Every Item Location For The Lost And Found Quest In Starfield

There are plenty of quests in Starfield to keep you busy, whether for the main story, quests for factions, survey missions, or little side quests. One such side quest is the Lost And Found quest at Hotel Paradiso, where you are tasked with finding guests’ lost belongings.



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To start this quest, travel to Porrima II in the Porrima system. Talk to Dirk Huddleston, the concierge at Hotel Paradiso, and you’ll hear him mumbling about lost belongings. During the conversation, offer to help find the lost items, and he tells you to look at the list on the computer if you desire. The quest will begin once you pull up the list on the concierge computer.

While other missions and quests indicate where to go for your next objective, this one does not. All you know is that the belongings are somewhere in the resort.

Where To Find The Lost Slate

screenshot of Lost Slate in Starfield

Before searching randomly, look at the list on the computer again. It’ll give you an idea of where to start looking for each lost item. For the lost slate, Franz Garcia says it was last seen on the rooftop terrace prior to a night of heavy drinking.

Take the elevator to the rooftop terrace, and you’ll find the slate on the floor next to some couches across from the stage.

Where To Find The Lost Wedding Ring

Screenshot of cabanas in Starfield with arrow pointing to location of the lost wedding ring

The next lost item is a wedding ring. The person who lost it, Rumiko Sharp, reports she dropped it on the beach outside the entrance to a cabana. You’ll head back down to the lobby and outside to the beach.

Look near all the cabanas, and you’ll eventually find the ring in the rocks and grass in front of the second cabana on the left.

Where To Find The Lost Thermos

screenshot in Starfield outside of spaceport where the lost thermos is

The lost thermos was reported missing by Balam Kan, who said they may have dropped it near the Spaceport. Head back out of the beach to the front of the hotel, then go down the walkway towards the Spaceport, where your ship is.

Just before you get to your ship, look to the right behind the luggage, and the thermos is there on the ground.

Where To Find The Lost Room Keycard

screenshot in Starfield of couches on 5th floor where the lost room keycard is

The final lost item is a room keycard, which was reported lost by Lodi Sherman. The last place Lodi remembers having it was while waiting for the elevator on the fifth floor.

Go back inside the hotel, take the elevator to the Fifth Floor Premium Suites, and the room key can be found on the floor by two couches in the far corner.

Return Items To Dirk

screenshot in Starfield of Dirk the concierge

Now that you’ve recovered the lost items, take them back to Dirk at the front desk. He seems surprised that you helped him, but he is very grateful it saved him the time and effort of locating them himself and gives you a small reward for your troubles.

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