Every Glitterati Location In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: The Teal Mask

Players have been begging for new characters that are mean and worthy of hate in Pokemon for a long time, and they’ve finally delivered that with the Teal Mask. No, not Carmine or Kieran, but a duo of billionaires, famed for Paldea Realty.



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Aptly named Billy and O’Nare, this self-styled Glitterati duo will have you chasing them across both Paldea and Kitakami in search of their nuggets or wisdom (and more literal nuggets of wealth). That said, they can make themselves a bit hard to find at times, with hints that get exceedingly more vague with each location.

Location 1 – Mossui Town

POkemon Scarlet Violet Glitterati Kitakami Location showing the in-game map and player besides Billy and O'Nare

The very first location the duo can be found is directly south of Mossui Town, on the edge of the cliff by the Apple Hills. Here, O’Nare will challenge you to a Pokemon battle, where she uses a Persian of around level 65, giving a higher-than-ordinary reward of money as a result.

Encounters in The Teal Mask are based on your progress in the main game, making battles more difficult the further ahead you are.

After this, she and Billy will set off for ‘that waterfall in Paldea‘.

Location 2 – Fury Falls

POkemon Scarlet Violet Glitterati Waterfall Location showing the in-game map and player besides Billy and O'Nare

There are a few waterfalls present in Paldea, but only one of them is classed as one of the Ten Sights of Paldea. Fury Falls can be located in Area Five of the North Province. Billy and O’Nare can be found atop Fury Falls, admiring the waterfall from afar.

After chatting, she will offer you some Big Pearls, and say she wishes to go somewhere completely unremarkable, which Billy comments can be found by the border of Area Five and One in the South Province.

Location 3 – South Province (Area Five & One Border)

POkemon Scarlet Violet Glitterati Border Location showing the in-game map and player besides Billy and O'Nare

This location is both simple and complicated to find. If you straddle the cliff along Areas Five and One of the South Province, you will eventually find the duo staring down the cliff, but you must stay quite close to the edge.

After another chat, she will gift you some Gold Nuggets, before saying she wishes now to see an incredible amount of apples.

Location 4 – Apple Hills

POkemon Scarlet Violet Glitterati Orchard Location showing the in-game map and player besides Billy and O'Nare

Apples are a rare find in Paldea, unlike Kitakami. For this location, you are returning to the Apple Hills of Kitakami, where Billy and O’Nare can be found in the Southern Orchard, only a few steps away from their initial location.

O’Nare will challenge you to another Pokemon battle here with the same Persian as before, then heads off in search of the biggest body of water in all of Paldea.

If at any point during the quest you have forgotten the hint or need some help, their assistant located by the small building left of the Community Center in Kitakami will give you a more precise hint as to their location.

Location 5 – Casseroya Lake

POkemon Scarlet Violet Glitterati Lake Location showing the in-game map and player besides Billy and O'Nare

There is quite a lot of water in Paldea considering it is an island nation, so it is safe to narrow it down to specific bodies of water, and Casseroya Lake is by far the largest.

Even still, Casseroya Lake is very large to search piece by piece. The duo can be found on the large island in the south-west of the lake. Be wary of the Pokemon here, as it can be very easy to get swarmed while trying to chat to them.

After a short talk, you will be given some Pearl Strings, and O’Nare will say she wishes to see the highest height in all of Paldea.

Location 6 – Glaseado Mountain

POkemon Scarlet Violet Glitterati Glaseado Location showing the in-game map and player besides Billy and O'Nare

Despite wanting to find the highest point in all of Paldea, Billy and O’Nare are actually a fair bit north of the peak of Glaseado mountain. It’s a random little area almost directly north of Montenevera with a good view of the surrounding areas.

After another small talk, she will again bestow you with some Big Nuggets, and say she wishes to enter Area Zero, though Billy doubts they can get the permission.

Location 7 – Great Crater Of Paldea

POkemon Scarlet Violet Glitterati Great Crater Location showing the in-game map and player besides Billy and O'Nare

The crater surrounding Area Zero is very large, as is Area Zero itself, so the billionaire duo do not make their final location easy to find, with even their assistant stumped as to their location.

However, they can actually be found directly to the right of the academy in Mesagoza, on the rim of the Great Crater overlooking Area Zero.

O’Nare will challenge you to a final Pokemon battle here, using a level 65 Arboliva and Persian, before finally accepting that maybe money can’t buy everything.

Your response to her question has no effect, with her bestowing even more money, Big Nuggets, the Glitterati phone case, and a unique emote upon you.


A Pokemon Violet screenshot showing a trainer in a metalic jinbei that is green, yellow, white, and blue

Across all seven locations and with the value of all the items you are gifted, you will have collectively earned over one million Pokedollars.

This may seem like an obscene amount of money to have gotten so easily, but it is most likely intended to be used in repairing the Loyal Three Shrine and earning a new Jinbei outfit.

However, you could just as easily keep it for yourself, too. You earned it.

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