal attacks are slow but have a wide range, while his barrage shot works less like a bow and arrow and more like a slightly slower machine gun. Archer can summon arrows from the sky, and his Noble Phantasm, Fireship Afloat, summons a fleet of ships covered in flames for him to explode on impact. He is a menace on the battlefield.

1 Miyamoto Iori

Miyamoto Iori holding his sword in Fate_Samurai Remnant

Even as the protagonist of the game, Iori has had to crawl up from the bottom of the Waxing Moon Ritual ranks strength-wise, even with the formidable sword skills he possesses at the start of the game. So much so that his own Servant Saber would often ignore him and disrespectfully disregard his opinion.

This only further pushes him to exceed his limits and figure out what participating in the Waxing Moon Ritual means for him. Iori becomes well-versed in jewelcraft and learns several spells that have different elements attached to them. Iori is the pinnacle of overcoming his weakness.

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