Every Mask In Lies Of P And Where To Find Them

One of the strongest aspects of Lies of P is the level of customization that is possible. The most well-known customization in Lies of P is how most of the weapons in the game can be split, with the blades and the handles being swappable to optimize weapons for peak performance.



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However, there are more obvious customization options as well with cosmetic options. For example, at certain points in the game, you can obtain the masks worn by certain characters. So where can you get these, and can any of them be missed?

8 Mad Donkey’s Mask

Lies Of P, Mad Donkey Boss Fight shows the boss ready to fight

The Mad Donkey’s Mask is likely the first mask you will obtain in Lies of P if you do not have any of the DLC cosmetics. This is also a mask that cannot be avoided and you will need to obtain to progress the story.

About halfway through Chapter 2 in Elysion Boulevard, you will need to fight and defeat Mad Donkey who is harassing Geppetto who is stuck inside a carriage. This is quite a challenging fight for this point in the game; however, if you are able to beat him, you will be able to claim his mask and his outfit too.

7 Survivor’s Mask

lies of p survivor

Another one of the earliest masks you can obtain in Lies of P is one of the two non-DLC masks that is missable. Luckily, you can go back to the location later on in the game if you missed it the first time. The Survivor is an optional mini boss that you can run into when exploring Venigni Works during Chapter 3.

When exploring the last pathway from the flaming boulder puzzle, you will find a ladder down to a small room with this opponent. When you defeat the Survivor, you will be able to get their ornate mask, as well as their outfit too.

6 The Atoned’s Mask

lies of p the atoned location

When progressing through Moonlight Town in Chapter 4after escaping Venigni Works, you might think this is an opportunity to relax, with the calmer atmosphere, and easier enemies, but this all changes when you need to get up the monorail to the cathedral.

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In an attempt to save you from the horrors above, the Atoned will try to give you a simple death instead of getting up to the cathedral. However, if you are capable enough, you will be able to defeat the Atoned, getting not just their outfit, but their mask too.

5 The White Lady’s Mask

P has defeated the White Lady with his Acidic Crystal Spear

One of the most surprising mini bosses in Lies of P is with the White Lady in Chapter 6. This mini boss will appear from nowhere while you are working through Rosa Isabelle Street, and unfortunately is not optional, so there is no way to spare this grieving sister.

Her fight can be challenging if you are not able to adapt to her unique strikes and attack pattern. However, if you beat her, you will get her mask, but, if you want her outfit too, this can be found later on in the game.

4 Owl Doctor’s Mask

owl doctor lies of p chapter 8

The second and last optional mask in Lies of P is the Owl Doctor’s Mask. The Owl Doctor is a character you have likely heard of since his outfit is obtainable much earlier in the game through solving a cryptic vessel. However, you will have to wait until Chapter 8 where his simple base can be discovered off to the side of the Barren Swamp.

His house sticks out, and the path to it is obvious, but be warned that as soon as you talk to him inside, it will trigger a fight inside the tiny area. When you can defeat him, you will obtain the mask to match the outfit.

3 Robber Weasel’s Mask

the just defeated robber weasel in lies of p chapter 9

Travelling through the transformed Krat Station in Chapter 9 is already unnerving enough, with the mutations making the starting area of the game much more challenging than before. Getting back out into the open is a brief feeling of relief, but before getting out, you will have to face against the Robber Weasel.

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Compared to other humanoid mini bosses, the Robber Weasel is not as challenging, so this should not take as many attempts. Upon defeat, you will claim the weasel’s mask and their outfit too.

2 Black Cat’s Mask

Split-image of the Stalkers Red Fox and Black Cat speaking with Pinocchio during their first encounter.

Compared to the other humanoid characters in Lies of P, you will get to know the Black Cat and their partner the Red Fox a lot better throughout the length of the game. After defeating the boss for Chapter 7, you will have the option to give them a gold coin fruit to help treat Black Cat.

If you choose to, you will be given the option to avoid the eventual encounter with the Cat in Chapter 11 by giving him another fruit. Doing so will reward you with his mask; however, if you end up having to fight him, you will get the same reward if you are able to defeat him.

1 Red Fox’s Mask

lies of p ache abbey bridge chapter 11

The Red Fox is a very similar case to Black Cat in how you get the choice to spare or fight them when you run into them again in Chapter 11.

To get the choice to spare the fox, you will need to have given them a fruit in Chapter 7, not fight Black Cat earlier in Chapter 11, and then give the fox a final fruit to skip the fight. Doing this will get you their mask, but, if you fight them, just like with Black Cat, you will get their mask.

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